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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 3 Recap

Cai Xiaoguang hopes to let Zhou Bingkun work in the soy sauce factory, because although the soy sauce factory is not as decent as the machinery factory, it is very affordable. If Zhou Bingkun goes to work in the soy sauce factory, he can be considered worthy of Zhou Rong. Zhou Bingkun agreed after thinking about it. Cai Xiaoguang and the director of the soy sauce factory are better, and promised to arrange Zhou Bingkun to go to the MSG workshop, which is clean and light.

When he went back in the evening, Zhou Bingkun waited for Qiao Haiyan to come back at the entrance of the alley, apologized and said that Cai Xiaoguang had found a job. Qiao Haiyan didn’t blame Zhou Bingkun, she was angry at first, but when she heard that Zhou Bingkun could go to the soy sauce factory, Qiao Haiyan was still happy for Zhou Bingkun. Qiao Haiyan once again expressed her love for Zhou Bingkun, but Zhou Bingkun said that she never regarded Qiao Haiyan as a girl, and Qiao Haiyan was not angry, and thought that men matured later, and planned to wait for Zhou Bingkun to grow up.

After receiving a notice from Cai Xiaoguang, the director of the soy sauce factory planned to arrange Zhou Bingkun to go to the MSG workshop, but he was opposed by Xing Xiuzhen, director of the Revolutionary Committee. Xing Xiuzhen thought that he should not go through the unhealthy style of the backdoor leader, so he arranged for Zhou Bingkun to go the hardest. slag workshop.

Zhou Bingkun was also diligent on the first day of work, but after a day of work, he felt very hard and came to Cai Xiaoguang. Cai Xiaoguang also expressed helplessness when he learned that it was arranged by Xing Xiuzhen, because Xing Xiuzhen’s husband was the founding major general and could not offend him, so he persuaded Zhou Bingkun to do it first.

Qiao Haiyan waited for Zhou Bingkun’s return at the intersection every day, and sat in the back of Zhou Bingkun’s car with a shameless face. The old neighbors in the alley said that the two were young couples. Zhou Bingkun was reluctant to accept Qiao Haiyan. As soon as he saw Qiao Haiyan blocked at the alley again, Zhou Bingkun turned around and walked in the opposite direction. Unexpectedly, Luo Shibin and the man in the suit had been waiting for Zhou Bingkun for many days, and they finally waited for Zhou Bingkun to take him away alone. .

Zhou Bingkun also recognized that the man in the suit was the one who gave Tu Zhiqiang a hat that day. The man in the suit claimed to be the water artesian, and Tu Zhiqiang killed him because he wanted to help him. The last sentence Tu Zhiqiang said before he died was that his wife was pregnant. . Now Tu Zhiqiang’s wife has no place to live because of Tu Zhiqiang’s death, and she is still pregnant. Shui Ziliu also explained that he was not a bad guy who bullied men and women, and that they couldn’t escape when someone asked for trouble, and that only caused Tu Zhiqiang.

And Tu Zhiqiang’s wife was reluctant to see them because they hated them and implicated Tu Zhiqiang. Shui Ziliu hoped that Zhou Bingkun could go to see the pregnant woman and gave Zhou Bingkun 35 yuan and 30 yuan to the woman. Afterwards, the time and place were also agreed, and Zhou Bingkun was asked to get the money every month.

Zhou Bingkun was a little afraid of Shui Artesian and Luo Shibin, he took the money and the woman’s address and left by bicycle. Shui Ziliu and Luo Shibin couldn’t believe Zhou Bingkun too much, but at present they can only come to Zhou Bingkun.

The next day, Zhou’s mother called Zhou Bingkun to write a letter. Zhou Bingkun “complained” that Zhou’s mother did not hurt him, so she shocked Zhou Bingyi. Zhou’s mother urged Zhou Bingkun to write the letter, while feeding Zhou Bingkun with a smile.

Zhou Zhigang was digging rocks in the construction of the third-line high road. Zhou Zhigang was serious and serious in his work, so the class he led was awarded once. Zhou Bingkun went to find Tu Zhiqiang’s wife after sending the written letters, but the address on the paper was not easy to find. Zhou Bingkun met a child to ask where Tu Zhiqiang’s wife Zheng Juan was, but the child deliberately did not tell Zhou Bingkun.

When Zhou Bingkun was worried, he saw an old lady pulling a candied gourd cart and accidentally fell down. Zhou Bingkun hurried up to help, only to find out that the little boy just now was Zheng Juan’s younger brother who was blind, and the old lady was Zheng Juan’s mother. .

When Zhou Bingkun saw Zheng Juan, Zheng Juan was sitting on the kang wearing candied haws. Because the cotton trousers were removed and washed, the clothes were more casual and thin, which made Zhou Bingkun look at it. Zhou Bingkun stammered to explain his intention, and Zheng Juan also guessed that it was Shui Ziliu and Luo Shibin who asked Zhou Bingkun to come.

Zhou Bingkun also admitted it, and gave all the thirty-five yuan to Zheng Juan. Not only did Zheng Juan not want the money, but Zhou Bingkun was rudely kicked out. Zhou Bingkun left on a bicycle, Zheng mother stumbled and chased out, and accidentally slipped, Zhou Bingkun hurriedly turned around and helped the old lady. The old lady begged Zhou Bingkun to keep the money, because she could not support her family alone.

The old lady told Zhou Bingkun that Zheng Juan and Tu Zhiqiang were not married, but they were pregnant. Now whether the household registration can be registered is a problem. She really does not know how to face all these difficulties in the future. Zhou Bingkun gave the money to the old lady, and the old lady went back with the money. Zheng Juan’s brother did not go back, but pulled Zhou Bingkun to ask if she was crying? Ask if Zhou Bingkun will come again?

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