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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 28 Recap

Now that the wedding is imminent, Shu Qin came to Tan Jing to discuss two things, one is to make Wang Yuling’s bakery in charge of the wedding cake, and the other is to want her and Nie Yusheng to be her bridesmaids and best men. Tan Jing considered the influence of her previous marriage, but Shu Qin didn’t mind at all, she just felt that Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng represented true love and were the best candidates for the wedding. At Shu Qin’s sincere invitation, Tan Jing readily agreed and went to try on clothes with them afterwards.

Although Sheng Fangting has done many things for the Yiyuan Group, Tan Jing realizes that Sheng Fangting’s behavior of helping Nie Yusheng manage Yiyuan contradicts his previous disgust for Nie Dongyuan. Tan Jing admitted that he had a bad impression of Nie Dongyuan, but Nie Yusheng and Nie Dongyuan were two types of people.

That night, Tan Jing took the initiative to inform Nie Yusheng of the speculation, including the help Sheng Fangting gave her before, and the fight for custody. Therefore, Tan Jing thought that Sheng Fangting had a very heavy heart. Perhaps he knew more about the Nie family than he thought, so he reminded Nie Yusheng to be careful.

Through Sheng Fangting’s matchmaking, Nie Yusheng successfully signed a contract with Party A’s company, but unexpectedly found the email in Sheng Fangting’s mobile phone, and only then did he know that he had been planning to enter Yiyuan for a long time. On the other hand, Sheng Fangting was not flustered and faced this situation very calmly. Compared with the meaning of the truth, Nie Yusheng wanted to know whether Sheng Fangting had used Shu Qin, but the other party firmly denied it.

In the blink of an eye, on the wedding day, there was an endless stream of guests. Shu Qin, wearing a gorgeous wedding dress, came to Sheng Fangting with much attention. A long time ago, Shu Qin had heard the conversation between Sheng Fangting and Nie Yusheng, and knew that his motives for the Yiyuan Group were impure, but she once said that no matter what happened, she would never leave Sheng Fangting, so with everyone’s blessings, everything went smoothly. complete the wedding.

Sun Zhijun came back to visit his son Sun Ping, but Sun Ping was not at home, so he had to give the toy dog ​​to Aunt Wang, and then left on a motorcycle. Unexpectedly, he was looking at his mobile phone on the side of the road and was about to ride a bicycle across the road when he suddenly found a speeding car rushing out from the side and slamming into him.

Many years ago, Sun Zhijun met Tan Jing for the first time at Master’s house, and he has been attracted to him ever since. But now Sun Zhijun was lying in the cold morgue. Tan Jing rushed over immediately after receiving the call, and finally signed the death confirmation letter, just like the scene of her father’s death, which made her sad.

Nie Yusheng knew that this accident happened suddenly, and it also hit Tan Jing too much, so he helped to deal with Sun Zhijun’s funeral. After Tan Jing put Sun Ping to sleep, Aunt Wang and Wang Yuling also came over and handed over the toy dog ​​by hand. Wang Yuling believed that Sun Zhijun’s death must have a hidden meaning, and it was not an ordinary accident, because Sun Zhijun said many strange things before leaving today, which made her feel very surprised.

Although Sun Zhijun’s enemy during his lifetime was only Nie Dongyuan, but Nie Dongyuan was still in a coma, Tan Jing said that there was no evidence for these things, and he shouldn’t think too much. Nie Yusheng was also suspicious, so he simply went downstairs to call Fattou. He wanted to visit his father, but Secretary Quan was standing by, so it was really inconvenient for him to enter.

The next morning, Tan Jing, Wang Yuling, Nie Yusheng and others sent Sun Zhijun off for the last trip. Tan Jing felt very guilty towards Sun Zhijun. When she came to the staff dormitory where Sun Zhijun lived, and packed up her belongings, she accidentally saw Sun Zhijun collecting oysters. A report from the Far Group. Tan Jing finally couldn’t help crying until she found a group photo of a family of three on the top of the bed.

Tan Jing dug out Sheng Fangting’s contact information from the relics, only to know that he and Sun Zhijun had always kept in touch. Sheng Fangting admitted that Nie Dongyuan was his enemy and wanted to join forces with Sun Zhijun to take revenge. He also analyzed the current situation for Tan Jing. By observing the photos of Sun Zhijun’s car accident scene, he determined that Sun Zhijun was murdered, and the murderer was most likely Nie Dongyuan’s confidant.

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