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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 11 Recap

Zhou Rong also came to the news that she would not be back until March. Mother Zhou was also relieved. She also took out the bacon for Zhou Bingkun to eat. Zhou Bingkun proposed to give it to the frozen restaurant and waited for Zhou Rong to come back. Zhou mother felt sorry for Zhou Bingkun. The film was given to Zhou Bingkun, and Zhou Bingkun thoughtfully left it to his mother.

Friends gathered together for dinner. Qiao Chunyan thought that Zhou Bingkun had no family burden and let Zhou Bingkun pay for it alone. This was their agreed annual gathering.

National Day thought that Zhou Bingkun could not be paid alone, but Wu Qian reprimanded him as soon as he opened his mouth. For a long time on National Day, he was unemployed at home, and he was all supported by Wu Qian alone, and he had no family status at home on National Day. .

Catch-chao was also with Yu Hong, and Lu Chuan wrote back a letter to express condolences to everyone. He studied very well in other places. Originally, this study opportunity should have belonged to Zhou Bingkun, but suddenly a martyr appeared in Lu Chuan’s family, so he gave Lu Chuan priority. to study.

In the letter, Lu Chuan also discussed the current situation. Qiao Chunyan grabbed the letter and burned it in the stove, claiming that there was a meeting, and some contents could no longer be discussed, and everyone should remember not to communicate with Lu Chuan in the future. , this letter has never been seen.

Mr. Shao, the editor of the Golden Land Magazine, came to his home hoping to have a chance to meet the poet Feng Huacheng. When Zhou Zhigang left, he specially told Zhou Bingkun to tell Feng Huacheng that he must treat the comrades of the newspaper office well.

This incident also made Zhou’s mother feel very proud. When Zhou’s mother and Zhou Bingkun were waiting for Zhou Rong at home, Xiao Guo brought Zhou Rong’s daughter Feng Yueyue. Zhou’s mother was afraid of an accident and hurried to ask. Zhou Rong asked Xiao Guo to bring a letter, just because there was something that delayed her return, so she asked Xiao Guo to bring the child first.

Xiao Guo also brought the specialties brought by Zhou Rong at the train station for storage. Xiao Guo Take Zhou Bingkun to get something. There was also a little applause when Xiao Guo learned that the train was passing through a small station, and everyone got off the train to rest in the middle. Feng Huacheng wrote another poem in memory of Premier Zhou and wanted to read it out, but Xiao Guo sensitively reminded Feng Huacheng that there were also announcements in the press to beware of class struggle.

However, the poet Feng Huacheng thought that the poem he wrote had nothing to do with politics. In front of everyone, Feng Huacheng read the poem, but many people liked it and scrambled to copy the poem, which caused a confusion. It also alerted the security guards at the station, Feng Huacheng stood up and admitted that the incident was caused by him. Feng Huacheng was taken away. Seeing that the train came to Zhou Rong, she had to ask Feng Yueyue to Xiao Guo, and she stayed to find Feng Huacheng.

If this fight was characterized as a political struggle, Feng Huacheng might not be able to come back. Hearing Xiao Guo say this also made Zhou Bingkun very nervous, and went home all the way in depression. Zhou Bingkun’s unrepentant appearance attracted Zhou’s mother’s attention. Under Zhou’s mother’s questioning, Zhou Bingkun almost told the truth, but she held back her tears and explained that she accidentally broke the egg, and Zhou’s mother’s nervous heart fell.

Zhou’s mother told Zhou Bingkun that she was someone who could withstand major events, so don’t be afraid of what she would know. She almost died because of Zhou Rong’s birth, but she survived later. Zhou Zhigang also praised Zhou’s mother for being someone who could withstand major events. Zhou Bingkun told the truth when he heard this. Zhou’s mother fainted on the spot when she heard about it, Zhou Bingkun called her mother loudly, and Feng Yueyue in the room also cried in fright.

Zhou Rong called Zhou Bingkun, but Zhou Bingkun asked for leave because his mother was sick, so Zhou Rong had to call Cai Xiaoguang. Tell Cai Xiaoguang that it’s just an ordinary fight. Although those people fought because of Feng Huacheng, Feng Huacheng didn’t do anything, so the matter is not serious. Cai Xiaoguang was asked by Zhou Rong to visit the house, and Zhou Bingkun asked Cai Xiaoguang not to tell the family about the situation. Cai Xiaoguang sent a telegram to tell Zhou Rong that everything was fine at home.

Aunt Qiao saw that Zhou Bingkun was too busy alone, so she took the initiative to help take care of Zhou’s mother and children. Aunt Qiao persuaded Zhou Bingkun to tell his father that he couldn’t always ask for leave, and he couldn’t handle this alone. Zhou Bingkun thought it was useless even to say it. No one could leave work and come back, but he really couldn’t carry it alone. Zhou Bingkun offered to spend money to help, and Aunt Qiao offered to ask his sister and mother for National Day to help. People are also idle, mainly depends on how much money needs to be spent. Aunt Qiao enthusiastically said that she could go and talk.

Zhou Bingkun met Zheng Juan while shopping for vegetables. After Zheng Juan learned of the situation, he offered to help and find a way, but Zhou Bingkun said that he would wait for Aunt Qiao to find someone and then talk about it, but in the end he couldn’t come because of their own business.

Zheng Juan offered to take care of Zhou’s mother, go home to take care of her during the day, and come back at night. Zhou Bingkun offered to pay by herself, but Zheng Juan knew that Zhou Bingkun had been paying to support them all the time. When her mother was alive, she saw Shui Ziliu and Luo Shibin being taken away. Before the mother died, she also wanted the child to be given away, so that she could be with Zhou Bingkun in the future, but Zheng Juan was reluctant.

Zheng Juan wanted to ask Zhou Bingkun where the money came from, but she didn’t dare to ask, because they also needed the money to survive. Seeing Zheng Juan asking, Zhou Bingkun told the truth that the money was from selling bracelets. Zheng Juan was worried about Zhou Bingkun’s accident if he didn’t let Zhou Bingkun send the money. At that time, Zheng Juan also thought about it, if Zhou Bingkun really had an accident, she would go and take it down.

Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan also truthfully expressed their feelings. They don’t care about other people’s spit stars, the only thing they care about is that each other will be affected. This open and honest conversation has also brought the two of them closer to each other. Aunt Qiao was busy feeding Zhou’s mother in the room, crying sadly. Outside the room, Feng Yueyue was washing dishes in the water tank, and accidentally fell into the water tank. Aunt Qiao was so frightened that she scolded the child fiercely. For fear that something might go wrong with Feng Yueyue, Zhou Bingkun was so frightened that he hugged Feng Yueyue tightly after returning.

The next day, Zheng Juan took Zheng Guangming and Nan Nan to Zhou Bingkun’s house. The neighbors all cast strange glances, but Zheng Juan strode high and no longer avoided it.

Zhou Bingkun also returned to work in the factory, and Qu Xiuzhen and his wife came to visit the working people.

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