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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 8 Recap

Zhou Rong’s previous wish was to be a teacher, and now she has found her own value. She hopes to continue teaching and educating people forever. Zhou Zhigang also saw tenderness in the eyes of Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng, and Zhou Zhigang’s heart was also opened. Zhou Rong used the pancakes brought by Zhou Zhigang.

Zhou Zhigang persuaded Zhou Rong to save it because she had a bad stomach. Feng Huacheng had already brought a bowl of rice over, and he claimed that his stomach was delicious. Zhou Rong looked at Feng Huacheng tenderly, and Zhou Zhigang felt more at ease and left the things at home, because Zhou Bingkun didn’t lack anything at home.

Zhou Zhigang was leaving tomorrow, and hoped that Zhou Rong would also go back with her. Zhou Rong looked a little embarrassed, but didn’t say anything. Zhou Rong told Zhou Zhigang that Feng Huacheng could not go anywhere, and Feng Huacheng was labeled as a counter-revolutionary. Feng Huacheng has also been complaining all the time, and does not think that he is a counter-revolutionary, and Zhou Rong believes that Feng Huacheng is not a counter-revolutionary either.

This is a special situation in a special period. Zhou Rong could leave here differently. Zhou Rong said that she would explain it to her mother after she went back. Although her mother was illiterate, she was reasonable.

Feng Huacheng earns more than 20 yuan a month and does not need his own money to eat and drink, so the two of them are considered wealthy. Just because Zhou Zhigang never accepted Feng Huacheng, Zhou Rong wanted to send money back, but her mother didn’t dare to accept it. Zhou Zhigang finally decided to stay for the New Year.

Only in this way can everyone be assured that Feng Huacheng cannot be left alone for the New Year. However, Feng Huacheng was moved to tears. Feng Huacheng had no parents since he was a child and lived with his aunt and uncle, so with Zhou Zhigang’s acceptance, Feng Huacheng felt that he was a warm home with his father and mother.

Feng Huacheng knelt down and kowtowed, hoping that Zhou Zhigang could beat him because he took Zhou Rong away. Zhou Rong fell in love with Feng Huacheng’s poems, and found Feng Huacheng through the editorial department. Feng Huacheng also blamed himself over the years, feeling that he was ashamed of Zhou Rong’s parents, and Zhou Zhigang also burst into tears.

He was also famous for fighting when he was young, and he had beaten many people, but Feng Huacheng was not a bad guy, he couldn’t do it, Zhou Zhigang claimed that he was not a bad guy when he first saw Feng Huacheng. Zhou Rong wondered when she had met Feng Huacheng. Zhou Zhigang deliberately did not tell Zhou Rong, and claimed that it was a secret between him and Feng Huacheng. Feng Huacheng immediately vowed to repay Zhou Zhigang’s family. If there is no chance in this life, he will repay in the next life.

Zhou Zhigang only hoped that Feng Huacheng and Zhou Rong could live a good life. Feng Huacheng answered that Zhou Rong was everything to him. Zhou Rong also named the little yellow dog Momo. When Zhou Zhigang left, he also left the little yellow dog to Zhou Rong, and told Zhou Rong not to kill and eat meat. Zhou Rong promised that Momo would be his companion after the child was born.

Qu Xiuzhen was going to be transferred to the sugar factory. Before leaving, Qu Xiuzhen told Cao Debao and National Day to take good care of Chang Progress. Knowing that Qu Xiuzhen was leaving, everyone was still a little sad.

At this time, Zheng Juan was giving birth to a child in the hospital. Zhou Bingkun, Shui Artesian and Luo Shibin were sitting outside the operating room. Shui Artesian told Zhou Bingkun in advance that Zhou Bingkun was Zheng Juan’s husband. He and Luo Shibin were the eldest brother and second brother respectively.

Shui Ziliu’s explanation is because Zhou Bingkun looks like a good person, and the two of them don’t look like good people. When the doctor came out with the child in his arms, it was obvious that Luo Shibin was a little excited, but he was held back by the flow of water. Luo Shibin turned his head and showed an excited smile.

Ma Shouchang was reinstated, and everyone came to see Ma Shouchang. Qu Xiuzhen had long been used to seeing this kind of situation where no one cared about people offstage, and people were like a crowd on stage. But when she saw Zhou Bingkun, Cao Debao and National Day, Qu Xiuzhen was still very happy, because she knew that these three people missed her, and she was also very happy to see the three people Qu Xiuzhen.

When he went back, Zhou Bingkun bought a lot of brown sugar. Cao Debao wanted to exchange his own white sugar for brown sugar for Qiao Chunyan to use for confinement, but Zhou Bingkun lied that Zhou Rong was pregnant and needed brown sugar. Later, Zhou Bingkun came to see Zheng mother and Zheng Juan’s brother. Zheng Juan’s brother was very happy when he heard the voice, and he especially hoped to see Zhou Bingkun.

Zhou Bingkun plucked up the courage to ask to see Zheng Juan, but Zheng’s mother agreed quickly and told Zhou Bingkun that Zheng Juan was looking forward to seeing him. When Zhou Bingkun knocked on the door, Zheng Juan was also a little flustered and hurried to the mirror to straighten her hair. When Zhou Bingkun opened the door, he was stunned to see Zheng Juan’s half-exposed breasts, but Zheng Juan realized that he was in a hurry after feeding the child and didn’t even bother to fasten the buttons.

Zheng Juan was busy arranging her clothes and asked Zhou Bingkun to come and see the child. She wanted to abort the child before, but now she likes it very much at the first sight of the child. Zheng Juan deliberately asked Zhou Bingkun if the child was beautiful. Zhou Bingkun admitted that he looked like Zheng Juan, and he looked good like Zheng Juan, which made Zheng Juan even more shy.

Zhou Bingkun gave all the brown sugar to Zheng Juan. Brown sugar could not be bought with money at that time. Zhou Bingkun admitted that he had wanted to visit for a long time, but he was afraid that Zheng Juan would not be happy.

Zheng Juan knew that Zhou Bingkun was a good person. Zhou Bingkun came because he liked her, but Zhou Bingkun always refused to say it. Zheng Juan had to forcefully ask Zhou Bingkun what kind of partner he was looking for. Zhou Bingkun had to express that the only person he had been thinking about was Zheng Juan, and the reason why he couldn’t help but come to visit. Zheng Juan also expressed her thoughts about Zhou Bingkun.

She also thinks about Zhou Bingkun every day, hoping that Zhou Bingkun can come in and have a look, but Zhou Bingkun just didn’t come in. Zhou Bingkun shed tears upon hearing this, Zheng Juan came to Zhou Bingkun to wipe his tears, and kissed Zhou Bingkun’s cheek actively, Zhou Bingkun hugged Zheng Juan tightly like a dream, but soon, Zhou Bingkun pushed Zheng Juan away, Zheng Juan mistakenly thought that Zhou Bingkun was afraid that she would stick to him, and explained that she would not stick to Zhou Bingkun.

If Zhou Bingkun missed her, she would ask Zheng mother to hand over a note in advance, explaining the time and place she wanted to meet. Mother doesn’t know how to read and doesn’t think too much. If one day Zhou Bingkun has a partner, she can not come at any time. She won’t pester him. Zhou Bingkun can no longer bear the thoughts of Zheng Juan, and the two have become husband and wife.

Zhou Bingkun wanted to marry Zheng Juan and came to Zheng Juan specially. Zheng Juan didn’t want to hide anything from Zhou Bingkun, so he told Zhou Bingkun truthfully that the child belonged to Luo Shibin. The person Tu Zhiqiang really likes is not Zheng Juan.

He married Zheng Juan in order to hide the truth. Once Tu Zhiqiang, Shui Ziliu and Luo Shibin asked Zheng Juan to go, but Luo Shibin raped Zheng Juan and broke Zheng Juanyi. root rib. Zheng Juan did not dare to tell her mother about this, for fear that her mother would be worried, Zhou Bingkun was stunned when he heard the news.

When Zheng Juan asked Zhou Bingkun to hug her, Zhou Bingkun was stunned for a while before hugging Zheng Juan dumbly. Zheng Juan thought that she did nothing wrong and should tell Zhou Bingkun truthfully, and then pushed Zhou Bingkun out of the room, Zhou Bingkun left in despair, and when the door was closed, Zheng Juan burst into tears. On the kang came the cry of a child.

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