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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 13 Recap

Everyone was very happy when Zhou Bingkun came back. They came to Zhou Bingkun’s house to celebrate together. Yu Hong and Wu Qian took care of all the housework and wanted to let Zheng Juan have a good rest. During the meal, everyone also asked Zhou Bingkun to give Zheng Juan a statement, because Cao Debao had seen two people hugging each other, especially for a widow, Zhou Bingkun also expressed on the spot that Zheng Juan would not marry.

Zhou Bingkun lied and claimed that Nan Nan was the child of him and Zheng Juan. Zheng Juan did not marry Tu Zhiqiang. He helped Tu Zhiqiang’s friend send money to Zheng Juan, and he fell in love with Zheng Juan. Lu Chuan also found that he had met Zhou Bingkun on Taiping Street several times, and was even more sure that Zhou Bingkun’s words were true.

While everyone was happy for Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan, they realized that Qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao didn’t come. Qiao Chunyan was busy moving house. She was doing pedicure work well, but she insisted on letting her do it. After the director, she was forced to move to the cadre building, but now the Gang of Four has been smashed, and now it is said that Qiao Chunyan was with the Gang of Four, Qiao Chunyan was not only dismissed but also kicked out of her residence. This made Qiao Chunyan very angry. She lost her temper all over the house. In fact, she just wanted to work hard and didn’t understand what the Gang of Four was.

In order to prove that Zheng Juan is unmarried, Zhou Bingkun also asked Zheng Juan to show everyone the household registration book. It turned out that he was really unmarried, which also showed that Zheng Juan and Tu Zhiqiang were not married. Zhou Bingkun proposed to Zheng Juan in front of everyone. Zheng Juan’s long-awaited proposal, tears streaming down her face, she nodded and agreed to the marriage.

Zhou Bingkun wrote to Zhou Bingyi, expressing his determination to marry Zheng Juan, and also told Zhou Bingyi everything that happened at home. If people disagree, he breaks with his family. At this time, due to the policy to resume the college entrance examination, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong were both admitted to Peking University, and Hao Dongmei was also admitted to Jichun Medical University.

At the beginning of the spring of 1978, Zhou Bingyi specially came to the third line of Chongqing University to find Zhou Zhigang. Zhou Zhigang thought that something important happened at home and hurried to the hotel to find Zhou Bingyi. Zhou Bingyi first told his father the good news that he was admitted to the university, and then took out the letter written by Zhou Bingkun.

When Nan Nan and Feng Yueyue were playing in the yard, Zhou Zhigang suddenly came back. Zhou Zhigang greeted Yueyue cordially. Zhou Zhigang frowned when he learned that Nan Nan’s surname was Zhou. At this time, Zheng Juan came back with the water, and Zhou Zhigang looked up and down Zheng Juan, reminding her to pour the water quickly, and it was heavy to carry.

Zheng Juan realized that Zhou Zhigang’s identity was a little nervous. Zhou Zhigang deliberately asked to look at Zheng Juan’s hands. When he found that Zheng Juan’s hands were covered with calluses, Zhou Zhigang was a little moved. Hearing that Zhou Bingkun was not coming back today, Zhou Zhigang asked Zheng Juan to take the child home first.

When Zhou Bingkun came back, he found that Zheng Juan was missing, and blamed Zhou Zhigang for driving Zheng Juan away. Zhou Zhigang got angry when he remembered the content of the letter, and blamed Zhou Bingkun for not breaking up at every turn, and rushed Zhou Bingkun to leave in a fit of anger.

When Zhou Bingkun was about to leave in anger, he suddenly found that Feng Yueyue was missing, so frightened that Zhou Bingkun and Zhou Zhigang hurriedly searched. Zhou Bingkun thought he was here with Zheng Juan, but there was no one here. Nan Nan remembered what Feng Yueyue had said that he wanted to go home to find his parents, so Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun hurriedly went out to find them.

Zhou Bingkun went to the station, and Zheng Juan came to Zhou Bingkun’s house. However, Feng Yueyue came to Nannan after the two went out. She was sad and angry. She even thought that Zhou Zhigang was not a good person and drove Nannan and Zheng Juan away. Nan Nan brought Feng Yueyue to Zhou Bingkun’s house. Zheng Juan was busy cooking for the two children and changing mother Zhou’s clothes. Zhou Bingkun and Zhou Zhigang also came back at this time.

Zhou Zhigang knew what Zheng Juan had done to the family, and also learned that she and Zhou Bingkun had gotten married. Zhou Zhigang blamed Zhou Bingkun for not giving Zheng Juan an explanation earlier. Just letting Zheng Juan go home was not to drive her away, but Zhou Zhigang thought he was his son. If he doesn’t come back, it’s not suitable for his daughter-in-law to live with him.

Zhou Zhigang asked Zheng Juan to go out, and he talked to Zhou Bingkun alone. Zhou Zhigang believed that Zheng Juan was their great benefactor. Without Zheng Juan’s contribution, there would be no university for Zhou Rong and Zhou Bingyi. Zhou Zhigang hoped that Zhou Bingkun would treat Zheng Juan well in the future. Zhou Bingkun also asked his father to keep the secret and said to the outside world that the child was born to him and Zheng Juan, and Zhou Zhigang agreed.

Zhou Zhigang quickly left home and went back to the third-line, and also told Zhou Bingkun to take the university entrance exam and seize this rare opportunity. Zhou Bingkun actually had this plan for a long time.

Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun also took a wedding photo. When they were sitting at home for dinner, someone suddenly knocked on the door. Zheng Juan hurried to open the door, but it was Cai Xiaoguang.

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