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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 24 Recap

In the dark jungle, the mountain wind rustled down, bringing the gloomy chill on Jiuyi Mountain and the unfathomable prying eyes. Although it was short enough to convince Bai Ying that her sister was still alive, she took Su Gu to search every corner of the neighborhood, and finally saw Bai Lin, who was already unconscious.

After Bai Ying’s careful care, Bai Lin was finally able to wake up, and when she told her experience of coming to Jiuyi Mountain, she inadvertently revealed the whereabouts of Qing Wangchen. Su G was puzzled by the rumors of Qing Wangchen’s death, and at the same time keenly found that something was wrong with Bai Lin, especially when she changed her mouth to explain the time of Qing Wangchen’s death.

According to Bai Lin, after she escaped from the Jiuyi Palace, she accidentally absorbed the evil spirit of Jiuyi Mountain and became a bird spirit. Because she was rejected by the Qing family, she wandered in the mountains for a hundred years. Bai Lin blamed all of this on Su Gu. If it wasn’t for him, how could it have become a situation where Kong Sang was destroyed.

It is precisely because of this that Bai Lin is quite hostile to Su G. Although he is willing to take Bai Ying to get the Heaven-defying Sword, he is very disgusted that she is too close to Su G. Bai Ying knew that her younger sister was spoiled a hundred years ago, and she must have suffered a lot after that. She hoped that Su G would not care about her rudeness. Originally, Su G did not pay much attention to this, but she felt that when Bai Lin mentioned Qing Wangchen, it was obvious that he was hiding something. , I hope you think more about yourself.

Before going to see Qing Wangjun, Zhen Lan used the power of the emperor to send a letter to Wucheng City, and ordered Qingyuan to come to Jiuyi Mountain to meet everyone. At that time, he would make some marks along the road to facilitate tracking. Taking advantage of Lizhu’s entry into the hall, Xijing carved a mark beside the stone pillar with his sword, Zhenlan and Nasheng quietly covered it, and then went to the hall to see Qingwangjun.

In the ensuing conversation, everyone finally understood why the main hall was bleak and dull. It actually originated from a mysterious person from Cangliu a hundred years ago. The euphemistic name was for protection, but in fact it was no different from imprisonment. Since then Completely change the enchantment of Jiuyi Mountain. Zhen Lan said frankly that Zuofeng was here to get the blessing of King Xingzun, and immediately took out the royal token of Kongsang to prove the identity of the prince by himself.

Seeing this, Qing Wangjun was so excited that he bowed his knees and grieved that the Qing family had been cursed and punished by those who had passed away for a hundred years, so he would do his best to assist Zhen Lan, hoping that Kongsang would see the light of day again in the future. Xu Taqing’s family left Jiuyi Mountain, after all, the children of the descendants are innocent.

Su Gu walked forward blindly, ignoring Bai Lin’s complaints behind him, only Bai Ying’s voice made him willing to stop. Bai Lin was very concerned about her sister’s attention to Su Ge, and thought that the lowly mercenary was not worthy of the favor of the Bai family. Besides, she and Bai Ying were the only two left in the Bai family, so the two sisters should depend on each other for life.

Bai Lin ordered Su G to go to the side to pick the thirst-quenching fruit, but Bai Ying noticed that Su G was a little different and felt that he was being attacked. Because it was getting closer and closer to the Valley of the Ancient Kings, Su G’s feeling was particularly strong, and Bai Ying unabashedly expressed her concern, which was very annoying to Bai Lin. Try to hide the hatred in your heart.

Yu Huan took the first step to the Valley of the First Kings, and he had already asked the prey before he set off. If he used his spiritual sense to set up a fire formation, it would definitely become a sure-kill formation, but the formation would take more energy. , even extremely dangerous. But in order to defeat Su G, Yu Huan decided to take the risk.

When the proprietress Tianxiang saw the token on Fei Lian’s waist, she wanted to take the opportunity to take it away, but she failed repeatedly, so she simply let Yan Xi disguise herself as a woman and sneak into the bathroom.

Yan Xi had just entered the bathing room and was discovered by Fei Lian, but Fei Lian couldn’t tell his gender, mistakenly thought that Tian Xiang had sent him to serve him, and was so frightened that he hurriedly said that men and women were not inseparable. Concubinage idea. Unexpectedly, before Fei Lian could finish speaking, Yan Xi had already stole the token and left, and when he regained his senses, he realized that the token had disappeared.

Su G searched for a place where no one was there, and originally wanted to use the stalks to suppress the backlash, but it could be seen that there was not much of the stalks left, and she couldn’t bear to let Bai Ying waste her mana, so she simply used her power to heal her injuries. At the same time, Bai Lin hopes that Bai Ying can stay with her in Jiuyi Mountain, and even resents Su Gu for her sister’s momentary hesitation.

Because Su G hadn’t appeared for a long time, Bai Ying felt a little uneasy in her heart, but Bai Lin asked her to make a choice between herself and Su G. However, Bai Ying couldn’t say anything, and hurriedly went to find Su Gu, looking at the back of her sister’s disappearance, how much hatred and unwillingness were condensed, and finally made up her mind at this moment, and then transformed into a flying bird to spread the message to the mysterious person.

Bai Ying couldn’t find any trace of Su G, so she thought of the light-shielding beads and tapped her fingers on the beads three times. In addition to being shy, Bai Ying hopes to have a contact method belonging to the two of them, and the specific content needs to be thought about later.

Qing Wangchen took the lantern of the star and gave it to Zhen Lan, claiming that he was too old to accompany him, so Li Zhu led them to pay homage to the throne of Xing Zun. Na Sheng found that the star lamp in Li Zhu’s hand turned bright on its own, and she couldn’t help but be surprised. She also explained that the lamp was an ordinary copper lamp in the palace of King Xing Zun. Accompanied by King Xing Zun, he reviewed countless memorial papers. Witness the ups and downs, so she can only light up.

On the other hand, Bai Lin was sobbing beside the tree trunk, and suddenly changed his mind. He is willing to leave Jiuyi Mountain with Bai Ying, on the premise that she should go to the Valley of the Ancient Kings to worship his father instead of himself.

Under the guidance of Bai Lin, Su G accompanied Bai Ying into the Valley of the First Kings, and accidentally discovered the tomb of Zhu Yan, the head of the Chi clan, and then recalled that he had met Zhu Yan with his younger brother Anuo when they were young, and had an unforgettable happy time. However, his younger brother Arno was attacked by nine birds and beasts, and even Zhu Yan, who was highly skilled in medicine, could not recover.

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