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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 2 Recap

The boy in the suit was afraid of being recognized, so he and Luo Shibin quickly left the place, and Zhou Bingkun didn’t notice that he was being targeted.

The next day, Zhou Bingkun was lifting wood with his colleagues when he was at work, and he remembered how he looked when he was with Tu Zhiqiang. Tu Zhiqiang always took good care of Zhou Bingkun. But Tu Zhiqiang also likes to make trouble, always screwing nails on the wood. When the wood is being sawed, the sound of the saw pulling the wood can always be heard.

Whenever this time, Tu Zhiqiang is very happy. When Zhou Bingkun saw someone sawing wood again, Zhou Bingkun actually saw it as Tu Zhiqiang, so frightened that Zhou Bingkun quickly turned off the switch, but it was misunderstood that he was stimulated by Tu Zhiqiang’s shooting. Zhou Bingkun came to ask the leader to ask for leave, but it was also said that he was resentful of Tu Zhiqiang’s shooting, so angry that Zhou Bingkun also scolded the leader.

As a result, Zhou Bingkun lost his job. For fear of being sad when his mother found out, Zhou Bingkun pretended to go to work and left the house the next day. After going out, I found a colleague and asked for help to cover. The colleague reminded Zhou Bingkun that he could find a way to find Dongmei.

Although Dongmei’s parents were knocked down, the dead camel was bigger than the horse, so he could find other people who were not knocked down to find a way. Zhou Bingkun called his elder brother Zhou Bingyi in the Construction Corps, and Hao Dongmei, who happened to be an educated youth in the countryside, came to find Zhou Bingyi. Hao Dongmei was worried about her parents and didn’t know whether her parents were dead or alive, so she didn’t care about Zhou Bingkun’s affairs at all.

Zhou Bingyi proposed to be with Hao Dongmei. Now that Zhou Rong is married, he also wants to hurry up with the big thing. During the Spring Festival, Zhou Bingyi hopes to bring Dongmei back to see her in-laws. Hao Dongmei nodded with a smile. Zhou Bingyi proposed to come to Dongmei after get off work tomorrow, and the two would go to the birch forest together. Dongmei nodded shyly and agreed.

In the evening, Qiao Chunyan came to give Zhou’s mother a bottle of eye drops. Zhou’s mother wanted to keep Qiao Chunyan for dinner, but Qiao Chunyan refused. On the way Zhou Bingkun took Qiao Chunyan back, Qiao Chunyan told Zhou Bingkun about her mother’s kindness to find her a partner, and also specifically said that this person was from a lumber factory and was relatively close to her work place every day, and it happened to take her to and from get off work every day.

There is emotion. Qiao Chunyan just wanted to wake up Zhou Bingkun, but Zhou Bingkun was just an elm knot, so Qiao Chunyan had to express her mind and wanted to find Zhou Bingkun. Zhou Bingkun had no choice but to say that he was not in the lumber factory, and hoped that Qiao Chunyan could help introduce her to the bathhouse where she worked for a pedicure, but Qiao Chunyan thought it was worthless.

Qiao Chunyan always likes Zhou Bingkun because she feels that Zhou Bingkun and others are unwilling and have ideas and insights. In the end, Qiao Chunyan also thought that even a bathhouse was better than a person without a job, so she promised to talk to the director well, which made Zhou Bingkun very grateful. Qiao Chunyan took the opportunity to hold Zhou Bingkun’s arm, but Zhou Bingkun broke free from Qiao Chunyan with a look of disgust.

Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei drilled into the birch forest. When they came out, they suddenly found that there was one hair band missing. A car passed by. Zhou Bingyi was afraid of being discovered, so he quickly tied Hao Dongmei’s hair braid and tied Hao Dongmei with a handkerchief. Zhou Bingyi held it tight Holding Hao Dongmei tightly, the two are happy and sweet. The two came out of the birch forest and met a passing truck, and a girl jumped off to talk to Hao Dongmei, and also reminded Hao Dongmei that her clothes were buttoned wrongly.

Zhou Bingkun went to the bathhouse to wait for news from Qiao Chunyan, and happened to see an injured person being carried onto a flatbed, but no one sent the old man to the hospital. Zhou Bingkun offered to send the old man to the hospital. While in the hospital, Zhou Bingkun was asked where he worked from, and Zhou Bingkun left without looking back.

When he got home, Qiao Chunyan was already waiting at the intersection of the alley. Qiao Chunyan told Zhou Bingkun that their unit’s quota was full, and he only had the right to approve a note, but under Qiao Chunyan’s “threat”, the director agreed to let Zhou Bingkun Go, Qiao Chunyan is willing to advance and retreat with Zhou Bingkun. If Zhou Bingkun is not allowed to leave, the director is also afraid of losing this pedicured mechanic. Qiao Chunyan was very happy, and told Zhou Bingkun to pick her up and commute with her tomorrow, so that they could learn pedicure techniques together.

When Zhou Bingkun went back, there was a telegram in front of his mother. Zhou’s mother thought that something had happened to Zhou Bingyi, and anxiously waited for Zhou Bingkun to return. Zhou Bingkun saw that it was written in the telegram that Zhou Bingkun should find Cai Xiaoguang for work. Fearing that his mother would be worried, Zhou Bingkun lied that it was Zhou Bingyi who praised his mother for the good-looking knitting.

The next day, Qiao Chunyan anxiously waited for Zhou Bingkun to pick her up to go to work, but she did not expect that Zhou Bingkun had already left home to find Cai Xiaoguang. When he arrived at the gate of the factory, he lied and claimed to be Cai Xiaoguang’s brother-in-law, and then he got in. Cai Xiaoguang even admitted it, and he wanted to be Zhou Bingkun’s brother-in-law. Seeing Zhou Bingkun’s hesitant appearance, Cai Xiaoguang was very generous, so he went to find Zhou Rong for those years. Zhou Bingkun didn’t bring tea and water, and he would not care about Zhou Bingkun’s affairs.

Qiao Haiyan asked her mother to send a bath ticket to Zhou’s mother, and Zhou’s mother also explained to Aunt Qiao that she liked Qiao Haiyan very much, and the two mothers together wanted to create opportunities for the children. After Zhou Bingyi left home, he arranged plans for Zhou Bingkun and Qiao Haiyan.

Cai Xiaoguang asked Zhou Bingkun where did he want to go to work? When Zhou Bingkun said he wanted to come to his factory, Cai Xiaoguang said something impossible, claiming that many types of jobs here are technical jobs, and there is no way to enter without skills. Zhou Bingkun lowered his head in disappointment, Cai Xiaoguang came to Zhou Bingkun and handed over the teacup.

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