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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 21 Recap

There was only a single lamp in the library, with several layers of bookshelves standing, and the surroundings were lonely. The faint sound of rummaging through things could be heard, but it stopped abruptly when the door opened. Even through a curtain, Shi Peng already felt that someone existed, which made him want to kill, and Xijing was also ready to attack the opponent first.

Until the end, Xijing only remembered that he encountered a force and was knocked down from the mirror tower, but failed to find the Xuanhuangjing. Because of this, Zhen Lan felt very strange, and hurriedly took out the well-preserved volume of the Xuanhuang Sutra, only to find that the second volume appeared out of thin air, and suddenly thought that the prey had hinted to find the answer from the Xuanhuangjing, and guessed that the other party gave him to see this. rights to this book.

But the question is, if the prey is from Kongsang, why would he choose to help Cangliu to attack Kongsang? At first, Zhen Lan guessed that this person is his father Wang Chengguang, and later he suspects that he may have Cangliu’s blood. Xijing immediately rejected Zhen Lan’s idea, insisting that the Huangtian Ring would never choose the wrong person, and noticed that Bai Ying had not returned since she left last night.

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Bai Ying and Su Mo not far away, walking together. Since Bai Ying was no longer afraid of the sun and could walk in the open air, she expressed her gratitude and was even more curious about the source of the light-shielding beads and what price Su Gu had to pay to get it. Su Gu avoided answering, and in turn guided Bai Ying to tap the light-shielding beads three times, which could be used to summon at any time.

Xijing learned about the function of the light-shielding beads and wanted Su G to find some for the other five kings, but he didn’t know that this bead almost consumed half of Su G’s life, and there would never be a second one in the world. Zhen Lan saw that Su G’s face was embarrassed, and quickly reminded Xijing not to say more, and then went to the side to talk privately with Su G, telling him about the situation of going to the Mirror Tower last night.

Because the true identity of the prey is still unknown, the top priority is to go to Jiuyi Mountain as soon as possible, and Jiuyi Mountain is divided into two peaks, the left and right peaks, and there is a backflow of drowning in between, so they are not connected. Zuofeng has the tomb of Queen Baiwei’s clothes and crown. Zhenlan believes that the water beads should be hidden in it. As for the top of the mountain, there is the Jiuyi Palace, which is the tomb leading to King Xingzun, and the seal of Liuhe is hidden in it.

On the other hand, on the right peak is the Valley of the Ancient Kings of Kongsang and the Falling Tears Monument. The Heaven-Picking Sword is hidden in the National Treasure Ding at the Falling Tears. In order to retrieve the relics of the first-generation Sea Emperor in person, Su Mo took the initiative to choose the most dangerous right peak.

After the two of them made arrangements for the next plan, Zhen Lan couldn’t help but ask Su Gu if he had any selfish intentions when he was in the Air Sea Alliance, such as in the matter of Bai Ying. Su Mo is very calm that he has never changed his attitude towards Bai Ying, but it does not hinder his sincerity towards the Air-Sea Alliance and never deny this alliance relationship.

At the same time, Bai Ying admits that she can’t forget Su Mo. Although she fell in love with each other a hundred years ago and tasted a lot of pain, she also planned to give up her love a hundred years later, for fear of repeating the same mistakes. However, since the Air-Sea Alliance, Su G has rescued him several times, making Bai Ying unable to repay, and it becomes more and more difficult for Bai Ying to restrain her feelings. .

Xijing understands Bai Ying’s thoughts very well, and as a senior brother, he will fully support her. Since Su Mi was going to leave for Jiuyi Mountain tomorrow, Bai Ying spontaneously wanted to accompany her. Zhen Lan realized that many things could not be forced, such as the complicated triangular relationship. In fact, he was singing a one-man show from beginning to end.

Bai Ying observed that Zhen Lan’s mood was not right. She expected that it was related to the Flower God Festival last night, and suddenly felt guilty in her heart. In fact, Zhen Lan knew that she had no right to be angry, so she simply concealed her emotions, and repeatedly emphasized that she and Bai Ying belonged to the relationship between monarchs and ministers. burden.

The next morning, the group set off, including Su G and Bai Ying, Xi Jing and Zhen Lan and others. Because Jiuyi Mountain is not easy for people to enter, even if he goes in, his mana will be reduced by half. Originally, Yanxi should not have appeared in the team, but Nasheng wanted him to follow, even if he was sent to the foot of the mountain.

Zhen Lan presumptuously set up a team and let him and Xijing protect Na Sheng from going to Zuo Feng, in fact, so that Bai Ying and Su Gu would have more opportunities to get along alone. Bai Ying didn’t object. In fact, she wanted to protect Su G through her own power. After all, Su G’s merman mana would definitely be difficult to use in Jiuyi Mountain.

Shi Peng knew about this, and informed the saint Yu Zhu to ask the prey whether to send Nan Zhao to Jiuyi Mountain to follow and arrest him. The prey asked Yu Zhu to write back to Shi Peng, and he was not allowed to take any action, and he had another arrangement. When Yu Zhu turned around and left, the prey was talking to himself again, and the time for the divination was approaching.

Su G brought Bai Ying to the Tianxiang Tavern at the foot of the mountain. The proprietress Tianxiang was the secret chess he had laid before. She had been dormant here for many years, and finally arrived today. Mrs. Tianxiang reported to Su G the situation on the right peak of Jiuyi Mountain. Among them, there was a misty forest that was terrifying, and there was no life around it. It was reported that there was a dodder wandering around, making her home everywhere, specializing in grabbing the living creatures on the ground. Human food.

On the other side, Na Sheng followed Yan Xi to camp in the wild, looking for food that could replenish his energy. Xijing knew that Zhenlan liked Bai Ying, but Zhenlan couldn’t give his whole body and mind like Su Gu, because he still had 100,000 Kongsang people, and that alone would have lost Bai Ying, and he was not qualified to love her any more.

Na Sheng went to the river to catch fish and accidentally caught Quan Xian’s messenger. Yan Xi tried her best to persuade her to agree to release. The fish that he got in his hand suddenly disappeared, and Na Sheng was naturally a little unhappy. He suddenly thought that Yan Xi could cry out pearls in exchange for money to buy food, but Yan Xi said that Quanxian warriors would rather shed blood than tears, unless they endured great pain.

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