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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 17 Recap

Hao Dongmei blamed her parents for looking down on Zhou Bingyi’s family and felt that it was wrong to be in the house. Hao Dongmei even thought that it might be because of Cai Xiaoguang’s affairs that her parents avoided Zhou Bingyi’s family. Hao Dongmei’s mother also admitted this matter frankly and openly, and thought that Zhou Bingyi’s family should not give gifts, which was forcing them to submit. pride. Governor Hao also announced that Hao Dongmei had a good eye for the city, and the son-in-law he chose was good.

Hao Dongmei also seemed to understand this matter. After returning home, she looked at Zhou Bingyi who was sleeping and remembered what Zhou Bingyi had said before. She regretted that she should not have come to Governor Hao for help because of Cai Xiaoguang. Hao Dongmei remembered that when her parents saw Zhou Bingyi before, she was indeed amiable and proud.

Although Mother Hao was angry, she still persuaded Governor Hao to meet with Zhou Bingyi’s parents when Governor Hao came back. Zhou Zhi was leaving in the eighth day. The next day, Hao Dongmei wanted to go to his house with Zhou Bingyi. Hao’s mother told her daughter that they had negotiated, and when her father came back from get off work, they would go to Zhou Bingyi’s house to visit together. Hao Dongmei was moved to tears, and Hao’s mother urged Hao Dongmei and Zhou Bingyi to go back to take a family photo.

On the way back, Zhou Bingyi wanted to buy some gifts to take back, saying that Dongmei’s parents bought them. Hao Dongmei happily told Zhou Bingyi’s parents that they were coming to visit, and they would bring gifts. This news is very happy for Zhou Bingyi.

At this time, Zhou Rong also proposed not to take the postgraduate entrance examination at home, but Zhou Zhigang and Zhou’s mother both persuaded Zhou Rong to study, and Feng Huacheng also persuaded Zhou Rong to serve in front of him is filial piety, But honoring your parents is also filial piety. Zhou Bingkun felt that both his brother and sister were studying at Peking University, and their whole family had radiance on their faces.

Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei came back, and everyone was about to take pictures, but when he heard that Governor Hao was coming to the house, Zhou Zhigang immediately told everyone to cancel the pictures and quickly clean the room. Since everyone hadn’t eaten, Zheng Juan’s suggestion to reheat the food was rejected by Zhou Zhigang. Zhou Zhigang didn’t want the smell of oily smoke in the house. Hao Dongmei was very moved when she saw the whole family waiting for Governor Hao with cold steamed buns.

The whole family cleaned the inside and outside of the room, and said that they should prepare some good tea to welcome Governor Hao. Hao Dongmei persuaded Zhou Zhigang to be a family without being too grand, but Zhou Zhigang knew that Governor Hao could not be regarded as a real in-law family, after all, the position was there. Governor Hao is also very busy at ordinary times, and when he has the opportunity to come here, he takes time out of his busy schedule.

Governor Hao suddenly suffered from asthma and was hospitalized. Secretary Huang called Hao’s mother who was playing at Ma Shouchang’s house. Hao’s mother hurried to the hospital, and Governor Hao was out of danger. Hao’s mother hurriedly asked Secretary Huang to visit Zhou Zhigang’s house with a gift. Zhou Bingyi had been waiting at the street for a long time. Hearing that Governor Hao was hospitalized and now out of danger, Zhou Bingyi’s face was slightly unhappy.

Secretary Huang brought a gift to Zhou Zhigang. Zhou Zhigang hurriedly urged Zhou Bingyi to visit Governor Hao. Secretary Huang explained that Governor Hao is now all right. He had a severe asthma attack, but it was fine in the past. Looking at the gift from a kang, Zhou Zhigang was smoking a cigarette and said nothing, and the others stood by and didn’t speak, because among the gifts that were sent were the special tea leaves that Zhou Bingyi brought over.

Governor Hao has been unhappy after hearing Secretary Huang talk about the situation of photonic films. The transformation of photonic films has long been a problem for Governor Hao.

Hao Dongmei explained to Zhou Zhigang about the gift. It might be that Secretary Huang did not understand the situation and got it wrong. Zhou Zhigang expressed that he understood that Governor Hao was hospitalized, and Zhou Zhigang was already very moved by how he could still think about their home. Zhou Bingyi didn’t want Hao Dongmei to explain further, so he took Hao Dongmei and left the house.

Zhou Bingyi felt that the gift he sent was given after speculation by his parents. Because Governor Hao had a special status, he needed to weigh the gifts. Too little attention, so send some specialties. Hao Dongmei thought that Zhou Bingyi might be inferior, but Zhou Bingyi said he understood.

Because there must be a lot of people giving gifts at the governor’s house before the festival, the governor has no intention to deal with those personal exchanges, so he handed it over to Secretary Huang. However, Governor Hao was hospitalized, and it was impossible for Hao’s mother to keep this matter in mind, and it was impossible to tell Secretary Huang the origin of tea. Zhou Bingyi believed that this was the result of the disparity in status.

Hao Dongmei thought that Zhou Bingyi would quarrel with her, but she didn’t expect Zhou Bingyi to be considerate. Hao Dongmei felt sorry for Zhou Bingyi. Zhou Bingyi comforted Hao Dongmei that they should handle the current relationship between the two families. Hao Dongmei felt that she was also a daughter-in-law, but Zheng Juan had a different status in the eyes of Zhou Bingyi’s parents. Zhou Bingyi comforted Hao Dongmei not to compare herself with Zheng Juan, everyone is different.

When Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei came back, Hao’s mother hadn’t slept yet. Seeing the two came back, they hurriedly greeted them, asked about today’s situation, and apologized. Zhou Bingyi was very generous, and deliberately praised the secretary for giving too many gifts today, and his father felt that he had moved the store back.

But Hao Dongmei was not happy, because today is the last day of the photo studio’s business, and it is rare for the family to have a family fun, but because Governor Hao is going, the filming was not completed, and I don’t know when the next meeting will be.

Zhou Bingyi hurriedly stopped Hao Dongmei from continuing to talk, and instead explained that he and Zhou Rong had winter and summer vacations, and it would be convenient to go home in the future, and there was an opportunity to take pictures.

After watching the two go upstairs, Mother Hao felt that something was wrong, and then went to the storage room, only to find that the specialty tea leaves were missing.

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