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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 9 Recap

When Zhou Bingkun was working, his mind was full of Zheng Juan’s affairs, thinking about all kinds of things with Luo Shibin. In fact, he should have suspected Luo Shibin long ago, but Zhou Bingkun didn’t doubt him. Now Zhou Bingkun has a feeling of being insulted and spends all his anger on his work.

After work, Zhou Bingkun went to Luo Shibin and Shui Ziliu to get the money. Cao Debao and Lu Chuan, who followed behind, discovered that Zhou Bingkun was wrong from the beginning of their work. Zhou Bingkun angrily proposed to let Luo Shibin and Shui Artesian get some more money, because now having a child is different, but Luo Shibin and Shui Ziliu are not willing, and also suspect that Zhou Bingkun is in love with Zheng Juan. Luo Shibin felt that he was under threat and was about to hit Zhou Bingkun.

Zhou Bingkun suddenly thought of what Zheng Juan said. Zheng Juan was broken a rib that time. Zhou Bingkun slapped Luo Shibin in the face without a word. They stepped forward to strangle Zhou Bingkun, but luckily, Lu Chuan and Cao Debao rushed over and hit Luo Shibin with a brick.

Zhou Bingkun did not thank the brothers, but warned them not to mind his business. Then Zhou Bingkun took the money to send it to Zheng Juan, but this time he did not go to see Zheng Juan. Zheng Juan was a little disappointed when she saw the money her mother got back.

On the way back, Zhou Bingkun saw the truck escorting the criminals passing by, but found that the people in the car were Luo Shibin and Shui Ziliu, and the two were charged with speculation. Zhou Bingkun learned from Zhou’s mother that there was a pair of bracelets that were handed down from the family, and took the bracelets to the pawn shop to pawn 1,200 yuan. Zhou Bingkun simply took a shower and left. Lu Chuan and Cao Debao found that Zhou Bingkun would leave alone every Saturday, for fear that he would follow quietly after another accident.

Zhou Bingkun went to the cinema door to find Mother Zheng, but learned that Mother Zheng had not come to the cinema for several days to sell popsicles. Then Zhou Bingkun went to see Zheng Juan, and only then did she learn that Mother Zheng had passed away. Zhou Bingkun handed an envelope to Zheng Juan, and Zheng Juan then closed the door. Zhou Bingkun told Zheng Juan’s younger brother Zheng Guangming to wait for the money every week. He would come to deliver the money every week, and Zheng Juan was silent across the door. Do not speak.

Three years later, Zheng Juan and her younger brother were busy pasting cardboard boxes. Zheng Juan’s son Nan Nan pestered Zheng Guangming to play with him and was reprimanded by Zheng Guangming. Zheng Juan coaxed Nan Nan and Zheng Guangming well. At this time, he heard a knock on the door. Zheng Guangming knew that Zhou Bingkun was coming and was anxious to go out but was stopped by Zheng Juan. Zheng Juan hoped that Zhou Bingkun would not send money in the future.

Her money for pasting paper boxes was similar to that of going to work. Zhou Bingkun could only agree to leave. Zheng Guangming was dissatisfied with Zheng Juan for not sending money. Zheng Juan explained that the two had no jobs and the money came from an improper source, so she could not continue to ask for money. It was forced by life before, but now it has improved, and Zheng Guangming also accepted Zheng Juan’s explanation.

The year 1976 was the year of Premier Zhou’s death. Everyone was immersed in grief. Qu Xiuzhen was also unemployed that year. After finding out about Qu Xiuzhen’s residence, Zhou Bingkun, Cao Debao and Lu Chuan went to see Qu Xiuzhen. . Qu Xiuzhen is very concerned about the study of the three of them, and she is also grateful to be able to visit her at this time. Qu Xiuzhen instructed the three of them to live a good life no matter what time it was, because Premier Zhou’s lifelong wish was to live a good life even if they fought.

In the Spring Festival of 1976, Zhou Zhigang, Zhou Bingyi, and Hao Dongmei also came back, and now they are all looking forward to Zhou Rong’s return. Hao Dongmei also became the women’s director, and the whole family is happy for her. Hao Dongmei’s parents are still not working. Zhou Zhigang asked Hao Dongmei to tell his parents that he would be at ease, everything would pass, and nothing would happen.

Zhou Bingkun washed his father’s feet, and Zhou’s mother kept talking about Zhou Bingkun’s disdain for Qiao Chunyan, so much that he didn’t get married until now, but Zhou Zhigang thought that Qiao Chunyan was now a man with children, and Zhou Bingkun would also have better object, and encouraged Zhou Bingkun to work hard. Zhou Bingkun lied that someone introduced a girl who was better than Qiao Chunyan, Zhou Zhigang immediately proposed to look at the engagement, and no matter what the political type, now Hao Chunmei has been rehabilitated, and Feng Huacheng has also been rehabilitated, and they will all get better soon.

Zhou Bingkun hesitated to say that Zheng Juan had a child and a blind brother, and the father of the child was dead. Zhou Zhigang was so angry that he kicked Zhou Bingkun down, and Zhou Bingkun slammed the back of his head directly into the edge of the kang. Zhou Zhigang was so angry that he warned Zhou Bingkun not to have sex with the widow, and whoever introduced it was uneasy and kind. Seeing this, Zhou Bingkun had to explain that it was all a joke just now. Zhou Bingyi wanted to continue washing Zhou Zhigang’s feet, but Zhou Zhigang was so angry that he left barefoot. In fact, everyone knew that it was not necessarily a lie.

At night, Zhou Zhigang felt a little guilty and called Zhou Bingkun’s name softly. Zhou Bingkun pretended to be sleeping and ignored him. Zhou’s mother was so angry that she blamed Zhou Zhi for kicking her son as soon as she came back. The more mother Zhou said, the more angry she left with the cup, and Zhou Zhigang also knew that Mother Zhou wanted to chat with Zhou Bingyi.

Mother Zhou came to the kang of her son’s house to chat with Zhou Bingyi, and also wanted to make room for Zhou Zhigang and Zhou Bingkun to chat, but Zhou Bingkun always pretended to sleep, thinking about Zheng Juan and his father’s thoughts on this. the degree of opposition to the matter. Zhou Bingyi also told his mother what happened to him. It was in 1975. Yao Lisong recommended Zhou Bingyi to go to college. He happily told Hao Dongmei the news. The two discussed taking a leave and going home to celebrate.

Tao Junshu saw Hao Dongmei coming back to change clothes, and sneered at Hao Dongmei for doing something special. Hao Dongmei also advised Tao Junshu to act on his own and not to end up losing his wife and fighting for returning to the city. Tao Junshu admitted that he was with Director Dai just to go back, and he once saw Director Dai’s small book, which recorded many of his ulterior motives. Although he said so much, Tao Junshu said that he would not testify.

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