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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 22 Recap

Everyone was penniless, and it was obviously impossible to exchange money. Na Sheng had to go to the back mountain to dig cassava to feed his hunger. As a result, she randomly cast spells and caused an explosion, causing Zhen Lan and the others to mistake it for a weapon of Cangliu. When she heard the sound and rushed over, Na Sheng was already in a coma, but Yan Xi was concerned and confused. She really thought she was seriously injured, but Xi Jing and Zhen Lan saw the flaw and deliberately proposed to bury her on the spot, which made Na Sheng quickly get up. .

It was because Na Sheng cheated and deceived others that Yan Xi was both sad and angry, and she still had lingering fears about what happened just now. Na Sheng chased behind Yan Xi and apologized, and repeatedly explained that he didn’t want to deceive him about Pearl, but he couldn’t say why. The two seemed to be angry and awkward like children. Zhen Lan and Xi Jing looked at them and thought they were cute.

Mrs. Tianxiang arranged for Su G and Bai Ying to stay first, and then took out the drunken flower that she had kept for many years as a warm hospitality. During the period, she kept complimenting Su G, and at the same time liked Bai Ying very much. Su Gu knew that Tianxiang, Ruyi and her mother Yuji were good sisters, so she thanked her as a junior, and thanked the ancestors of Quan for their blessing.

Because Zuihuawu’s wine was so strong that Bai Ying was so drunk that she sat alone in the backyard and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. When she saw Su Ge, she said a lot of things from the bottom of her heart through drunkenness. Not only did she praise Su Ge for her good-looking appearance, but she was even embarrassed.

Su Mi didn’t want any further delay, so she planned to set off for Jiuyi Mountain immediately. That night, Su G set off up the mountain with Bai Ying on his back. When the two reached the top of Jiuyi Mountain, they suddenly found that a broken army star appeared in the sky, which meant that the success or failure of everything was uncertain.

The white wolf star, large and without awning, fell from the sky above the vast desert like a soft shadow, and dragged a long trail all the way, quietly crossing the temple on top of the Jingcheng tower, attracting the attention of the prey. If the greedy wolf represents Su Mi, it means that the clouds are surging, and the lighting that represents Zhenlan symbolizes the awakening of Kongsang. The two forces have formed an alliance to form a confrontation with the river.

When everything is inconclusive, the prey is also looking for the real breakthrough. He uses magic to enter Yuhuan’s dream and summons the other party to the temple of heaven. As long as the other party is willing to follow his own pace, he can get everything he wants. When the King of Jiuyi Mountain found Su Gu’s trace, he used a ghost car and bird to send a signal to seek help from the prey. Yu Zhu was instructed to bring Yu Huan into the Mirror Tower, and the prey gave him the Fire Element Formation and ordered him to go to Jiuyi Mountain to hunt down Su Gu.

Bai Ying accompanied Su G to the foggy forest, and did not feel anything strange, but inadvertently became psychedelic, so she spoke the truth, expressing her willingness to stay with Su G in hiding and never return to the Mirror Tower. Su G was a little moved, but he quickly regained consciousness. He eliminated the illusion for Bai Ying until he was completely undisturbed. Bai Ying realized that she had made a slip of the tongue, and hurriedly explained that she was just talking nonsense, hoping that Su G would not take it too seriously.

As the night faded away, white light had come from the far west and cast towards this mountain filled with ghostly energy. Although the misty forest seems to be the same on the surface, it is actually a pool of dead objects, as if entering a nightmare, Su G and Bai Ying’s search for water sources is futile. A hundred years ago, this place used to be Qing Wangchen’s territory. Later, when Qing Wangchen betrayed Kongsang, it became a forbidden place for Cangliu people.

Su Gu always felt that the cause of Qing Wangchen’s death was questionable, because when he found that the blood deed on the mirror tower was useless to him, he began to guess that there was a mysterious person hiding behind the scenes, and now all the clues have pointed to the prey. While the two of them were talking, they vaguely noticed that there were countless invisible things coming. Sure enough, when they looked closely, those dead vines seemed to have given life, and they approached from all directions at a very fast speed. Bai Ying avoided it and jumped forward.

On the other hand, when the prey was explaining things to Yu Huan, Shi Peng also came to the Mirror Tower and warned Yu Zhu not to forget his roots. If he hadn’t rescued him back then, the two brothers and sisters would have died tragically. Yu Huan did not reveal Zhen Lan’s identity from the beginning to the end, and lowered his eyebrows to avoid problems, trying not to anger Shi Peng as much as possible.

Yan Xi escorted Zhen Lan and the others to the bottom of the mountain, so they could no longer move forward. Na Sheng reluctantly said goodbye to him, and he did not know when they would meet again after this separation. Seeing that Sheng’s lonely back, Yan Xi suddenly ran over, saying that she decided not to go back to the camp at the bottom of the lake, but to stay at the foot of the mountain and wait for her to come back.

Because of Yan Xi’s promise, Na Sheng was overjoyed, and couldn’t wait to urge Zhen Lan and Xi Jing to leave quickly, so that they could go down the mountain by completing the task early. Before entering the mountain forest, Zhen Lan told them not to reveal their identities first and live as a refugee in Kongsang. Na Sheng, inspired by the emperor’s ring, brought the two to Queen Bai Wei’s tomb, which turned out to be a former residence. At this moment, a woman came from outside the door, and the other party was Lizhu, the maid of the Qing family who guarded Bai Wei’s former residence.

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