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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 16 Recap

Zhou Bingkun brought Gong Bin to Qiao Chunyan to sell the products of the soy sauce factory. But because Sister Hua is the head director of the women’s director, Qiao Chunyan is the deputy director. For this reason, Zhou Bingkun could only pretend that he did not know Qiao Chunyan’er and went to the door to sell. At this time, the government allocated funds to distribute welfare to the local people.

Qiao Chunyan’s subordinates knew that Cao Debao was the workshop director of the soy sauce factory, and he also understood the suggestion to buy the welfare of the soy sauce factory. In this way, Zhou Bingkun and Gong Bin negotiated the deal.

During the meal, Gong Bin also praised Zhou Bingkun for his ability to be an official, and there are people above who are good at doing things. However, Zhou Bingkun believes that being an official is not only about people, but also about ability.

Ding Zhishu hoped that Zhou Bingkun would go to work with him. Zhou Bingkun went back to discuss with Zheng Juan. He also felt that the soy sauce factory was outdated now, and the people had more choices, so he wanted to resign. But Zhou Bingkun did not dare to sell that step easily. When he was receiving the salary, Zhou Bingkun met Cao Debao, who complained that the sales were not strong and the salary was low. Zhou Bingkun complained that it was difficult to run without new products in the workshop, and Cao Debao blamed the factory for not being able to produce new models without financial support.

In the evening, Gong Wei came to find Zhou Bingkun, Gong Bin spent today, and bought a gift for Gong Wei, and in the end there was only ten cents left. Before Gong Wei spent a lot of money when he was hospitalized, Gong Wei also borrowed money to pay for medical expenses. After the Chinese New Year, Gong Wei didn’t want to be in debt, so he gave Zhou Bingkun the tobacco and alcohol in his hand, hoping that he could sell it on the black market.

Zhou Bingkun promised to sell it, but he was also afraid of the price difference. After all, Gong Wei emphasized that he had gone to the store to ask the price. Zhou Bingkun had to explain in advance not to be suspicious if there were any differences, while Gong Wei expressed his trust in Zhou Bingkun, and slapped himself hard after going out, regretting that he should not have mentioned the store.

Zheng Juan didn’t want Zhou Bingkun to be in danger, so she took tobacco and alcohol to the black market alone. Fortunately, she met an aunt on the way. Zheng Juan saw that the aunt was carrying something heavy, and she took the initiative to help push it. The aunt took the initiative to take Zheng Juan to the black market when she saw that Zheng Juan was a newcomer.

As a result, it sold for forty-nine yuan more than the black market. Zhou Bingkun gave Gong Weize the price of the store, and the extra to Zheng Juan. Zheng Juan also used the money to buy gifts for Zhou Bingkun and everyone, but not for herself. Zheng Juan is very happy, and feels happy to spend the money she earns.

Zhou’s mother was a little confused, so Zheng Juan introduced each of the photos to Zhou’s mother for identification. Zhou Bingkun went to the train station to pick up Zhou Zhigang. Zheng Juan specifically told Zhou’s mother to remember Zhou Zhigang. Zhou’s mother wondered that Zheng Juan was not in the photo. Zheng Juan said with a smile that she hadn’t come to this house at that time.

Zhou Bingkun also told his father and mother about the situation in advance. Now Zhou’s mother sometimes knows Zheng Juan without even knowing Zhou Bingkun. The family hasn’t been together since 1969, and they plan to come back this year, but Mother Zhou doesn’t know everyone anymore. Zhou Zhigang felt that for so many years, he owed his wife, Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun.

When Zhou Zhigang appeared in front of Zhou’s mother, she repeatedly compared the photos back and forth, and suddenly recognized Zhou Zhigang. Zhou’s mother was aggrieved and cried like a child, and Zhou Zhigang took his wife into his arms and comforted him.

During the Spring Festival, when everyone came back, Zhou Zhigang brought tea from Guizhou and asked Hao Dongmei to bring it back to her father. Hao Dongmei took it with a little hesitation. Zhou Zhigang also told the children to take pictures together on time tomorrow.

Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei brought special products when they came back. Hao Dongmei’s mother was polite on the surface, but she was always worried that she was trying to get out of the back door. Hao Dongmei was dissatisfied with her mother’s attitude and vigilance. Only then did Hao Dongmei’s mother let the two put their things in a small room.

In the evening, Zhou’s mother was very distressed when she saw Zhou Rong next to her, and she even took out the red sweater from the closet and gave it to Zhou Rong. That was when Zhou Rong said she wanted a red sweater when she was twelve years old. But after Zhou Rong left and never came back, Zhou’s mother always remembered it. Zhou Rong couldn’t help crying, and blamed herself for her mother. Zhou Rong was going to graduate next year. Zhou’s mother was looking forward to Zhou Rong’s return. She missed Zhou Rong.

Hao Dongmei’s parents never said they wanted to see Zhou Bingyi’s parents, and Zhou Bingyi was always uncomfortable. Hao Dongmei took the initiative to ask her parents to meet Zhou Bingyi’s parents, but her mother thought that Zhou Bingyi had let Hao Dongmei go, and Hao Dongmei was angry with her mother’s villainy heart.

Yueyue secretly went to Zheng Juan again in the evening. Zhou Rong felt sad and thought that her feelings were all out of her hands. She wanted to give up going to Beijing for postgraduate entrance exams and wanted to stay with her daughter. Feng Huacheng could only comfort Zhou Rong.

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