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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 26 Recap

Due to the continuous decline of the group’s stock, Nie Yusheng was so overwhelmed by this, but he had nothing to do. He wanted to go to the bank for a loan, but the current situation of the company was not optimistic, and the bank refused to pay them. Over the past few days, Nie Yusheng had run into obstacles everywhere, and finally found someone who was willing to take out a loan. As a result, when the meeting time was agreed, the other party didn’t come.

Shu Qin knew that Nie Yusheng was in a bad mood, so he took the initiative to invite him to dinner and chat. After all, it was difficult both inside and outside the company, and the funding gap was too large to be filled at once. Fortunately, Nie Yusheng still had a fat man by his side, so he asked him to check the contract for him, so he could only rely on his brothers for help.

At night, Nie Yusheng came to the hospital to visit his comatose father, took the initiative to confide in his heart, and finally understood his previous difficulties. Tan Jing personally cooked a bowl of clear soup noodles for Nie Yusheng. The two chatted on the sofa for a while, and Nie Yusheng gradually calmed down. Only here can he find warmth.

All departments participated in the meeting and reported the financial reports of the last few quarters throughout the process, and they have been in a state of continuous losses. From the company’s cash flow and subsequent uncollected accounts, it is expected to show a deficit in the fourth quarter of this year, which will affect the supply. merchant’s payment. Nie Yusheng emphasized that no matter what, the supplier’s payment must be guaranteed, because it is related to the reputation of Yiyuan, but no one has come up with a reasonable solution to the problem.

Tan Jing took Sun Ping to visit Nie Dongyuan. The well-behaved and sensible Sun Ping took out a stethoscope to observe his grandfather’s heartbeat, hoping that he would wake up as soon as possible. After all, blood is thicker than water. Sun Ping and Nie Dongyuan are close from the heart, which makes Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing a little emotional and a little relieved.

At the same time, Shu Qin was also looking for a suitable candidate to go to Yiyuan Group, and suddenly thought of Sheng Fangting, so various lobbying finally got the other party to agree. When Nie Yusheng was in the most difficult period, Sheng Fangting’s sudden arrival opened a door for him, and his willingness to help this time was all based on his feelings for Nie Yusheng.

Although Nie Dongyuan did a lot of bad things, it didn’t hurt his children, and the addition of Sheng Fangting quickly turned the situation around for Nie Yusheng. The brothers joined forces, and they were able to break the money. In the following days, they were busy with various report data of the company every day, listening to the reports of various departments.

Sheng Fangting provided Nie Yusheng with useful opinions. Nie Yusheng adopted a plan, but the board of directors held an objection. Until Nie Yusheng said that if everyone had better ideas, there was nothing to say. Sheng Fangting quickly signed a contract with Party A, thus offending the retailer, but he told Nie Yusheng not to only focus on the immediate affairs, but to take a long-term perspective, because the top priority is to solve the problem of funding gap.

Nie Yusheng told Tan Jing about Sheng Fangting and pretended to be jealous because he had helped Tan Jing several times in the hospital. Tan Jing also found a job teaching English picture books in a kindergarten under the introduction of her younger brother. When she went to try out the lecture the next day, she was unanimously approved by the parents.

After get off work, Nie Yusheng went to see Fatou alone, and happened to be watched by Secretary Quan. When Shu Qin came to pick up Sheng Fangting, Nie Yusheng asked the two of them for dinner, and called Tan Jing over by the way. The four of them got along very happily together. Shu Qin also told the story of himself and Sheng Fangting. Nie Yusheng promised to give them generous gifts in the future.

During this period of time, with the help of Sheng Fangting, Nie Yusheng gradually had some thoughts, so he decided to hold a meeting and asked everyone in the company to attend as scheduled. Before the start of the conference, Sheng Fangting and Nie Yusheng had a chess game, telling him to remember that from today, there will be a real fierce battle, because the inside of the Yiyuan Group is completely rotten and needs to be uprooted.

Soon the day of the board meeting came. The elders of the group were all furious because of Nie Yusheng’s decision, but Nie Yusheng didn’t care at all and still insisted on his attitude. Secretary Quan found out that Nie Yusheng was investigating the past. In fact, Nie Yusheng also saw that something was wrong with Secretary Quan.

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