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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 15 Recap

Fan Qi and Ah Yan met Ah Yuan in the orphanage, and the three became brothers. Fan Qi returned to the orphanage again, but time has changed and things are different. In the homestay, Fan Qi opened the bathroom door and opened the shower curtain. Xiao Xiao nervously thought that Lin Shen was hiding inside, but Fan Qi just wanted to teach her how to dry clothes. Afterwards, Fan Qi received a phone call saying that he had to work temporarily before leaving. Lin Shen held in the bubble-filled bathtub for a long time and pulled Xiao Xiao down.

Seeing her blushing face, he also warned her not to drink alcohol in the future. Lin Shen looked into Xiao Xiao’s eyes with affection, but Xiao Xiao repeated what Lin Shen said when he broke up with a vengeance, and Lin Shen blocked his mouth in the next second. The rain continued, Xiao Xiao told Lin Shen that he had seen the logo of Sun Dongxin Investment Company, which was the Model Group. Isn’t it strange that something so big happened to Sun Dong, but Fan Qi didn’t mention it? Lin Shen immediately called Shao Ning and asked him to check Fan Qi.

Xiao Xiao deliberately talked to Fan Qi about Sun Dong, but Fan Qi did not respond. After sending Xiao Xiao back to the homestay, Fan Qi said that some things should pass and he should go there. The happiness that Lin Shen gave will always be given to you in the future. Fan Qi gave Xiao Xiao a hug and turned to leave. Lin Shen ordered cakes and flowers for Xiao Xiao, but he didn’t expect that tomorrow would be Xiao Xiao’s birthday. Lin Shen was a little embarrassed if he remembered the wrong date. The two leaned against the window to drink, and soon fell asleep each other.

When Lin Shen woke up, it was past twelve o’clock. He lit a candle but couldn’t wake Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao was sleeping soundly across from him, and he kept repeating the way he laughed and laughed in the past. Lin Shen silently made a wish that Xiao Xiao would be happy forever. After covering Xiao Xiao with a blanket and smearing cream on the tip of her nose, Lin Shen left. Xiao Xiao woke up after he left and blew out the candles on the cake.

Lin Shen wanted to leave Xiao Xiao, but Xiao Xiao caught up with the plane. Lin Shen’s current situation is very dangerous. He doesn’t want to involve Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao understands his intentions, but he has never asked himself if he wants to face him. Lin Shen doesn’t want to, but Xiao Xiao does.

Fan Qi took flowers to celebrate Xiao Xiao’s birthday, only to find that she had already checked out, but it was still in the plan. On the plane, Xiao Xiaomeng woke up suddenly when Lin Shen got off the plane and was taken away by the police, and quickly hugged the arms of the person beside him. Sun Dong’s family has no room for communication, and now they have very limited information. Shao Ning found out that Fan Qi’s father was a wealthy businessman.

However, Xiao Xiao remembered the story that Fan Qi said. How could there be two different versions of the story? Which one is Fan Qi, the only child and the real brother? The gang came to block the door again, and Shao Lin was blocked before and after. Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen asked Zuo Yan to check the surveillance video, and they decided to take the initiative.

Zuo Yan found that as long as someone made trouble, there would be a car parked in the same place, and Sun Kele got in among those who blocked the door and learned that they were organized. When the police came, the crowd dispersed, and Shao Ning secretly followed the car and photographed the man’s profile. When Lin Shen saw it, he immediately remembered this familiar profile face.

It was the man who hit him with a car during the last team building, and the man who pretended to be a maintenance worker in the nursing home. But because it was too dangerous, he didn’t let Shao Ning continue to chase. Shao Ning quickly found out that the car belonged to Xingyao Media, and their major shareholder was Paragon Group. Lin Shen’s ID number and home address were exposed. Although he didn’t know the motive, he finally knew the opponent.

Sun Dong is the key to this matter, Xiao Xiao wants to do something for Lin Shen. Xiao Xiao often went to the hospital to visit Sun Dong. Although his wife was not welcoming, Xiao Xiao still insisted on helping to take care of Sun Dong, and Mrs. Sun was gradually moved. Recently, Lin Shen was followed, so he and Shao Ning split up. Fan Qi made up for Xiao Xiao’s birthday. Xiao Xiao explained that Lin Shen was in trouble, and she couldn’t worry about him.

Although they had broken up, they were better than family. Xiao Xiao asked about Fan Qi’s brother, but Fan Qi changed his caliber and said he was an only child. Xiao Xiao took a photo of Fan Qi’s cuff, Yan Luo said after seeing it that it was an accessory of a traditional clothing store. The two found a century-old shop, and the boss took out the exact same cuff as Fan Qi’s. This is their original design. There are only a few finished products. The person who customized it is called Lu Yan. Xiao Xiao thought there was a clue, but Lin Shen said that this Lu Yan was dead.

Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao found the orphanage. This is where Fan Qi and Lu Yan used to live. The dean pointed to the photo and said that they came back and posted it themselves. Fan Qi used to be called Lu Qi, but Lu Yan She is stubborn and unwilling to change her surname after being adopted. The boy who is close to them is called Huang Yuan, and they entered the welfare home with the Fan Qi brothers. Because of the bullying, the three children have a very good relationship.

Huang Yuan has a scar on his hand, which was left at that time. Now the situation has become clear. The two brothers, Fan Qi and Lu Yan, were adopted by different families and lived very different lives. Fan Qi was adopted by a wealthy businessman and went abroad to receive elite education, but Lu Yan was abandoned by several families. When he grew up and opened a transportation company, it ended up like this. He was suspected of a criminal crime and died of a myocardial infarction in the detention center.

The person who was killed by him was Zhou Rui. Leave. Lin Shen was the only eyewitness to the car accident, and it was also the reason why Fan Qi wanted to kill him. Zhou Rui finds Lu Yan to move and has a quarrel. Lu Yan, who has a strong self-esteem, holds a grudge. He wanted to teach Zhou Rui a lesson, but he was recognized, so Lu Yan kept hitting him to death, but now he wants to come to Lin It is a little strange that Zhou Rui was the financial director of the Model Group.

Lin Shen took the cufflinks to meet Fan Qi, and told him a story about a pair of brothers who depended on each other. This pair of cufflinks is a testimony of brotherhood, Fan Qi’s expression gradually became unstable, and a tear fell on his face. Fan Qi told his own version of the story that he lost the only relative in the world, so he was going to kill the murderer and bring him into disrepute. Fan Qi did not admit that he was the protagonist in the story. He was willing to see Lin Shen just because he was chasing Xiao Xiao and threatened Lin Shen with his mother.

Sun Dong woke up but lost his memory. Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao wanted to help him restore his memory. Xiao Xiao remembered that Sun Dong’s sense of smell was very sensitive, so maybe he could try to awaken Sun Dong’s olfactory memory. Mrs. Sun continued to take care of Sun Dong, and Xiao Xiao came to deliver the aromatherapy for sleep aids. Sun Dong smelled this smell and felt very familiar. Xiao Xiao obtained the consent of Mrs. Sun and used this method to help Sun Dong retrieve his memory.

She was not afraid that Sun Dong would accuse Lin Shen, because the truth was not what everyone saw. Lin Shen and Mrs. Sun received a phone call from Police Officer Chen at the same time. The results of the recording investigation came out. They were edited and edited. This matter is not so simple. Sun Dong may also have memories of the incense in Fan Qi’s office, which Lin Shen has been looking for recently. The song Fan Qi hummed in the ambulance was very similar to the new piano song that Sun Dong’s daughter learned, and Xiao Xiao didn’t understand the connection between them.

In the ward, Sun Dong smelled a familiar fragrance, and Fan Qi asked him to accuse Lin Shen of inducing suicide by risking his own life. After waking up, Sun Dong regained his memory. Lin Shen told Sun Dong that the music his daughter learned was taught by Fan Qi. Fan Qi had already fully understood his identity and family before choosing him.

Since he could hurt Sun Dong, It can also hurt his daughter. Mrs. Sun also told Sun Dong that he was in a coma thanks to Xiao Xiao’s meticulous care, and Lin Shen also helped to pay for the medical expenses without even being held accountable. Sun Dong was extremely entangled in his heart and finally decided to cooperate with the police. Everything was done by Fan Qi instructing Sun Dong, and the evidence was the recording of Sun Dong talking to him.

Fan Qi told Xiao Xiao that he was going to a far away place. Xiao Xiao seemed to take the phone easily, but was stopped by Fan Qi. He had no friends since he was a child, and it was an honor for him to know Xiao Xiao. He asked Xiao Xiao if he wanted to protect someone in his life? Xiao Xiao’s answer included family, friends, and Lin Shen. Fan Qi gave Xiao Xiao another gift, hoping that she would go back and watch it again. They knew the truth, but they didn’t mention it, and then Fan Qi left. Xiao Xiao called Lin Shen to report her letter, but before she could leave the coffee shop, she was kidnapped by Huang Yuan.

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