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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 24 Recap

The best way to restore Nie Yusheng’s memory is to let him face the pain, or even collapse completely. The only possible side effect is the stress effect. After much consideration, Nie Dongyuan still could not accept this method. He said that he could ignore Sun Ping’s treatment in the future, and Tan Jing had no right to interfere in Nie Yusheng’s affairs, and refused her any further questions.

Tan Jing thinks that Nie Dongyuan will push herself forward when she needs her, and now she will start demolition across the river when she doesn’t need it, but she has seen the other person’s face clearly a few years ago, and it is not surprising now. But from Tan Jing’s point of view, the top priority is to cure Nie Yusheng, but Nie Dongyuan would rather let Nie Yusheng live in the past than continue to be stimulated.

In fact, Nie Dongyuan felt that the thing he regretted the most was letting Tan Jing go to treat Nie Yusheng, so that his condition was getting worse and worse. Because of this, Nie Dongyuan felt very distressed for his son, and even talked about the pain his son suffered during the three years he was ill. caused by stillness.

In the days that followed, Nie Yusheng often sat beside the bed without eating, drinking or talking. Nie Dongyuan was very anxious, but he had no choice. Tan Jing also thought about many things, and finally decided to go to Nie Yusheng. Fortunately, she had Wang Yuling’s support by her side, and Sun Ping’s body gradually recovered. When he learned that his mother was going to save Uncle Nie, he put his “magic” “Send it to Tan Jing.

Not long after, Nie Yusheng received a message from Tan Jing and invited him to meet at night. When the sky was completely dark, Tan Jing stood alone in the rain outside the door, just like the scene on the day of the breakup, and even proposed to break up, in order to stimulate Nie Yusheng again. Nie Yusheng was still unwilling to give up as before, Tan Jing confessed that the two of them were separated by a father’s feud, and at his current age, he couldn’t bear it, so he would wait for him in the future.

Nie Yusheng repeatedly asked Tan Jing if she had ever loved her, but this time, Tan Jing said that she never stopped loving Nie Yusheng. The two embraced in the rain, and they were able to express their heartfelt feelings for being many years late. Sure enough, under the stimulation of Tan Jing, Nie Yusheng quickly returned to normal, and there was no abnormality in all aspects of the inspection.

While happy, Nie Dongyuan took the initiative to thank Tan Jing, and by the way asked the family of four to go out for dinner. Tan Jing did not refuse, first went to pick up her son Sun Ping, and then joined the Nie family and his son. In the hotel box, Nie Dongyuan was as happy as never before, especially with his son and grandson by his side, enjoying the long-cherished family happiness.

In the past, Nie Dongyuan had prejudice against Tan Jing, but now he promised to never interfere in her and Nie Yusheng’s affairs again, and hoped to resolve the hatred in his heart. It was still difficult for Tan Jing to cross the hurdle in her heart. When they wanted to go home after dinner, Nie Dongyuan handed over 5% of the shares to Tan Jing, while Nie Yusheng walked home with Sun Ping on his back.

That night, Nie Yusheng thought a lot and finally decided to go to work in his father’s company. Nie Dongyuan was a little surprised. After all, his son’s dream was to become a doctor and he had no interest in managing the company, but Nie Yusheng explained that he just wanted to help. Afterwards, Nie Yusheng inquired about a suitable kindergarten through a friend, and then shared it with Tan Jing and Sun Ping. This scene happened to be seen by Sun Zhijun, who rode an electric car and left alone.

Before Sun Ping went to kindergarten, Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing took him to the playground, and the family of three enjoyed themselves happily. Sun Ping gradually got used to and liked Nie Yusheng’s company, so when he was playing games with Nie Yusheng at home, he casually called his father, which made Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng very excited.

On the other hand, Nie Dongyuan’s condition has not improved for a long time. After Director Fang’s examination, it is determined that his time is short, the slowest is half a year and the fastest is three months left. Director Fang said that he thought of a more secure treatment plan, but Nie Dongyuan decided to give up the treatment, just wanting to live a little dignity in the last time.

Director Fang called Nie Yusheng privately and told Nie Dongyuan’s condition truthfully, which made Nie Yusheng’s mood drop to the bottom in an instant. Nie Dongyuan showed Nie Yusheng the company’s report last month, indicating that there is still a lot of mess waiting for him, which may be tricky. And Nie Dongyuan also taught Nie Yusheng a lot of experience, so as not to be in a hurry in handling various affairs.

At the same time, Sheng Fangting learned that Nie Yusheng was back to normal, especially when he heard that Nie Dongyuan accepted Tan Jing for his son, his heart was particularly disturbed, and he seemed to be planning a bigger conspiracy. Shu Qin was still with Sheng Fangting, which made him feel warm and took the initiative to express his marriage proposal to the other party. Shu Qin was moved by it, and hoped that he could tell himself any secrets in the future, and the two of them would tide over the difficulties together.

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