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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 19 Recap

After Nie Yusheng contacted lawyer Qiao, he went to Wang Yuling and his wife to find out the situation as soon as possible, and unexpectedly learned that the troubled proprietress and her family deliberately avoided showing their faces, never informed the hospital, and even refused to answer the phone. Attorney Qiao decided that there must be something tricky about this matter, so Wang Yuling didn’t know what was going on, and hoped that Nie Yusheng could help deal with it.

That night, when Nie Yusheng returned to the ward and looked at Sun Ping who was sleeping soundly, he couldn’t help feeling distressed. It happened that Tan Jing called to ask about his son’s situation, Nie Yusheng answered briefly, and then gave the call to Sun Ping, but Tan Jing did not dare to tell the truth, so he could only lie that he was on a business trip abroad.

Sheng Fangting knew about Tan Jing’s experience through Liang Yuanan, so she went to Shu Qin to revise the reason for her leave. After all, she would leave the company and her situation in the company would become difficult. Shu Qin readily agreed, stating in advance that if Tan Jing really violated the criminal law, the whole company would be powerless.

Lawyer Qiao informed Nie Yusheng of the current investigation results. No matter what the results were, Tan Jing was in a passive state, and Nie Yusheng felt that things would not be so simple, and he had to continue the investigation. At the same time, Sheng Fangting carefully arranged the follow-up, and went to visit Sun Ping with Shu Qin, and happened to see Nie Dongyuan playing with Sun Ping.

Shu Qin took this opportunity to confess to Nie Dongyuan the fact that they had broken up. Although Nie Dongyuan felt very sorry, he still didn’t want to give up such a good daughter-in-law, and promised to handle the child’s affairs well without any burden. Sheng Fangting, who was always beside him without saying a word, finally spoke, mercilessly mocking Nie Dongyuan’s way of doing things, and repeatedly emphasizing that he was Shu Qin’s real boyfriend.

In the next few days, Nie Yusheng went to his friends to inquire about the whereabouts of the troubled proprietress, but the other party couldn’t hide. When Sun Ping was sleeping, he heard the conversation between Wang Yuling and Aunt Wang, and learned that his mother was still in the detention center, and was so frightened that he fell ill on the spot. Nie Yusheng hurriedly checked Sun Ping’s whole body and found that his body temperature could not be lowered, so he had to arrange an operation immediately.

Considering that the consent form for the operation needs the signature of the first guardian, and Tan Jing can’t come out, lawyer Qiao, entrusted by the Nie family, went to talk to Tan Jing in person, and persuaded her to sign the transition agreement of the first guardian. Only when Tan Jingken signs, the child can be sent to the operating room.

In order to allow the child to be treated, Tan Jing had no choice but to sign, and Nie Yusheng helped Director Fang. After several long hours, Sun Ping’s operation was still successful, and he just had to wait for him to wake up. On the other hand, Tan Jing sat alone in front of the window and had no sleep all night. Fortunately, the other party did not pursue criminal responsibility, and she was soon released.

Sheng Fangting took the initiative to pick up Tan Jing, and had already expected Nie Dongyuan’s villainy behavior. Although the transition agreement was only temporary, it was very unfavorable for Tan Jing, and might even threaten Sun Ping’s custody. On the other side, Nie Yusheng was standing outside the guard room. He wanted to call to inquire about Tan Jing’s situation, but found that Tan Jing had come in from the door.

Because the operation went very smoothly, Tan Jing’s heart finally fell. Nie Dongyuan watched Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing stay by Sun Ping’s side, and could only leave silently. After returning to the ward, Nie Dongyuan reconsidered and decided to focus on Sun Ping’s health, but he still did not forget to let him recognize his ancestors and return to the clan.

When Sun Ping gradually woke up, Director Fang checked his body and determined that he was recovering well and would be no different from a normal person in a short time. Sun Ping saw Nie Dongyuan coming to visit him, and took the initiative to say hello to the other party. Tan Jing was a little moved when he saw the picture of grandparents and grandchildren enjoying themselves.

Nie Dongyuan asked Tan Jing’s opinion for the first time, hoping to transfer Sun Ping to the VIP ward. He thought that Tan Jing would refuse without hesitation, but she unexpectedly agreed, and even Nie Yusheng thought it was incredible. After getting Tan Jing’s answer, Nie Dongyuan immediately sent someone to go through the formalities, and Tan Jing thought that as long as he was good to the child, he could do anything.

That night, Tan Jing took Wang Yuling to the station, and then returned to the hospital to take care of her son, while Nie Yusheng stayed by the side to tell him stories, and showed off his new red rope. They got along very happily. Seeing that Sun Ping fell asleep, Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng went to the door to talk. Nie Yusheng begged Tan Jing to give him another chance, but Tan Jing didn’t respond and turned around and entered the room.

Because of Tan Jing’s attitude, Nie Yusheng left a little lonely, but he didn’t know that when he had not gone far, Tan Jing came to the door again. Two people are attached to each other, and they can’t let go of their past feelings at all, but the gap between them cannot be crossed, so it has become this strange and complicated relationship.

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