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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 4 Recap

Zhou Bingkun suddenly felt sorry for the family from the bottom of his heart. He stretched out his hand to wrap the child in his arms, promising to come over every month in the future, and secretly give money to Zheng’s mother, so that Zheng Juan would not know. The little boy showed a bright smile with tears on his face.

Mother Zhou thought that the family could get together, and planned to send the letter in ten days. Zhou Zhigang and Zhou Rong would be able to come back, and Zhou Bingyi would also be able to bring Hao Dongmei back. Zhou’s mother was worried that the crowd would be unbearable. Zhou Bingkun was coping with his mother’s words on the surface, but his thoughts had already gone to Zheng Juan’s family. He was thinking about the difficulties of that family.

Zhou Zhigang asked for leave to see Zhou Rong, but he actually wanted to see his son-in-law Feng Huacheng. Zhou Zhigang also bought flour and a little meat with special approval, so he wanted to send it to Zhou Rong. Zhou Zhigang loved Zhou Rong the most in his heart, but Zhou Rong was disobedient and insisted on following the bad guys. Zhou Zhigang acted very helpless.

Zhou Bingkun waved hello when he saw Cai Xiaoguang riding a bicycle when he was going to work, but Cai Xiaoguang didn’t seem to see him. Zhou Bingkun was a little disappointed. When he went to work, he discovered that fans and ventilation ducts were installed in the slag workshop, so that they would not have to work sweaty. Several people started talking in the workplace, thinking that this problem should have been solved long ago.

The leader never thinks about the employees, but just sits in the office and reads the newspaper. Qu Xiuzhen was standing behind when several people were talking enthusiastically. Qu Xiuzhen was very dissatisfied. She didn’t read newspapers in the office all day long. She asked for these conveyor belts and fans without spending a penny. Qu Xiuzhen hoped that they could understand each other. Qu Xiuzhen introduced two new employees, Chang Jinjin and Gong Bing.

Watching Qu Xiuzhen leave, employee Cao Debao told Zhou Bingkun that Qu Xiuzhen was very powerful, and the factory manager was afraid of her, but Zhou Bingkun laughed and said that the old lady was a good person.

Unexpectedly, Qu Xiuzhen hadn’t left yet, she turned her head and came back, asking that she could not leave after get off work, that she had to have a good chat with them, and that several people could not be called old lady, but secretary Qu. After confirming that Qu Xiuzhen had left, several people couldn’t help laughing again. When it was time to get off work, Qu Xiuzhen was already waiting at the gate of the slag workshop. A car was parked at the gate. Qu Xiuzhen let the three young men get in the car and took them to a family.

The three of them looked at the magnificent family and looked forward to becoming the owner of this family one day. This house is so beautiful. As soon as the words fell, Qu Xiuzhen helped her lover out, and Zhou Bingkun immediately recognized that the old man was Ma Shouchang, who was taken to the hospital by Zhou Bingkun when he went to the bathroom. It turned out that he was the vice president of the Military Academy. He was unforgettable for Zhou Bingkun’s life-saving grace. He had long hoped to invite Zhou Bingkun to dinner to express his gratitude.

Qu Xiuzhen prepared a sumptuous dinner for the three of Zhou Bingkun, and they talked very happily. Ma Shouchang couldn’t help laughing even more when he learned that they actually called Qu Xiuzhen an old lady. Calling Qu Xiuzhen a ghost can be fine, but he can’t. Call the old lady. Cao Debao drank some wine and was a little buoyant. He stumbled to the front of the clock, but accidentally dropped the pendulum.

He sent Zhou Bingkun three people out, and explained that when new employees come, they must go to the slag workshop to do the hardest and most tiring things, just to get better training, and they will be allocated according to their abilities after three months. Cao Debao drank too much, and accused Qu Xiuzhen of being too immoral, and even arranged deaf and dumb people like Chang Jinjin in the slag workshop. Cao Debao thinks that the reason why Qu Xiuzhen is good to them is because Zhou Bingkun saved Ma Shouchang.

Ma Shouchang explained that the only person they wanted to thank was Zhou Bingkun, and the other two were called together just because they could work normally. Cao Debao quickly apologized, and Qu Xiuzhen said that she could forgive them, and she also cried with sadness. Qu Xiuzhen knew that they were working hard, and she went to ask someone to improve the working environment.

Chang progressed because mistakes were made at home, and there was nowhere to ask for them. She used her personal connections to arrange this job. Several people realized their mistakes and apologized to Qu Xiuzhen at the same time. The more Qu Xiuzhen said, the more aggrieved she became.

On the way back, several people were reminiscing about what happened just now. Apart from eating and drinking, the accommodation environment was simply too perfect, and the distance between people was too great. In the end, he also concluded a sentence, thinking that Qu Xiuzhen is a good person, but Cao Debao believes that a good person is a good person, but he should not engage in privileges. The driver who sent them back was a little angry and stepped on the emergency brake, and told them that different responsibilities would naturally mean different treatment, making everyone speechless.

The next day, Qu Xiuzhen introduced another Tang Xiangyang to work, and took time to ask who of the three took the things yesterday? Cao Debao had to explain that he accidentally touched the chicken pendulum of the clock yesterday, and it fell off, so he had to take it away so as not to be found. Qu Xiuzhen told them that this place was where they lived temporarily. In the future, when the owner came back, they were going to move out. There must be something missing. If the pendulum of the clock fell, she could find someone to weld it.

Qu Xiuzhen also knew that Zhou Bingkun graduated from junior high school, so she specifically explained that she would hold a night school recently, and asked Zhou Bingkun to study too. Qu Xiuzhen said that she had long known that Zhou Bingkun was Ma Shouchang’s savior, but she believed that if Zhou Bingkun went to work directly in the MSG workshop, it would not be a healthy development. In order to allow him to have a better development, she was assigned to the slag workshop. Zhou Bingkun was very grateful to Qu Xiuzhen at this time.

Cai Xiaoguang took the initiative to come to Zhou Bingkun. He felt guilty about ignoring him last time. He originally promised to arrange a MSG workshop for Zhou Bingkun but went to the slag workshop. Cai Xiaoguang also found his father and gave the factory a death order that Zhou Bingkun must be transferred to the MSG workshop. Zhou Bingkun refused, and also said that he wanted to do it by his ability.

Cai Xiaoguang had no choice but to give up, and also told Zhou Bingkun that the supply and marketing cooperative had provided a batch of pork that could be bought without a ticket. Zhou Bingkun was very happy. Since the family wanted to come back, his mother froze all the meat. He hadn’t eaten meat for a long time. Cai Xiaoguang asked if Zhou Rong would come back. When he learned that he couldn’t come back, Cai Xiaoguang was a little disappointed.

Mother Zhou was busy making cups at home, waiting for Dongmei and Zhou Bingyi to come back. Aunt Qiao happened to come to help make the quilt together.

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