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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 21 Recap

Instead of Nie Yusheng, Dr. Dong came to the house to check on Sun Ping’s health, because his recovery was not bad, and he was completely relieved. Before leaving, Sun Ping couldn’t help asking why Uncle Nie didn’t come to see him. He couldn’t hide his disappointment, but he didn’t know that Nie Yusheng was staying downstairs at this time, and he learned through Dr. Dong that Tan Jing had been fired from the company.

That night, Sun Ping told Tan Jing about Doctor Dong’s visit. He never let go of Nie Yusheng’s absence. In fact, he was still concerned about the Nie family and his son, but Tan Jing really didn’t know how to answer his son. Nie Yusheng returned home, staring at the ring in a daze, recalling that the two of them never wore a ring when they got married in the church.

In the early morning of the next day, Nie Yusheng went to work in the hospital as usual, but now the public opinion about the Siemon project has become more and more intense. Although Director Fang argued for Nie Yusheng, he still could not change the result of his suspension. Nie Yusheng heard the conversation outside the door, and took the initiative to walk in and make it clear that he was willing to suspend his job for investigation, and then left after handing over the job.

Before going to court to sue, Tan Jing, accompanied by lawyer Xu, came to discuss with Nie Dongyuan and his son Sun Ping’s custody in person. Attorney Xiao drafted several agreements in advance, mainly to use money to change Sun Ping’s custody rights and change his name and surname, but Attorney Xu strongly opposed it and argued fiercely with the attorney on the other side.

Nie Dongyuan couldn’t listen to him, so he repeatedly emphasized that Sun Ping must have the surname Nie, because he would be the heir of the Yiyuan Group in the future. Attorney Xu hinted that Tan Jing should not speak, and immediately opened his mouth to ask for a huge amount of property. This was not Tan Jing’s original intention, so she and Nie Dongyuan quarreled. As a result, Nie Yusheng suddenly proposed to marry Tan Jing.

At this moment, Sun Zhijun suddenly came in from outside, holding Tan’s father’s portrait in his arms, and publicly reported that Nie Dongyuan was the murderer and killed the innocent Tan’s father. The more Nie Dongyuan listened, the more angry he became, and the informant chased him out, but the scene became a mess. Tan Jing received a call and learned that Sun Ping had suddenly disappeared and his whereabouts were unknown, and everyone was instantly quiet.

Everyone set out to look for Sun Ping, and even posted notices on the Internet. Nie Yusheng received a clue that Sun Ping was at the football playground. When he and Tan Jing hurried over, he saw the lonely little figure. Tan Jing brought Sun Ping home, but Nie Yusheng also followed, and confessed to her sincerely, including the idea of ​​marriage before, just hoping to protect their mother and son.

Since Tan Jing couldn’t give an answer immediately, Nie Yusheng simply handed the ring to her and turned away alone, because no matter what the answer was, the ring should belong to the other party. Looking at the ring on the table, Tan Jing couldn’t help but think of things and people, and even thought of the past, feeling very uncomfortable.

Unexpectedly, not long after Nie Yusheng left, he received a phone call from Fattou, which caused a car accident and was unconscious. After some rescue, the doctor told Nie Dongyuan that his injuries were not serious, and most of them were traumatic injuries, and an in-depth examination was needed tomorrow for the specific situation. Nie Dongyuan was reluctant to leave, and when he saw his son on the hospital bed, he couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Sun Ping knew that running away from home made Tan Jing angry, and took the initiative to apologize to him. During dinner in the morning, Tan Jing called Sheng Fangting to tell about what happened yesterday. Right now, he really didn’t know how to deal with it. Sheng Fangting told Tan Jing to calm down first.

After waking up, Nie Yusheng had obvious changes. As soon as he opened his mouth, he wanted to eat Mala Tang, claiming that he had not eaten spicy food for a long time. At first Nie Dongyuan didn’t find it strange, but then Nie Yusheng talked about going to study in Belgium and going abroad with Tan Jing, and even called Director Fang as his uncle.

Judging from various performances, Nie Yusheng not only always mentioned the past, but more like he lived in the past. The doctors examined Nie Yusheng’s condition and analyzed that his memory had changed due to the severe impact, and he had symptoms of psychological regression. The so-called psychological regression refers to people who are greatly stimulated, or face anxiety, stress and other states, so they give up the existing mature adaptation skills and methods, and thus return to the early way of life, which is often referred to as the more Live more and more.

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