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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 20 Recap

The main reason why Zhen Lan came to Xijing was to let the other party accompany him to Jingcheng. Under Zhen Lan’s soft and hard bubbles, Xi Jing reluctantly agreed to carry the jade bone paper umbrella left by the Juggernaut to facilitate stealth, and there is still some chance of winning. Taking advantage of Xijing to get an umbrella, Zhen Lan informed Na Sheng and Yan Xi to remember to participate in the Flower God Festival. If you are lucky enough to see the flower god tree blooming, which is rare in a century, Bai Ying will also go there.

Yan Xi wanted to inform Su G that she was stopped by Na Sheng, because she felt that Zhen Lan was interested in Bai Ying, and Zhen Lan was very kind to herself. . However, Yan Xi was more loyal to the young master. He and Na Sheng had different positions, so he secretly sent a voice transmission to Su Gu to report the situation of the Flower God Festival.

When the sky was just dark, Zhen Lan pretended to sneak into the city, he and Xijing split up, one went to the Mirror Tower to find the mysterious person, and the other went to the library to search for water beads. Yu Zhu stood under the tower to meet Zhen Lan in advance, but Shi Peng had already seen this scene in his eyes. On the top of the mirror tower, the mysterious man waited for a long time, and the other party was none other than Cang Liu’s Lord of Prey.

Even though Zhenlan and the prey have never met, they feel inexplicably familiar and ask him to show his true colors. But the prey still bowed his head, looking gloomy and mad, his voice whispered a few syllables, and briefly stated a certain fact, claiming that he was the most powerful person in Yunhuang Continent.

As soon as these words came out, they were immediately opposed by Zhen Lan. In his opinion, only Xingzun Emperor Lang Gan and Queen Bai Wei were the strong ones. How could the prey suddenly become hideous when they heard Bai Wei’s name Painful, there are words in his mouth, it seems that it is for this relationship that he is allowed to return to the earth, and at the same time, he utters a few syllables that Zhen Lan has no way of knowing the meaning.

Tonight, the grand scene of the Flower God Festival is still the same. Bai Ying passed by the stall and bought a purse as an apology for missing an appointment. When she was stuck standing on the bridge in a daze, wondering if Su G would arrive as scheduled a hundred years ago, she suddenly saw Su G appearing under the bridge, so she couldn’t wait to chase after him and show his love to each other.

However, after thinking about it, it turned out to be Bai Ying’s fantasy. There was an endless stream of people around her, and she still didn’t wait for Su Gu to appear. As time passed, Bai Ying gave up waiting and turned to leave, but she didn’t know that she had just left, and Su G had already arrived at the bridge.

Fortunately, Su G found Bai Ying in time and approached her when she bought the wishing card. Bai Ying was very surprised by this, and looked at Su G with concern and finally resolved the misunderstanding with him. Bai Ying was curious about the content of Su G’s wish made a hundred years ago, but Su G bluntly stated that she wanted to take Bai Ying back to the blue sea, to enjoy the seven seas and the sky, and to listen to the sound of the waves.

The soldiers in Cangliu Barracks enjoyed their drinks, but Yu Huan seemed a little lonely. Fei Lian saw that his mood was not right, so he dragged him to go shopping. At the same time, Na Sheng, accompanied by Yan Xi, looked around, and learned that he had informed Su Gu without telling himself. He was annoyed for a moment, but was happy because of his unintentional words, and simply forgot about Zhen Lan.

On the other hand, Bai Ying felt very complicated when she heard Su Gu’s confession. Although she was happy that they loved each other, she was afraid that her selfishness would hurt the people of Kongsang again. Su Mi didn’t go too deep into Bai Ying’s attitude, and pretended to let her write the wishing card, but she was actually very curious about the content of her wish.

Su Gu felt that the split technique was backlashing again, and hurriedly walked to the side to adjust his breath. This slight change caused Bai Ying’s awareness, so he took out the Scales that had already been prepared and gave it to him. It happened that Fei Lian and Yu Huan came to drink under the bridge, and Su G picked up Bai Ying and flew up to the eaves. Under the darkest sky before dawn, there was a faint red light, making the atmosphere ambiguous and sweet.

Originally, Bai Ying was going to find that Sheng, but Su Mi hoped that she would stay. The two sat side by side, quietly watching the distance, and soon saw a flash of white light from the sky, like a raging fire falling to the flower god tree, In an instant, white flowers bloom, illuminating the void. A hundred years ago, Bai Ying saw the flower tree that Su Mo prepared for her, and now, looking back at it, she still feels moved.

Because of this, Su G sent an invitation to Bai Ying, agreed to watch the sunrise together, and promised that she would never be hurt. In order to fulfill Su G’s wish, Bai Ying stayed by her side silently until she gradually fell asleep in Su G’s arms. In the blink of an eye, the moon sets, the morning dawns, and a rising sun hangs in the sky.

The golden floating light floated over Jingcheng, making it seem that it did not belong to this world. Bai Ying subconsciously raised her hand to block the light, and found herself unscathed. Looking down, she noticed that she was wearing a light-proof bead necklace on her neck. It was the Flower God Festival gift that Su G gave her.

Zhen Lan gradually woke up and was by the lake, vaguely remembering everything that happened last night. The prey repeatedly emphasized that Zhenlan was his descendant, but he was not satisfied with his own creation of Kongsang. Just when the prey was about to attack Zhen Lan, he stopped as if under control, as if he had become another person, and told Zhen Lan to find the answer in the Xuanhuang Sutra, and then dropped him from the mirror tower.

The old man of prey raised his head and stared motionless into the night, and with the intuition of the astrologer, his eyes remained long on the northern division: there would be a great change. It’s just that Zhen Lan didn’t know about it. He went back to the hut to meet with Xijing and inquired about what happened in the library last night. Xijing briefly recounted his own experience. Not long after he entered the library, he met Shi Peng.

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