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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 17 Recap

Perhaps it was because of the size that Tan Jing realized that many things could not be forced. Besides, things were different and they were no longer suitable for each other, so he returned the shoes to Nie Yusheng. At this time, Fattou found out that Liu Qunsong was a capable general under Nie Dongyuan, and later a conflict occurred and left to work alone, so I believe that this person will never be partial to the Yiyuan Group, and he should know the real situation through the other party.

Sheng Fangting found that Nie Dongyuan sent someone to give Shu Qin a gift, which was already a little tasteful and deliberately showed it. Seeing this, Shu Qin hurriedly explained the reason to him, and even took the initiative to give the key to Sheng Fangting in order to express his sincerity. However, Sheng Fangting happily accepted it, but never thought of giving back the keys to his house.

Because Sun Ping lost the opportunity to make money, his mood became very bad. When Nie Dongyuan came to visit, he saw that he was so well-behaved and sensible, and he loved this child more and more. Nie Dongyuan wanted to invest in Sun Ping, but he politely refused, so he pretended to have a headache and let him massage, enjoying Sun Ping’s concern very much.

Nie Yusheng and Fattou found Liu Qunsong according to the address, and unexpectedly learned that it was not Nie Dongyuan’s fault that year, all because the person in charge of public relations made an assertion, so Liu Qunsong repeatedly denied that this matter was related to Nie Dongyuan. Despite this, Nie Dongyuan still wants to continue the investigation, he believes that there is always an answer to right or wrong.

Considering that Tan Jing has to take care of her children in addition to her work, Sheng Fangting cared about her in a good leadership tone, saying that if she had any difficulties, he would do his best to help her. On the other hand, Nie Dongyuan took the initiative to find Director Fang to learn about Sun Ping’s condition, and it happened that the conversation between the two was overheard by Tan Jing.

Tan Jing knew that Nie Dongyuan never gave up fighting for custody, so she decided to go to Nie Yusheng first, only to find that he and his colleagues were discussing the child. Thinking back to the past, Tan Jing had a complete misunderstanding and left after a moment of hesitation. Instead of returning to the cardiac surgery ward, she went directly to the company to find Sheng Fangting, instinctively trusting the other party.

Just because Tan Jing urgently needs Sheng Fangting’s help, she takes the initiative to confess her relationship with the Nie family, and at the same time worries that she will lose her guardianship in court in the future. Most of the wealthy people do things neatly, without leaving any future troubles. Sheng Fangting has already predicted what means Nie Dongyuan will use to snatch his grandson.

Sheng Fangting calmly and calmly analyzed the Nie family’s Huairou strategy, hoping that Tan Jing could be tough and maybe make the Nie family retreat. It happened that the real estate agent called and claimed that Nie Yusheng wanted to transfer the house to her, but Tan Jing decisively refused, inadvertently confirmed Sheng Fangting’s guess.

Wang Yuling accompanied Sun Ping to watch the children play football by the window. Although Sun Ping envied him from the bottom of his heart, he always remembered his mother’s advice. Nie Yusheng came to visit Sun Ping, but Tan Jing had just come back to see this scene and couldn’t help being shocked, so he could only forcefully follow Nie Yusheng out to dinner.

In the face of Nie Yusheng’s all kinds of favors, Tan Jing reiterated that she would not accept his house, and now she only wanted to treat her son’s illness, and the rest was out of consideration. Nie Yusheng didn’t want to have a rift with Tan Jing, and also admitted that the two were not the children of the enemy, but the parents of the child, but when Tan Jing heard these words, instead of being moved at all, they felt even more dangerous.

When it was time for dinner in the evening, Nie Yusheng went back to the hospital and saw Shu Qin coming out with a lunch box, and knew that she was here to deliver meals to Nie Dongyuan. Taking into account Nie Dongyuan’s physical condition, Shu Qin asked Nie Yusheng to find a chance to make it clear and that she and Sheng Fangting had gotten back together.

That night, Tan Jing and Wang Yuling switched shifts to take care of Sun Ping. She didn’t go to the water room to wash clothes until Sun Ping fell asleep. But the sleeping Sun Ping kept chanting Nie Dongyuan’s name, which made Tan Jing feel a sense of crisis, and thought of Sheng Fangting’s advice to her again.

There is no doubt that Nie Dongyuan wants to take away the custody of Sun Ping, and because of this, Sun Zhijun came to the hospital to visit his son, but unexpectedly Nie Dongyuan came directly to snatch Sun Ping, and there was a dispute over this. Although Sun Zhijun was furious, he did not lose his mind. He asked Sun Ping to block his ears so as not to be affected.

But the problem was that Nie Dongyuan repeatedly emphasized Sun Zhijun’s identity and scolded him for not being the father of the child at all. Sun Zhijun said that no matter how much money he gave, he would not sell the home, and Wang Yuling went over to help pull the frame so that the two would not hurt the child. The quarrel aroused everyone’s onlookers, and the workers dragged Sun Zhijun to leave first. As a result, Sun Ping suffered a heart attack and collapsed to the ground.

After Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing learned about the incident, they hurried over, but fortunately Sun Ping was fine. The turmoil calmed down for the time being. Nie Yusheng brought a bottle of water to Tan Jing to soothe her emotions, saying that Sun Ping’s lung treatment had improved, and it only took three to four weeks for surgery.

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