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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 27 Recap

Zhenlan calmed the emotions of everyone, and then used the power of the emperor to break the stone gate obstruction. When he walked in, he found that he was under weak water. Through the green plateau, he learned that there was an enchantment here. Just as everyone was talking, a figure flashed through the labyrinth, and Li Zhu chased after him. Zhen Lan asked Qing Yuan to follow him to check the situation, but he didn’t notice that Sheng was kidnapped.

By the time Zhenlan and Xijing noticed something, Nasheng had long since disappeared without a trace. The two followed the sound to search for it, and accidentally broke into the tomb of Emperor Xingzun. Na Sheng recounted what happened just now, claiming that the mysterious man wanted to snatch the ring, but fortunately, when approaching the coffin, the ring seemed to be sensitive, and she quickly fell into a coma.

The Xing Zun Emperor’s Hall of Enjoyment lived in the belly of Jiuyi Mountain, and he invested huge human and material resources to hollow out the hard rock to make a grotto with an outer circle and an inner square. As the coffin mechanism was dismantled, Zhen Lan pushed open the lid and found that Emperor Xingzun’s body was not rotten, but had the same appearance as himself, and many images flashed in his mind.

Because the picture is too clear and profound, Zhen Lan raised his head in disbelief, and the four characters “Mountains and rivers are forever quiet” jumped into his eyes, which should be written by Emperor Xingzun living alone in the Mirror Tower, with dragons flying and phoenix dancing, iron and silver hooks. Inside, some kind of bleak meaning came to my face, and after thousands of years, I saw it suddenly, as if I saw Lang Gan standing in front of him, telling him that life and death overlap, and everything finally enters into reincarnation, like a reflection of the scene.

However, in just a blink of an eye, the illusion disappeared. In the empty underground tomb, there were only three people standing beside the empty coffin. There was neither the Seal of Six Harmonies nor the bones of Emperor Xingzun. Xijing determined that there were still other people in the mausoleum, and deliberately designed to lead them there, indicating that they wanted to snatch the seal of Liuhe.

In order to find out the secrets hidden in it, Zhen Lan and Xi Jing went around to check the situation first, and let Na Sheng hide. At this time, Miaozhu, the guardian of the tomb, trapped Lizhu and Qingyuan with a golden net, and was about to execute them. Fortunately, Xijing came forward to stop them in time. Although Miaozhu knew that he was not an opponent, he still uttered wild words, claiming that Kongsang had already lost his country, and that there was never a skeleton of Emperor Xingzun in the coffin.

After saying this, Miaozhu wanted to escape while everyone was not paying attention, but Su G came in with Bai Ying from the outside, and seemed to be unscathed. It turned out that Su Gu carefully observed the weak water that even the stubborn stones turned into powder before pressing down the mechanism, so he used the power of the Heaven-shattering Sword to seek a ray of life.

Su Gu was keenly aware that someone was running by, so he hurriedly chased after him, but all the stone gates that were open were closed, and behind the stone gate was Qing Wangchen, whom he had not seen in a hundred years. On the other side, Zhen Lan found the box sealed by Liuhe, but she didn’t know that she fell into the trap set by Qing Wangchen in advance. Su G wondered why the ring of the emperor didn’t respond, and suddenly turned pale in shock and told everyone to escape.

With the sound of the explosion, the cave was already collapsing, and everyone trapped in the mausoleum could not escape. Since the organization has been opened by Qing Wangchen, and Qing Wangchen’s false seal has damaged the foundation of the underground palace, the situation is irreversible, and it will not take long for everyone to be buried here.

Xijing believes that Qingjun will definitely leave a way for Lizhu, reminding her to try to open the mountain gate with the perched star lamp, but the magic is useless at all, and even Lizhu has been deceived and become a waste. Li Zhu, who learned the truth, felt remorse. In order to bring her family back to Quanxian, she did not hesitate to reach a blood pact with Qingjun, but she was teased in the end.

In fact, Zhen Lan had already seen that the star-dwelling lamp was lit by the life of the person holding the lamp. As long as the lamp did not leave his hand, it would continue to burn until the energy and blood of the person holding the lamp was exhausted. Su Gu is willing to kill Qingjun for Lizhu, including helping her relatives return to Biluohai, and destroying the perched star lamp. Lizhu is grateful and vows to obey the sea emperor from now on.

Before the incident, Yu Huan finally met the real King Jiuyi under the recommendation of Miaozhu, that is, Qing Wangchen who betrayed Kongsang. Over the years, the medicinal pills refined by the prey have been given to Qing Wangchen, so Yu Huan was ordered to discuss countermeasures with Qing Wangchen, and decided to introduce Su Gu and Zhen Lan into the mausoleum that was easy to get in and hard to get out, and let Qing Wangchen take care of them. Wang Chen personally made the bait.

With the fake token that Mrs. Tianxiang made for him, Fei Lian led the Cangliu army to set up an ambush at the stone cliff, only to meet Yan Xi who was pretending to be him. For a while, the identity of the real and fake major generals was difficult to identify, and the soldiers did not dare to stand in line rashly. Yan Xi called Fei Lian to the side and discussed their respective paths without embarrassing each other.

On the other hand, the mausoleum was about to collapse, but fortunately, Ya Ran appeared to open the passage for them, Yu Huan took the opportunity to urge the fire formation to launch an attack, and Su G used the Heaven-defying Sword to counterattack. In the end, with the help of Dodder, everyone managed to escape from the underground palace. Zhen Lan asked Bi Shui the whereabouts of the water droplets and found that she had become extremely weak, and the vines supporting the hole had gradually dried up.

On her deathbed, Ya Ran took out the water-preventing beads and handed them over to Su Gu, saying that it was given to Bai Wei by the Sea Emperor 7,000 years ago. affection. After many years, when Ya Ran saw Zhen Lan, she knew that he looked alike, he was not the Lang Gan he used to be, and now he has no worries and died without regrets.

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