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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 16 Recap

Tan Jing’s subconscious dodging made Nie Yusheng hesitate for a moment, but he decided to put the key on the cabinet, and said that there was no need to rush to deny it, maybe the two could try to start over. This was not only his sincere desire, but also the future he longed for.

Nie Dongyuan learned that Tan Jing and Sun Zhijun were not married, and they actually got along as husband and wife to the outside world. And he is most concerned about the custody of his grandson, so he asked Secretary Quan to go to several more houses to investigate Sun Zhijun’s social situation and the relationship between him and Tan Jing, so he must have favorable evidence.

On the other hand, Nie Yusheng asked Secretary Quan for a copy of Tan’s father’s information. After he returned to the office, he called Fattou and asked him to help him check the situation of Tan Jing’s father. As an old classmate, the fat head naturally knew Nie Yusheng’s true intentions, so he readily agreed without hesitation.

In the days that followed, Tan Jing was busy with the company’s work as usual, wandering the three-point line at home, the company, and the hospital. Colleagues gossip and fall in love in the tea room. It is said that his girlfriend is dressed in extremely fashionable clothes. No one expected that he would like this type. Originally, everyone wanted to talk from Tan Jing’s mouth, but Tan Jing had no interest in gossip, and would not participate in discussing the boss’s private affairs.

During the room inspection that day, Nie Yusheng found that Sun Ping was immersed in drawing. How could he know that when he just walked over, Sun Ping directly blocked the drawing board, and was a little too sensitive and vigilant. Nie Yusheng didn’t investigate further, but noticed the soybeans soaking in water beside the bed, and only then did he realize that Sun Ping had made a wish to see his father before the operation.

Although Nie Yusheng wasn’t ready to be a father, he already cared about how his son called others Dad, and even how he thought of himself. When he came home from get off work, Nie Yusheng unexpectedly appeared here. The two were busy braving fish in the kitchen. Such a scene seemed to be full of warmth back then.

Accompanied by Nie Yusheng, Tan Jing packed up the braised fish and sent it to his son Sun Ping. The family of three enjoyed themselves in the ward, so that Nie Yusheng was so immersed in it that he couldn’t help himself. It’s not the taste, so I find an excuse to go out to fetch water.

In fact, Tan Jing knew that Nie Yusheng had a grudge against Sun Zhijun, and laughed and joked that he and his son were angry. Tan Jing went back to the room and saw that Sun Ping was carefully painting the portrait of a family of three, but he forgot Sun Zhijun’s face shape, so he planned to wait for him to come over and make up for it.

Sheng Fangting invited his friends to have dinner, and Shu Qin was very unhappy because he had an intimate conversation with his female friends. While Shu Qin was going out, Sheng Fangting followed him, and the two hid by the door to make out, completely ignoring the commotion in the private room. The next morning, Shu Qin prepared steak for Sheng Fangting, but he was going to go out to meet customers, so he was inevitably a little disappointed.

When Nie Yusheng saw Tan Jing’s tired face during the room round, he reminded her to go home to rest first, saying that she had prepared a pair of shoes at home. At the same time, Shu Qin decided to go to Nie Yusheng’s house to cook, but when he opened the door, he found Tan Jing lying on the sofa. The two were stunned at first, then looked at each other and smiled, knowing each other well. Shu Qin knew that Nie Yusheng liked Tan Jing very much, so she told Tan Jing to remember not to hurt each other no matter whether she loved her or not.

After some investigation, after Fattou found out that the engineering accident happened, the media reporters deliberately pointed the finger at Tan Fu without knowing the real situation, causing a storm of public opinion. From this, it can be inferred that the reporters did not conduct in-depth interviews, but were in Yiyuan Group. Writing the manuscript at the behest of .

After all, Yiyuan Group was in a hurry to go public at that time, and it was impossible for them to admit responsibility in public, so they put the blame on Tan Fu, and there were many false reports. Fattou felt that Tan Jing was indeed very difficult, because after Tan’s father passed away, she had to take care of many things alone, especially in the face of creditors who came to the door.

But the fat head didn’t know that it was fortunate that Sun Zhijun accompanied Tan Jing back then and fulfilled his due responsibilities, which is why Tan Jing and Sun Zhijun agreed to marry. At this time, Tan Jing found out that the shoes Nie Yusheng bought for her were of the same style and model. Unfortunately, her feet have grown larger due to her pregnancy and running around over the years, which also means that many things have changed. That night, Nie Yusheng tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. He felt sorry for Tan Jing’s experience. He bought breakfast for the mother and son the next day, but Tan Jing suddenly stopped him.

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