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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 10 Recap

Tao Junshu has always liked to play the piano. She wants to protect her hands to play the piano in the future. Her mother once said that her hands were born to play the piano. There is a piece of paper in Tao Junshu’s drawer with the keys of the piano drawn on it. She practiced playing the piano every day.

Hao Dongmei brought Tao Junshu to the utility room. Zhou Bingyi had been waiting inside. There was a dusty piano inside. Tao Junshu heard that the piano needed tuning, and played the piano carefully. Her skilled fingering and beautiful melody attracted Hao Dongmei and Zhou Bingyi.

Under the recommendation of Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei, Tao Junshu had the opportunity to leave the educated youth point. Before leaving, Tao Jun wrote a letter of accusation against Director Tao. Before that, Zhou Bingyi had written a letter from a girl to report against Director Tao. She had three abortions for Director Tao, and finally had a massive bleeding to remove the uterus, but there was no evidence.

Those whistleblower letters were returned. Now there is Tao Junshu’s report letter and evidence, and justice is also sought for those who have been wronged. Director Tao was also fired from public office. Since then, Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei have lived a sweet little life for the two of them. Every day when he comes back from get off work, he sees the lights in the room and Hao Dongmei has prepared meals and waits for him. He feels very happy.

Zhou Bingyi told his mother all these words from his heart. Mother Zhou was happy for Zhou Bingyi and his wife, and hoped that the two would have a child as soon as possible. Mother Zhou gave Zhou Bingyi more time to persuade Zhou Bingkun, and asked him to quickly find a partner to marry. Mother Zhou expressed her thoughts for her son. The mother and son held hands and looked at each other with tears, but their hearts were full of sweetness and warmth.

On the 30th day of the new year, everyone gathered together to celebrate the Reunion Year. Mother Zhou put away the bacon and canned food, hoping that Zhou Rong would take it with her when she came back, and everyone had no opinion. After eating, Zhou Bingkun looked at Zhou Zhigang and his wife chatting happily, and decided to go out and hide so that the couple could have a chance to be alone.

But after going out, Zhou Bingkun went to find Lu Chuan to make do with the night, but the children in the family were making trouble. Catch Chao also took Yu Hong home with him. Cao Debao also went back to Qiao Chunyan because he drank too much.

Everyone who got married was married, and Zhou Bingkun had nowhere to go for a while, so he came to Zheng Juan’s house. As soon as Zheng Guangming saw Zhou Bingkun, he hugged and didn’t let go. Zhou Bingkun timidly begged to stay at Zheng Juan’s place for one night. Zheng Juan was obviously a little nervous, but there was something he couldn’t ask for.

At night, while sleeping here, Zhou Bingkun couldn’t sleep, thinking about being kicked by his father. He wanted to marry Zheng Juan in his heart, but unfortunately his father couldn’t pass the test. Zheng Juan asked Zhou Bingkun softly if he fell asleep. Zhou Bingkun opened his eyes and couldn’t see in the dark, so Zheng Juan had no choice but to fall asleep.

Hao Dongmei is allowed to visit her parents. Hao Dongmei and Zhou Bingyi are leaving tomorrow. Mother Zhou regrets that Zhou Rong has not come back and the family is not reunited. Hao Dongmei blamed herself all because of her, but Zhou Zhigang expressed understanding, thinking that Hao Dongmei’s parents had finally allowed the visit, they should go to visit first and then come back, and hoped that Hao Dongmei could say hello instead of them, which made Hao Dongmei very grateful.

Zhou’s mother asked Zhou Bingyi to have a good talk with Zhou Bingkun before leaving. Zhou Bingkun brought Zhou Bingyi to ask him to see Zheng Juan, who happened to be carrying the child back for an injection. Zhou Bingkun wanted to discuss with Zheng Juan, but if Zheng Juan didn’t want to see her, she would not see her. She didn’t expect to meet at the intersection. Zheng Juan went to see Zhou Bingyi generously, but instead asked Zhou Bingyi to persuade Zhou Bingkun that she was not worthy of Zhou Bingkun’s efforts.

Zhou Bingyi also spoke highly of Zheng Juan, knowing that no one here can compare to Zheng Juan. But Zhou Bingyi did not agree with Zhou Bingkun’s marriage, and thought that his parents would never agree. In that era when the class was clearly divided, it was impossible for the two to be together.

Zhou Bingyi also told Zhou Bingkun that Hao Dongmei accidentally fell into the well water while fetching water. It was during her menstrual period. Since then, Hao Dongmei has been diagnosed with infertility. Zhou Bingyi failed to tell his parents about this, and placed all his expectations on Zhou Bingkun.

After Zhou Bingyi left, Zhou Zhigang also left the house. Zhou’s mother felt distressed that her husband kept stuffing him into his bag to eat. Zhou Zhigang saw his wife cry, snuggled on his back, and promised to take his wife’s love with him. Zhou Bingkun sent Zhou Zhigang away. In the car, Zhou Zhigang blamed himself for hitting Zhou Bingkun, but also reminded Zhou Bingkun not to make jokes like that again. In the future, he would find a good woman like his mother to marry, and he couldn’t make it.

After Zhou Bingkun went back, he met Qiao Chunyan, and Qiao Chunyan told Zhou Bingkun that Cao Debao actually got into her bed that day, but nothing happened. She fell in love with Cao Debao and had to rely on him. Zhou Bingkun came to Zheng Juan after sending Qiao Chunyan back, but Zheng Juan did not see Zhou Bingkun, and even asked Zheng Guangming to return the money.

Zhou Bingkun remembered what his brother said when he was about to leave, and asked him to let go of his feelings for Zheng Juan and help him financially.

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