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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 29 Recap

Tan Jing still felt a little sad when he saw Pingping playing with the toys Sun Zhijun gave him, after all, Sun Zhijun took care of them for many years. Pingping went back to play with the children, but Tan Jing still felt that this matter was still related to Nie Dongyuan. After all, this was their company. Nie Yusheng asked Tan Jing to give him some time, and he would definitely investigate this matter.

Tan Jing said that the best way now is for the two to separate first. Although Nie Yusheng was very sad, he didn’t know how to dissuade Tan Jing. In the evening, Nie Yusheng came to his father’s bedside. This time Sheng Fangting was also here. In fact, Nie Yusheng already knew that Sheng Fangting was his half-brother. Sheng Fangting actually sacrificed Shu Qin for Nie Dongyuan’s company, but he thought he would not. regret.

The next day, Nie Yusheng went to the police and said that he suspected that Sun Zhijun’s death might not have been a simple car accident. Nie Yusheng handed over the information of all relevant personnel of his father’s company to the police, hoping to find clues to solve the case. Later, Tan Jing also received a call from Nie Dongyuan’s company saying that Tan Jing would need to be present to hold a shareholders meeting in the near future. Tan Jing was surprised but had to agree.

Seeing that Sheng Fangting has already acquired most of the company’s stocks, if this is the case, the company may belong to Sheng Fangting in the future. Nie Yusheng came to his father’s hospital bed and said that he had made a decision and hoped that his father would not blame him.

When the shareholders meeting was held, Sheng Fangting told everyone that he currently holds the largest share, and Tan Jing came because he wanted Tan Jing to sell the shares donated by Nie Dongyuan to Pingping, but Tan Jing said that this was given to Pingping by Nie Dongyuan, Yu Qing Yu Li’s shares belonged to Nie Yusheng.

Secretary Quan was the first to stand up to support Sheng Fangting. Secretary Quan even said in front of everyone that Sheng Fangting was Nie Dongyuan’s biological son. It seemed that Secretary Quan also knew about it. In fact, Tan Jing supported Nie Yusheng today because the police told her that Nie Yusheng was looking for them, and Tan Jing also saw Nie Yusheng’s sincerity.

At this time, Nie Yusheng received a call from the hospital and learned that his father was awake. Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng quickly brought Pingping to the hospital to see Nie Dongyuan, and Pingping happily ran to Nie Dongyuan’s side. Nie Dongyuan was very happy, and Nie Dongyuan also asked Pingping to call Tan Jing in. Nie Dongyuan said thank you to Tan Jing. After all, it was Tan Jing who saved her. Tan Jing didn’t know how to face Nie Dongyuan, so she made an excuse to leave first.

Secretary Quan is now on Sheng Fangting’s side. He also wants to know what Sheng Fangting should do next, but Secretary Quan’s shares are still in Sheng Fangting’s hands. Originally, Secretary Quan thought that Sheng Fangting must be with him, but he didn’t expect Sheng Fangting. Turning his face over and ignoring the person is the main purpose of Sheng Fangting.

Now Sheng Fangting is the largest shareholder of the entire company. Sheng Fangting came to the office belonging to Nie Dongyuan, and now this office will belong to him. Nie Yusheng has been taking care of him by his father’s side all this time, and Nie Dongyuan also knows that Sheng Fangting is now the company’s largest shareholder. Nie Dongyuan just didn’t expect that Nie Yusheng would hand over the company to him. In fact, Nie Yusheng lived a better life than his father. Nie Dongyuan asked his son to arrange for him. want to go home.

When he was discharged from the hospital, Secretary Quan also came to see Nie Dongyuan. Nie Dongyuan said that there are too many internal struggles in the company, so everyone is not happy. Nie Dongyuan held Secretary Quan’s hand and asked him to let him go. Secretary Quan felt that everything he did was for the company. Nie Dongyuan persuaded Secretary Quan well that he felt that happiness was more important than the company now.

Nie Dongyuan signed the contract. He told Sheng Fangting that the company was now handed over to him. Sheng Fangting said that he would not let the company be destroyed in his hands. Sheng Fangting was about to leave Nie Dongyuan and stopped him. He only hoped that Sheng Fangting would not embarrass Nie Yusheng in the future. Sheng Fangting told himself Unfortunate as a child, he was ridiculed as a fatherless child since he was a child. Nie Dongyuan sincerely apologized to Sheng Fangting, who said that he could not forgive him.

Nie Dongyuan only hoped that Sheng Fangting would not be left alone in the next life, Sheng Fangting held back his tears and left directly. On the way back, Sheng Fangting kept thinking about what Nie Dongyuan said to himself. In fact, Sheng Fangting’s heart was not made of stone. He would definitely be sad when he heard these words.

Pingping misses Sun Zhijun very much recently. This day, Pingping saw an uncle who delivered takeaways riding on Sun Zhijun’s car, so he went to ask his uncle where his father, Sun Zhijun, went. As a result, he learned from the takeaway uncle that his father might not come back. Pingping’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and she squatted on the ground with shortness of breath. When Yuling saw it, she hurriedly sent Pingping to the hospital. Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng also came to the hospital. Tan Jing was very worried and couldn’t help crying. Nie Dongyuan also came to the hospital to see Pingping who was being rescued.

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