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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 6 Recap

Zhou Bingyi was worried about Hao Dongmei’s affairs. The first condition for going to the military region was that his social relations were clean. Hao Dongmei’s family had problems. If he didn’t break up with Hao Dongmei, he would not be able to go to the military region. Yao Lisong persuaded him to divorce. Yao Lisong believed that for a person to succeed, in addition to talent, it was luck. Now this opportunity is like a big pie that fell from the sky. Smashing him to death and injury, Yao Lisong saw the importance of Hao Dongmei to Zhou Bingyi.

Yao Lisong took out a newspaper and showed it to Zhou Bingyi. As long as it was written in the newspaper, a cadre who could seriously reform and repent would still be a good cadre. Yao Lisong believed that Hao Dongmei’s parents were such good cadres. Afterwards, Yao Lisong took the newspaper to the director and asked him to tell the people above that Yao Lisong believed that the most important thing was to seize the opportunity and not miss it.

Several young men from Xuji Commune came to find Hao Dongmei, but they all left without saying a word when they saw Hao Dongmei. Several young men walked and talked about Hao Dongmei’s appearance. They thought that although she was good looking, she was not considered an alluring country. The rumors were a bit exaggerated.

A few young men just left, and a few women came to look for Hao Dongmei. Several young women explained their intentions. Zhou Bingyi refused to be the secretary of the deputy political commissar of the Ming Dynasty for Hao Dongmei. For this reason, they all thought Hao Dongmei was a beautiful woman, so I came here curiously. Look. Tao Junshu specially asked Hao Dongmei to come over for people to see, but this time, the women directly acted like Hao Dongmei was very ordinary. I even feel that Zhou Bingyi attaches great importance to feelings, but it is not worth it for this ugly woman.

Yao Lisong once again persuaded Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei to break up, not to miss this opportunity. I was also curious about why Zhou Bingyi liked Hao Dongmei. Zhou Bingyi remembered the father who met Hao Dongmei when he was a child. He was a good official, clear and upright. At that time, Governor Hao had to remodel the nail pieces, but Governor Hao was knocked down soon after. After hearing this, Yao Lisong persuaded Zhou Bingyi not to leave. He didn’t know whether it was good or bad after he went, but staying at least worthy of his conscience. At this time, Hao Dongmei called and ordered Zhou Bingyi to come out to meet immediately.

Hao Dongmei blamed Zhou Bingyi for hiding something from her and should not discuss anything, Zhou Bingyi apologized to Hao Dongmei. Hao Dongmei also understood why Zhou Bingyi was angry with her and broke up with her. Because Zhou Bingyi was inferior in those days, and now Hao Dongmei is also inferior. Zhou Bingyi believes that inferiority is self-esteem, and the two are the same kind of people.

Zhou Bingyi hoped that Hao Dongmei and Hao Dongmei would change from the same type of person to the same person. Hao Dongmei also forgave Zhou Bingyi and was full of emotion. The two held hands and shouted in the birch forest, declaring the sovereignty of love, living and dying in the same hole.

Zhou Bingkun came to the news again, claiming that he and Hao Dongmei could not go back during the Spring Festival because he was on duty, and his marriage to Hao Dongmei had also been approved by the government, and the two would hold a wedding during the festival. About Zhou Rong, Zhou Bingkun also wrote to Zhou Zhiqiang, hoping that the family can be reunited next time they meet. In the Spring Festival of 1973, the courier sent a telegram from Guizhou.

Aunt Qiao happened to be next to her and took the initiative to bring the telegram to Zhou’s mother. The telegram stated that Zhou Zhiqiang was with her, Zhou’s mother was moved to tears, and Zhou Zhiqiang finally forgave Zhou Rong. Mother Zhou and Aunt Qiao discussed that they should let Zhou Bingkun and Qiao Chunyan be together this Spring Festival.

Zhou Bingkun proposed that in the third year of junior high, the buddies would come to sit at home and bring their partners. Zhou’s mother immediately agreed, but also proposed to let Qiao Chunyan come over, but Zhou Bingkun said that he did not like Qiao Chunyan. In Zhou Bingkun’s heart, Qiao Chunyan was regarded as a buddy, and suddenly Zhou Bingkun remembered that he left in a hurry on the weekend.

Zhou Bingkun came to see Luo Shibin and Shui Ziliu again, and the two gave Zhou Bingkun fifty-five yuan this time, twenty-five yuan for the New Year. Shui Artesian asked Zhou Bingkun if the child was still there? Zhou Bingkun truthfully said that Zheng Juan did not want children, but Mother Zheng wanted to stay because Mother Zheng believed in Buddhism.

When Zhou Bingkun came to send money, Zheng Juan suddenly appeared, which made Zhou Bingkun a little nervous. Zheng Juan told Zhou Bingkun that Artesian was very shrewd, and he knew how much money he gave every time. Zheng Juan asked Zhou Bingkun why he sent five yuan more. Zhou Bingkun said that the conditions of his family were good, and that he was a worker, so he did not lack the money. Zheng Juan thanked Zhou Bingkun. Although there was no change in her face, Zhou Bingkun was still warm and nervous.

On the third day of junior high, everyone was at Zhou Bingkun’s house. Qiao Chunyan came to visit with a handful of candied gourds. Cao Debao’s eyes lit up when he saw Qiao Chunyan. Everyone was young, and they quickly became acquainted with each other after introducing each other. Qiao Chunyan asked Zhou’s mother to go to her house to find Aunt Qiao, and all the cooking at home was handed over to Qiao Chunyan.

When everyone was busy eating and drinking, Gong Wei, the film policeman, heard the news and went in. Gong Wei cared about Gong Bin’s situation in the workshop. Everyone yelled and asked Gong Wei to find a way to transfer Gong Bin. The workshop is too tired . But Gong Wei was helpless.

Zhou Bingkun offered to pick up his mother home, turned to look for Zhou’s mother, and wanted Zhou’s mother to go home. Aunt Qiao lied to Zhou Bingkun that Zhou Bingkun had drank too much and had fallen asleep, so Zhou Bingkun had to go back alone. But he really didn’t want to face Qiao Chunyan, turned his head and went to Zheng Juan’s house unknowingly, Zhou Bingkun never dared to disturb Zheng Juan, left quietly, and took the door behind him.

When we went back, everyone happened to be leaving, and only Cao Debao was left at home to teach Qiao Chunyan to play the harmonica. Zhou Debao was afraid that something would happen to Qiao Chunyan, so he deliberately left Cao Debao to live there, but Cao Debao was very happy.

Early the next morning, Zheng Juan got up to sweep the snow, found footprints on the ground, and saw that someone had come, so scared that Zheng’s mother wanted to repair the door bolt quickly, but Zheng Juan seemed to know everything, so her mother didn’t need to pay attention to it. Poorer and nothing worth stealing.

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