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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 14 Recap

Cai Xiaoguang came to Zhou Bingkun and took out the admission notice from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, but because the factory did not approve it and his father had problems with the political review, he was unable to go to university.

Cai Xiaoguang hopes that Zhou Bingkun can go and talk to Dongmei’s father, because now Hao Dongmei’s father has resumed the position of governor. Zhou Bingkun thought that it might not be appropriate for him to come forward, and it would be most appropriate to find Zhou Bingyi. If he and Zhou Rong still had some practice, then Zhou Rong could also be found.

At this time, Zhou Rong and Zhou Bingyi had already entered Peking University. In the auditorium, the famous poet Feng Huacheng read Hawking’s poems aloud. Zhou Rong applauded and wrote pride on his face.

Hao Dongmei also told her father about it, hoping to get her help, but her mother snatched the information and gave it to Secretary Huang for a look. Cai Xiaoguang also got the news that he could marry as soon as possible. The factory manager tentatively asked about the relationship between Cai Xiaoguang and Governor Hao. Cai Xiaoguang shook his head quickly and said it didn’t matter. But the factory manager still talked about a lot of problems in the factory, hoping to have the opportunity to get some funds to be approved by the province.

Zhou Bingkun brought a client to the bathroom for a pedicure. He wanted to sign a contract, but the client moved his feet on Qiao Chunyan. Zhou Bingkun couldn’t stand it any longer, so he turned against the client. Qiao Chunyan was also angry in her heart that the quality of people is too poor now. She used to curry favor with Qiao Chunyan’s colleague, but now she is also pointing fingers at her.

Qiao Chunyan’s sister had no place to live when she came back, so Aunt Qiao asked Zhou Bingkun for help, hoping to live in Zheng Juan’s house. Zhou Bingkun agreed immediately and promised to move out when Qiao Chunyan’s sister got married.

Shui Ziliu and Luo Shibin were also released from prison. Shui Ziliu offered to see the child, but Luo Shibin did not want to go. In his opinion, he had nothing now, and no one would look down on him.

Zhou Bingkun came to the train station to pick up Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng to go home, and Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei also came back together. When she saw her mother lying unconscious on the bed, Zhou Rong burst into tears. She kept saying sorry to her mother and Zheng Juan. They couldn’t come back all these years. Zheng Juan not only took care of her mother, but also took care of Feng. Yue Yue.

Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei also came to Hao Dongmei’s house. Hao Dongmei also told her parents about Zheng Juan, and her mother told them to study hard, so as to be worthy of Zheng Juan’s efforts. Mother Zhou was concerned about when Zhou Zhigang came back, and hoped that the two families could meet once when he came back.

I thought that Zhou Rong and the others would come back to live, so they bought a fan at home, but Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng didn’t live at home, so Zheng Juan felt distressed about the electricity bill and wanted to give Zhou Bingkun a fan. At this time, Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng brought Feng Yueyue back in their arms. Feng Yueyue had followed Zheng Juan all these years, and she was a little unfamiliar with Zhou Rong. At night, she cried and tried to find Zheng Juan. Zhou Rong felt extremely lost. .

Zhou Bingyi felt a little self-blame, and felt that he should not ask Governor Hao to handle Cai Xiaoguang’s affairs. After all, he was his sister’s classmate. Hao Dongmei thought it was right to ask his father for help. But Zhou Bingyi felt that there was nothing wrong with helping, but in fact the channel was wrong. Because Zhou Bingyi mentioned the renovation of the nails at the dinner table today, Governor Hao just dismissed it with a slogan. Zhou Bingyi thought that it might have something to do with Governor Hao’s work before.

Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong were leaving to go to school. Hao Dongmei told Zhou Bingkun to find her if he had something, but Zhou Bingyi looked at Zhou Bingkun uneasy. Zhou Bingkun understood what Zhou Bingyi meant and said that he would not go to Hao Dongmei for help.

When Zheng Juan was massaging Zhou’s mother, Zhou’s mother suddenly opened her eyes and asked who Zheng Juan was? Zheng Juan quickly explained that Mother Zhou had slept for more than two years, and she was here to take care of Mother Zhou. Nan Nan rushed to the toilet and came to the house, Zhou’s mother also asked who Nan Nan was?

But then she closed her eyes, Zheng Juan excitedly ran to Zhou Bingkun and told Zhou Bingkun that Zhou’s mother was awake, but she was afraid that her eyes would be wrong. Zhou Bingkun rode a bicycle all the way back with Zheng Juan. As long as her mother woke up, Zheng Juan was the biggest contributor. When Zhou Bingkun went back, he talked to his mother, but his mother did not answer.

In the evening, Zhou Bingkun offered to accompany his mother to sleep. In the middle of the night, seeing his mother open his eyes and look at him, Zhou Bingkun rushed up and was very excited. Zhou Bingkun said that he was thirsty. Zhou Bingkun hurriedly went down to pour water for his mother. Seeing her mother drinking water, Zhou Bingkun couldn’t restrain a smile. , Zhou Bingkun shed tears excitedly, and hurriedly ran to tell Zheng Juan’s mother that she was awake, Zhou Bingkun couldn’t help but kept kissing Zheng Juan’s forehead.

Zhou Bingkun also explained that the two children should be treated as adults, and if their mother is not at home, the two children should take on the responsibility of taking care of their grandmother. The next day, Mother Zhou was able to do it and chatted with the two children. Mother Zhou remembered that the girl was Zhou Rong’s daughter.

When Zheng Juan came back, she was a little nervous, so she poured a cup of white sugar water for Mother Zhou.

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