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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 30 Recap

Bai Ying went to the Mirror Tower alone under the guidance of the saintess Yuzhu, and extended all the way to the Temple of Heaven. Not only did she find the water mirror here, but she also saw the person behind the opening of the water mirror. The prey almost regarded Bai Ying as Awei, but quickly regained his senses and lamented that he was too similar to his old friend.

When Shi Peng learned that Yu Zhu had taken someone to the Temple of Heaven without authorization, he was very angry, especially when he found that Yu Zhu was getting more and more out of control, so he stepped forward and dragged her up to question her sharply. Different from the original promise, now Yu Zhu dares to look directly at Shi Peng, insisting that he has no knowledge, Shi Peng is so angry that she and Yu Huan are both disobedient wolf cubs. Shi Lang and Shi Luo hid and peeped, also guessing the real intention of the prey.

Perhaps it was because of the seven thousand years, when the woman who looked like Bai Wei finally appeared, the prey was very excited, and suddenly found the light-shielding beads she was wearing, and immediately guessed that this thing was the Sea Emperor’s place. Bai Ying accidentally learned the origin of the light-avoiding beads through the description of the prey, and only then did she know that Su Gu used the cracking technique to open some of her spiritual knowledge and put it into the beads. Since the day she wore the beads, what the sun burned was Su Mi turned into the spiritual consciousness in this bead.

On the other side, Master Ming Huosi wanted to rescue Su G from the void, but when Su G learned that Bai Ying was in danger, he went into the light-shielding pearl regardless of his own safety, and saw that the prey was surprisingly similar to Zhen Lan. Since Su G had already cast a spell on the light-shielding pearl, the prey could not snatch it, so he simply threatened Bai Ying to let Su G or Zhen Lan show up.

Zhen Lan hurried back to Wucheng City, and urged Da Siming to open the water mirror to check Bai Ying’s whereabouts. Now that Emperor Tian is not used by Kong Sang, Da Siming suggested to call Shanghai Huang Su Gu to go to Jingcheng to save people, but Zhen Lan felt that Su Gu would go to Jingcheng to save people. G already knows Bai Ying’s ending, and whether she will form an alliance in the future is still unknown, so she can only rely on herself for now.

Si Shi cast a spell to awaken Su G, and felt that the spiritual consciousness in his body resonated with another force, even she was difficult to approach. Ning Liang was ordered to investigate the details of Cangliu, only to know that Cangliu lost the battle seven thousand years ago, and was later expelled from Yunhuang by King Xingzun. Until a hundred years ago, Cangliu seemed to be inspired and suddenly built a magical weapon. Trained to become a powerful warrior, and infested with the surrounding, and eventually annexed.

Cangliu people think that all this stems from the strength and wisdom of the five masters, but the problem is that the five masters have been immortal since a hundred years ago. Thinking about it, Cangliu and Kongsang are only a hundred years of life. Why such a long life is incredible. Su G thought that he had seen the bird of prey in the bead of light, and decided that this matter had a lot to do with him.

The prey admits that the current Su Mi is much stronger than Chun Huang, but the foundation of his cultivation is too shallow to properly use this power, and he will definitely be attacked frequently. While the prey was still talking to himself, Su Gu used the light-shielding beads to talk to Bai Ying, and asked her to ask the prey a few questions one after another according to her own wishes.

Since Su Gu’s body was still in the Quanxian camp, but his soul somehow entered the light-shielding pearl, and even he himself was puzzled by this. Si Shi found that there were various forces in Su G’s body colliding with each other, which was the real reason for his coma.

Bai Ying looked at the old face of the prey, and the very similar appearance between him and Zhen Lan, guessing that there must be a relationship between the two, but after asking, she found out that he had lived for more than 7,000 years, and his true identity was obvious. Su G reminded Bai Ying not to be confused by the other party, and tried to shift the topic to the prey, but the prey took the initiative to tell the story of him and Bai Wei.

Back then, Bai Wei was still the youngest daughter of the ship king’s family, and he was the astrologer invited by the other party, and had only been separated twice from beginning to end. The first time was when Bai Wei went out to sea and lost her way. The prey searched all over Yunhuang Continent and finally found her in Biluohai. As for the second time, Bai Wei died and left this world forever.

Seven thousand years was so long that the prey lost the concept of time. He slowly recited the verses of King Xing Zun before his death, and handed a note to Bai Ying, as if the real Bai Wei was in him. in front of you. Soon Bai Ying was bewitched by the prey, and her whole body fell into a strange emotion. Tears flowed down her face involuntarily. No matter how Su Gu called, she did not respond.

Zhenlan and Xijing hurried to the palace, they wanted to rush to the mirror tower, but there were all enchantments in front of them. Just as he was about to break through the barrier with his magic technique, the prey suddenly turned back and counterattacked, and a black mist severely injured Zhen Lan on the ground. Bai Ying took advantage of this to regain her consciousness, using the power of the light-shielding beads to get rid of the entanglement of the prey, and then ran outside the palace, only to be surrounded by Cangliu soldiers.

When she was almost in a desperate situation, fortunately, Su Mi fell from the sky and took her directly back to Jinghu Camp, thus falling into a coma. Master Si had already sucked the vicious aura out of Su G’s body, and told Ning Liang to take good care of her, while Bai Ying took out the last stalk of scabies for Su G’s treatment, and took care of her carefully.

In the blink of an eye, a few days later, Su G’s injury improved slightly and gradually regained consciousness. Bai Ying blamed herself for this. She wanted to help Su Gu to do something, but in the end she did nothing. Su Gu never asked for anything in return, and Bai Ying was also moved by his true feelings, and the two embraced and kissed.

On the other hand, Zhen Lan was seriously injured in a coma, and Da Si Ming asked everyone to help him find another sealed emperor’s power, which might be able to recover. Na Sheng took the initiative to fight and was willing to go to Guishenyuan to unlock the seal for Zhenlan, even though she knew that her life would be in danger, she was still not afraid at all.

At the same time, Shi Peng received a secret letter from Nan Zhao, and learned that Fei Lian and Quan Xian had secretly colluded, and they were escorting Fei Lian back to the city. It was precisely because of this incident that Shi Peng could no longer hide his hatred, feeling that this time was a good opportunity for him to regain power, and to take everything he had lost.

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