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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 25 Recap

Tan Jing sent Sun Ping to a kindergarten class, and seeing him getting along well with the children was gradually relieved. Before leaving, Tan Jing specifically explained Sun Ping’s physical condition to the teacher. As a result, when they added WeChat to each other, they unexpectedly discovered that the other party was actually his younger brother from many years ago, so he didn’t recognize it at all.

Nie Yusheng had decided to join the Yiyuan Group, so he began to explain the patient’s condition and all follow-up work to Director Fang. Director Fang felt very sorry for Nie Yusheng’s departure. After all, he was his most proud disciple and a rare talent in the medical field. Despite this, Director Fang could understand Nie Yusheng and did not force him to stay in the hospital.

The fat head here has been investigating for several days, but not much information has been found at all. They always feel that they really want to go outside, suspecting that someone is hiding inside the group and deliberately concealing all information. His thoughts coincided with Nie Yusheng. Nie Yusheng knew that there were many problems in the company. Sooner or later, the family-inherited business would be replaced. He should find a professional manager as soon as possible.

When he learned that Nie Yusheng hadn’t told Tan Jing about this, Fattou was taken aback and hurriedly told him that if he wanted to maintain a good relationship, he couldn’t hide anything. Nie Yusheng came to the kindergarten to pick up Sun Ping, and happened to see Tan Jing at the door. The warm picture of the mother and son made him feel that his life was perfect.

After returning home, Nie Yusheng took the initiative to mention that he had quit his job as a doctor. Tan Jing didn’t care where he went to work, as long as the father and son were reunited. The next morning, Tan Jing sent a message to Nie Yusheng, telling him to rest assured that as long as it was what he wanted to do, he would not stop him.

Because of Tan Jing’s remarks, Nie Yusheng no longer had any worries, and immediately put on a suit and officially came to the Yiyuan Group, and entered the high-level internal meeting as a replacement for his father. Under the introduction of Secretary Quan, he met many senior members of the group. Although the directors seem to welcome him on the surface, they are reluctant in their hearts. After all, they simply despise this so-called brat and think that it is difficult to take on a big responsibility.

Now in front of Nie Yusheng, there are still a lot of very difficult messes and problems that the directors can’t solve. Because Nie Yusheng had never been in contact with management and didn’t know much about the company, he couldn’t answer everyone’s questions. He had to ask Secretary Quan for many things.

However, most of the payment for the goods is waiting to be paid, and the funds of up to 300 million have put the company in trouble, and even a lawsuit will take time. Nie Yusheng asked Secretary Quan to help him arrange meetings with the heads of various departments. He wanted to know the situation of each department. When he came to his father’s office, it was like when he was young, and the surrounding layout did not change.

Tan Jing brought Sun Ping home, just in time to see Sun Zhijun cooking at home. Although he was not very skilled, he tried his best. The room was packed and he seemed to be leaving. In fact, Sun Zhijun knew that it was time for him to leave. He lied that the food delivery company was far away from home, so he moved to the dormitory.

After the meal, Tan Jing personally escorted Sun Zhijun downstairs, saying that the door lock would never be changed, and hoped that he could go home to have a look when he had time. Sun Zhijun was moved by it, but he was not good at expressing it. He just told her not to frown all the time. He seemed to be indifferent, but in fact, there were many things hidden in his heart. The boss takes revenge and tells his father’s spirit in heaven.

Nie Dongyuan took the initiative to come to visit Sun Ping. The grandfather and grandson got along very well, but Tan Jing still couldn’t get along with him naturally, so he simply found an excuse to go out to Aunt Wang’s house. Tan Jing admits that every time she sees Sun Ping and Nie Dongyuan together, she can’t help thinking of her father, and I’m afraid it will be sad.

At this moment, Sun Ping hurriedly ran downstairs to tell his grandfather that he had fallen. Tan Jing first called an ambulance and then ran back to the room. He hesitated for a moment, but quickly squatted down and held his hand to comfort him. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time, and he was finally out of danger, but he was still in a coma.

Sun Ping didn’t want to leave the hospital and wanted to stay by his grandfather’s side all the time. Nie Yusheng brought a stethoscope to Sun Ping so that he could hear his own heartbeat and explained in the same way that his grandfather was fine right now, so he didn’t need to worry too much. That night, after coaxing Sun Ping to sleep, Nie Yusheng sincerely thanked Tan Jing, thanking her for giving up her past grievances and calling the emergency call.

When Shu Qin heard the news that Nie Dongyuan was in a coma, she immediately went to the hospital for a visit. When chatting with Nie Yusheng alone, Shu Qin announced that she was going to get married, and then sent him an invitation.

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