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All of Us Are Dead (2022) 지금 우리 학교는

All of Us Are Dead
Other Title: 지금 우리 학교는, Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun, Now at Our School

Genres: Horror, youth, suspense
South Korea
Lee Jae Kyu, Kim Nam Soo (김남수)
Chun Sung Il
Release Date: 
Jan 28, 2022
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  • Yoon Chan Young as Lee Chung San
  • Park Ji Hoo (박지후) as Nam On Jo
  • Jo Yi Hyun as Choi Nam Ra
  • Park Solomon as Lee Soo Hyuk
  • Yoo In Soo (유인수) as Yoon Gwi Nam
  • Ahn Seung Kyoon as Oh Joon Young
  • Oh Hee Joon
  • Lee Eun Saem (이은샘) as Park Mi Jin
  • Shin Jae Hwi (신재휘) as Chang Hoon
  • Kim Byung Chul as Lee Byung Chan
  • Yoon Byung Hee (윤병희)
  • Jo Dal Hwan as Jo Dal Ho
  • Yoon Kyung Ho (윤경호)
  • Woo Ji Hyun (우지현) as Woo Shin


Students at a high school are trapped when a zombie-creating virus suddenly ravages the community.

Netflix original Korean drama released on January 28, 2022 . It is based on the webtoon ‘ Now Our School ‘. The title of the domestic version and the overseas version is different, but the domestic version follows as much as it is based on the original webtoon, and the overseas version uses the title of ‘All of Us Are Dead’, which is the English version of the series serialized in Line Webtoon.

Literally translated, ‘we are all dead ‘ or “we will all die”. Considering the genre of zombie movies, if you paraphrase, ‘we are all corpses’. However, in the Japanese version, the interpretation of the domestic version is ‘今、私Tachino学校… It is opened under the title ‘.

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