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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 1 Recap

In 1969, almost every family in China was about to face or was about to face a choice of going to the mountains and going to the countryside. There is a Zhou family in the photonic film of Liaoning Province, and they are also shrouded in this choice of going to the mountains and the countryside. Zhou Zhigang is a third-line worker. He has three children at home. The eldest, Zhou Bingyi, has joined the Construction Corps. The second is a daughter named Zhou Rong, and the third is a son named Zhou Bingkun.

According to the policy, both men and women have to go to the mountains and go to the countryside. Aunt Qiao on the street comes to work and persuades another child to go out. But in Aunt Qiao’s view, Zhou Rong is a girl, and she looks very good. The boy was thinking about it, it would be even more unsafe if he went out of town. Now the third eldest Zhou Bingkun has graduated from junior high school, so they all hope that Zhou Bingkun can go.

Zhou Rong insisted on going to the countryside. Zhou Zhigang’s wife was unable to make up her mind for a while. Zhou Zhigang came back after taking the photos. They took a total of five photos, one for each person. Everyone knows how long it will take to meet each other this time. . Zhou Zhigang finally let Zhou Bingkun go to the countryside, but Zhou Bingkun himself was very happy, so the family agreed.

The Zhou family came to the station to see Zhou Bingyi off first. Zhou Bingyi had a smile on his face, turned his head to tears, and was still clutching the money that his mother secretly gave him. Thirty minutes later, Zhou Zhigang was sent away. Zhou Zhigang and his wife looked at each other with tears in their eyes, but they couldn’t say what they wanted to say. Zhou Rong took the initiative to ask Zhou Bingkun to pick her up, kissed Zhou Zhigang’s face through the car window, and kissed her twice. Next, on behalf of myself, on behalf of the mother. Zhou Zhigang was reluctant to part with his family, but he had to go out.

Zhou Zhigang has gone through two major changes in his life. For the first time, he became a construction worker on the third line, and changed from a rural hukou to an urban hukou. But now he has gone to the countryside again, and his two children will lose their urban hukou.

Zhou Bingkun kept all the books left by Zhou Bingyi with Zhou Rong. All 61 books in it would be out of print. Zhou Rong was worried that it would be unsafe to keep them at home, so he picked them up in oilcloth and put them in the pile of cabbage. Zhou Bingkun proposed to use peppers to prevent insects. , Zhou Rong laughed at Zhou Bingkun and reminded Zhou Bingkun that he must study more. Graduation from junior high school is like graduating from elementary school.

Cai Xiaoguang sent Zhou Rong to leave the house, Zhou Rong got into the car without telling everyone, and only left a letter, telling Zhou Bingkun to take good care of her mother, she went to the countryside in Guizhou. Cai Xiaoguang went to tell Zhou Rong’s mother the reason after the third day. The Feng Huacheng that Zhou Rong liked was in Guizhou.

Cai Xiaoguang always liked Zhou Rong, but Zhou Rong only liked Feng Huacheng. Cai Xiaoguang has been acting as Zhou Rong’s boyfriend all these years, just to block those suitors. In Cai Xiaoguang’s eyes, Zhou Rong is great and can go to the mountains of Guizhou for love, but this makes Zhou’s mother sad and worried.

A few years later, everyone grew up. Zhou Bingkun was working in a factory. One day, the factory suddenly notified Zhou Bingkun to participate in the activity where he was shot. Zhou Bingkun was reluctant to go, claiming that he was timid, but the factory insisted that Zhou Bingkun must go, and believed that Zhou Bingkun should also take a warning to see. Tu Zhiqiang is a very good friend of Zhou Bingkun. Zhou Bingkun has always taken good care of him. When the two of them carry wood to work, Zhou Bingkun will always carry the thick ones, and let Zhou Bingkun carry the fine ones.

There were many people around the gate of the detention center. It was snowing in the sky, and everyone who was killed was wearing a hat, except for Tu Zhiqiang. Zhou Bingkun wanted to send his hat up several times, but he didn’t have the courage. Suddenly, a man in a suit gave his hat to Tu Zhiqiang. Tu Zhiqiang also seemed to have said something to him, but no one heard it. The man in the suit just told the guard that it was what Tu Zhiqiang thanked him.

When they got to the place where they were shot, they were surrounded by people watching. After the gunshot, everyone’s eyes widened, only Zhou Bingkun fainted on the spot. Everyone gathered around to watch, and the man in the suit came to watch too. Only then did they know that Tu Zhiqiang was Zhou Bingkun’s friend, so he was so frightened that he fainted. What Tu Zhiqiang said at the time seemed to have something to do with Zhou Bingkun.

Qiao Chunyan came to Zhou Bingkun and asked about Zhou Bingkun in the court. Qiao Chunyan always liked Zhou Bingkun, but Zhou Bingkun did not take it seriously. Zhou’s mother was going to dump the swill, Zhou Bingkun rushed over with the bucket, and Qiao Chunyan took the initiative to accompany her. Mother Zhou has been crying since Zhou Rong left, and now her eyes have been hurt so badly that she can’t see clearly.

When Qiao Chunyan and Zhou Bingkun were pouring the swill, the man in the suit and the currency Luo Shibin followed, but the man in the suit did not dare to step forward after seeing Qiao Chunyan. Qiao Chunyan had seen him and Tu Zhiqiang together.

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