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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 7 Recap

Mother Zheng was worried that the thieves would be unfavorable to Zheng Juan, but Zheng Juan thought she was a big-bellied grasshopper, and no one would be interested.

Cao Debao stayed to sleep with Zhou Bingkun, but he got into Qiao Chunyan’s bed in the middle of the night. Qiao Chunyan came to Zhou Bingkun crying, blaming Zhou Bingkun for not letting Cao Debao stay there. Zhou Bingkun quickly grabbed a piece of clothing and put it on when he saw that the clothes were thin. Qiao Chunyan blamed Zhou Bingkun for not liking her but found someone else to harm her. Just at this time, Mother Zhou came back.

When Mother Zhou saw Qiao Chunyan crying, she thought that the good thing for the two of them was done. She went in to persuade Qiao Chunyan and wanted to promote the good things for the two of them. body. This made Zhou’s mother very angry, blaming Zhou Bingkun for not being able to do things, and unable to explain to Aunt Qiao.

Zhou’s mother persuaded Qiao Chunyan and also expressed her love for Qiao Chunyan, but she thought that it was a mistake for Qiao Chunyan not to intervene when she was sleeping, suggesting that Qiao Chunyan and Zhou Bingkun’s marriage could not continue. Mother Zhou thought that Cao Debao was a good person and should give Qiao Chunyan an explanation. She was also willing to talk to Cao Debao about making the two husband and wife, and Qiao Chunyan immediately said yes. Zhou Bingkun offered to talk to Cao Debao, Zhou’s mother immediately urged him to go out, and Qiao Chunyan was also full of spring.

Zhou Bingkun asked six gentlemen to go to the teacher to ask the guilt together, and asked Cao Debao to explain, but Cao Debao didn’t want to marry Qiao Chunyan, he just wanted to find a high-ranking woman in distress. In the past, Cao Debao knew a family of high-ranking officials. There were six children in that family. He liked that little girl the most. Later, the family was knocked down and moved out, and they moved in here. It used to be a house for one family, but now there are eight families.

On the National Day, my buddy persuaded Cao Debao not to dislike Qiao Chunyan, as if the girlfriend he was looking for was named Wu Qian, and everyone knew it and thought it was very good. But Wu Qian always shaves every day, no one is perfect. When Cao Debao heard this, he also expressed his meaning truthfully, claiming that he was really moved when he saw Qiao Chunyan for the first time, but at first he thought that Qiao Chunyan was Zhou Bingkun’s girlfriend, and his friend’s wife could not be deceived.

Later, he found that Qiao Chunyan was also interested in him, and thought that Qiao Chunyan could not be the kind of person who stepped on two boats. Later, Cao Debao said that he drank too much, and he didn’t know how he got into the bed.

Zhou’s mother went to Aunt Qiao’s house to clarify the situation, and Uncle Qiao was so angry that Uncle Qiao scolded his daughter-in-law, blaming them for not doing such a thing, and finally ruined Qiao Chunyan’s innocence.

Aunt Qiao blamed all the grievances on Mother Zhou again. Just when the family was in trouble, Qiao Chunyan came back, and Qiao Chunyan told her parents that Mother Zhou would always be her godmother. Then Qiao Chunyan truthfully expressed her meaning. At first, she felt that she liked Zhou Bingkun, but later she found out that she liked Zhou Bingkun and said that she liked Cao Debao.

Wu Qian was working in Chaoyang Hotel. Liu Junzi and Qiao Chunyan came to the restaurant for dinner. The eldest sister of the hotel did all the work for Wu Qian. She just wanted the young people to sit together, especially when she learned that Wu Qian and Qiao Chunyan were getting married. The two are happy. Qiao Chunyan kept staring at Wu Qian, and suddenly asked Wu Qian if she still shaves every day? He also proposed to recommend a Chinese medicine doctor to Wu Qian.

Qiao Chunyan said that many foreigners have this kind of problem, and they were cured by the master, and she also wanted to cure Wu Qian. Qiao Chunyan stood up and made a generous statement, claiming that everyone will be buddies in the future, say everything that needs to be said, and help everyone who can help in the future. Everyone cheers for Qiao Chunyan’s remarks. Someone in the hotel yelled at Qiao Chunyan for being too noisy, but the six gentlemen stood up and wanted to fight, so scared that the other party stopped talking.

In the evening, Zhou Bingkun came to send money to Zheng Juan, Zheng mother invited Zhou Bingkun to sit in the room, but Zhou Bingkun refused. Zhou Bingkun asked about Zheng Juan’s situation and learned that she was about to give birth. Zhou Bingkun told Zheng’s mother to find him in time if there was anything, and Zheng’s mother was moved to tears.

As soon as Zhou Bingkun came home, Zhou’s mother couldn’t wait to take out a thick letter for Zhou Bingkun to read. This is a letter written by Zhou Zhigang, describing the process of finding Zhou Rong.

Zhou Zhi just came to inquire about Zhou Rong along the way, and happened to ask about a cow herding child, who was Zhou Rong’s student. Under the guidance of the little shepherd boy, Zhou Rong was found. The moment Zhou Rong saw her father fall to the ground, she burst into tears. She knelt on the ground and called her father softly. Zhou Zhigang couldn’t hold back his tears. He didn’t expect to meet in this situation after not seeing him for many years. Zhou Rong took Zhou Bingkun to visit their classroom, which is not so much a classroom as a temporary place built above and below a hole.

Zhou Zhigang deliberately said that the dog was hungry, and asked Zhou Rong to find something to eat. Zhou Rong took Zhou Zhigang to see where they were sleeping. Zhou Rong told her father that it is not easy to sleep on the hot kang here, and it can be seen that Zhou Rong is proud of this. Zhou Zhigang asked Zhou Rong to swear, she dreamed of doing something wrong at home again? Zhou Rong was overjoyed, thinking that her father had let go of what happened between her and Feng Huacheng.

Zhou Zhigang, however, said that everything would have to wait until he saw Feng Huacheng. Zhou Rongsheng was afraid that Zhou Zhigang would let her divorce Feng Huacheng. Popped out of the cracks in the stone. Zhou Zhigang was very angry and lost his temper. Zhou Rong cried helplessly, but his stomach hurt because of crying. Zhou Zhigang hurried to coax Zhou Rong, begging his precious daughter not to cry.

When Zhou Rong was crying with his father, Feng Huacheng came back with flowers. He was not surprised to see Zhou Zhigang. Maybe he guessed Zhou Zhigang’s identity when he was in the truck, so he disappeared after helping. Zhou Zhigang also saw that Feng Huacheng was the one who was eager to help. Feng Huacheng apologized for marrying Zhou Rong without permission. Seeing Feng Huacheng, Zhou Zhigang didn’t object so much.

Zhou Rong surrounded Zhou Zhigang and described her situation here. She felt a sense of accomplishment when she taught the children here. The villagers here always bring delicious food and respect her from the bottom of her heart. Zhou Rong also hopes to mobilize the villagers and send girls to study. Zhou Rong thought that she was very willful when she left, but over the years it made her feel very worthwhile, and she lived a very solid life here.

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