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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 23 Recap

With great effort, Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng climbed over the wall and slipped into the campus while the security guards were not paying attention, feeling the ease and beauty of the past again. Nie Yusheng couldn’t help but join everyone to play football, but unexpectedly found out that his classmate Huzi had become a physical education teacher, and the next Nie Yusheng’s strange words surprised Huzi, Tan Jing hurriedly changed the topic, and later informed Huzi of Nie Yusheng’s condition truthfully, This made him realize.

After leaving school, Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng went to their favorite noodle restaurant to eat. They ordered the same noodles, but the taste was not as good as before. It turned out that the owner of the noodle restaurant had already changed. Tan Jing felt that the world was changing every day, and they had to learn to face it. Nie Yusheng was surprised that Tan Jing was very reasonable now, and said that he would never let Tan Jing have the opportunity to leave him.

While Tan Jing was not at home, Sun Zhijun took Sun Ping out to play, and the father and son had a very pleasant day. At the same time, Nie Yusheng dreamed that Tan Jing married him abroad, and then broke up ruthlessly, which made him wake up from a nightmare and looked very scared. Tan Jing stepped forward and hugged Nie Yusheng, comforting him not to think too much, this nightmare would never come true.

During the day, Tan Jing would stay by Nie Yusheng’s side, go to familiar places to recall the past, and eat ice cream in front of the convenience store. In the evening, Tan Jing tried his best to calm Nie Yusheng’s emotions. Until one morning, Nie Yusheng quietly put on his shoes and coat and went out. Tan Jing noticed something was wrong, and hurriedly followed him out, only to see Nie Yusheng buried the wish bottle under a big tree, and he was right there. It was the method she told at the beginning, and the wish bottle was full of wishes about her.

At the end of the short trip, the two encountered a heart attack on the way home. Nie Yusheng hurried over to perform CPR for him, subconsciously saying that he was a doctor. When the passengers were safe and sound, Nie Yusheng suddenly flashed a few fragments in his mind, and immediately explained his medical school students.

On the other side, Shu Qin’s parents suddenly visited, because they knew that their daughter had broken up with him, so they still had some grudges in their hearts. Sheng Fangting made it clear that he would make Shu Qin happy, and it was he who was so sincere that Shu Qin’s father kept him at home for dinner and served with a collection of good wine.

Although Sheng Fangting only had gastric ulcer surgery, in order to please his prospective father-in-law, he still drank a lot of alcohol. Shu Qin and her mother sat beside her and watched helplessly. After the dinner party was over, her parents finally left in the car. Sheng Fangting took a break and took the initiative to apologize for what happened back then, claiming that she didn’t trust anyone in her life, so she would rather watch it at that time. Even when Shu Qin left, they refused to let go, causing the two to miss too much.

Considering Nie Yusheng’s illness, Tan Jing and Nie Dongyuan both accompany him to eat at the same table, pretending to meet for the first time. Nie Yusheng confessed to his father that he and Tan Jing were married in Belgium. Although Nie Dongyuan was very infatuated, he did not show it, so as not to irritate his son again.

Nie Yusheng sent his father home and let Tan Jing have time to go home with his son Sun Ping and tell him stories at night. Sun Ping took the initiative to inquire about Nie Yusheng’s condition, hoping to visit him sooner, but Tan Jing said that he could only wait for the condition to stabilize a little, at least not now.

The next morning, Nie Yusheng returned to his home after work, looking at the familiar furnishings as if he had some memories of the past. At this time, Fattou called and informed that Tan’s father’s death was related to Nie Dongyuan’s company. Nie Yusheng couldn’t help being greatly stimulated, and more memory fragments appeared in his mind.

Afterwards, Nie Yusheng went to see a psychiatrist, and immediately locked himself in the room, suffering excruciating pain. Tan Jing kept knocking on the door, worried that something would happen to Nie Yusheng, but the knocking on the door attracted Nie Dongyuan. The two learned from the doctor that Nie Yusheng’s consciousness was regressing, and the situation was more serious than before. The best way at present is to stimulate him to restore his memory as soon as possible, but it may also have the opposite effect due to excessive stimulation, so the specific It also depends on how the family chooses.

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