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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 31 Recap

Without Su Mo’s permission, Yan Xi privately decided to accompany Na Sheng into the abyss of ghosts and gods to find the seal, while Xijing personally saw them off, entrusting Yan Xi to take care of Na Sheng. After he finished speaking, he saw that Yan Xi led Na Sheng into the abyss and entered the bottom of the water.

At this moment, Bai Ying sensed that Sheng was in danger. She and Su G found out the whereabouts of each other through Si Shi, so they hurried over. On the other hand, Na Sheng and Yan Xi teamed up to deal with the mirage, and quickly obtained the seal of Liuhe, and opened it with the emperor’s ring. The predators who were far above the mirror tower did not expect them to be so fast, and let’s see if the descendant Zhenlan can stand up to the difficulties behind.

Although there are still four kings in the colorless city to protect Zhenlan, the mana is obviously not enough. Fortunately, the seal is lifted in time, and Zhenlan has woken up in a blink of an eye. Just as Na Sheng and Yan Xi were rejoicing, how could they know that the mirage suddenly attacked, and a suction force would swallow them up, eventually causing the water droplets to fall off.

Seeing that Sheng was drowning due to the attack of the mirage, Yan Xi directly used his mouth to pass the air, and it was because of this that he had the symptoms of metaplasia. When Zhen Lan arrived, he found that Sheng was safe and sound, but Yan Xi was unconscious and burning hot. Su Gu knew about Yanxi’s situation, so he briefly explained a few words to everyone, and then took him back to Jinghu Camp.

Ning Liang and others tried to reduce the pain of Yan Xi’s bone fracture and marrow fracture with external help, but every merman has to face such a situation, he can only follow his heart’s choice until the end of the metamorphosis, willing to spend his life for one person . Listening to Su G’s words, Ning Liang couldn’t help but think back to Hanzhou, with mixed feelings in his heart.

As the seals were found one after another, Zhen Lan felt that the day when the Six Kings disappeared was getting closer and closer, so she felt heavy and didn’t want to see anyone making mistakes. Bai Ying didn’t know how to respond. She suddenly thought that the prey had sent her a note. Although it was empty, she guessed that it might be similar to the Xuanhuangjing, and only the power of the emperor could open it. Zhen Lan tried to use the Kong Sang spell, and sure enough, he saw the transfiguration pattern of the note, which was also the portrait of Queen Bai Wei. The small words next to it made him ponder.

After a lot of tossing and turning, Yan Xi finally completed the transformation, but his body was still relatively weak and needed a few more days of recuperation. Yan Xi felt ashamed of Quan Xian for not fulfilling the oath he had made with Hanzhou and Ning Liang, and Su Mo believed that both Hanzhou and Yanxi had already made a choice, so she hoped that Ning Liang could also find herself worthy of reincarnation. man of.

It was because Su Mo learned that Bishuizhu was left in Guishenyuan, so he went to the abyss alone to search, not wanting to lose Ya Ran’s relics. Unexpectedly, when he got the water-proof beads, sporadic pictures flashed in front of him, all of which were related to Ya Ran, Chun Huang and others, making him curious about the truth about 7,000 years ago.

Now that Na Sheng had completely recovered, Su Mo took the avoidance of the water drop and handed it over to Yan Xi, asking him to use it as a dowry gift for marrying Na Sheng. Under Su G’s hint, Na Sheng couldn’t wait to run to the lake, but unexpectedly Yan Xi had changed so much, only then did he know that the other party was transformed for himself. At first, Yan Xi’s face was still a little red, but she couldn’t stand Na Sheng’s repeated questioning, so she took the initiative to confess her intentions and gently kissed her forehead.

Everyone was happy to hear that Yan Xi was reborn, but Zhen Lan sat alone in the room and remained silent. Su G informed Bai Ying and Xijing of Bishuizhu’s residual memories, because he didn’t know much about the past and didn’t say much. But Bai Ying was very curious about Kong Sang and Quan who had a good relationship before, why they still had to meet each other. She was going to tell about her previous experience on the mirror tower, but she was interrupted by Zhen Lan. Zhen Lan said that he would check it out, and there was no need to trouble Su G.

But Su G always felt that Zhen Lan was deliberately hiding something, and took the initiative to talk to him. After a while, Zhen Lan gradually felt relieved and apologized to Su G for his attitude just now. . Su Gu guessed that the prey was King Xingzun, and his existence was probably related to 7,000 years ago.

As for why the Heaven-defying Sword and the Water-preserving Bead fell into the hands of Queen Bai Wei, it is also confusing. Su Gu decided to release the seal of the Dragon God as soon as possible. later plans. Considering that Bai Ying would definitely go to sleepy Longyuan with her, Su Gu asked Zhen Lan to specifically explain that Zhen Lan must hide it from Bai Ying, so as not to make her worry about herself.

Zhen Lan could understand Su G’s thoughts, and it was not easy to refuse, so he readily agreed and discussed with him to act separately. Su Gu mainly went to sleep in Longyuan, and he went back to Wushi City to look up the answers from the Xuanhuangjing. Maybe there will be many stories about the land of Yunhuang.

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