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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 19 Recap

Su G paid special attention to the role of the light-shielding beads. Seven thousand years ago, it could protect the blood of the Emperor of the Sea. Now, he wants to use it to store half of his spiritual knowledge, so as to protect Bai Ying from walking freely in the sun. Master Si did not agree with Su Gu’s approach, just because Haihuang shoulders a heavy responsibility, there must be no difference, and besides, his backlash has not completely healed, if there is any accident, it will be a loss to the entire Quanxian.

Since Zhen Lan came back from the camp at the bottom of the lake, she has been restless all day. Bai Ying guessed various reasons and deliberately led him to tell the truth. Zhenlan was reluctant to tell the truth, half of it was Su G who told him to keep it secret, and the other was out of selfishness, but in the end, he still leaked, so that he revealed that Su G had been to the Mirror Tower.

Thinking that the dark clouds shrouded the mirror tower that day was not an ordinary phenomenon, Bai Ying cared about Su G, so she hurried to the waterside hut. At this time, Ning Liang was always brooding about Hanzhou’s death. They grew up together when they were young, and only regarded each other as a companion and elder brother.

Xijing sighed that everyone in the world is like this. He once didn’t know how to cherish until it was too late to regret, so he also hoped that Ning Liang should be relieved properly. During the conversation, Bai Ying suddenly came over and wanted to inquire about Su G’s situation, but the words stopped abruptly, and she simply pretended to go to Na Sheng to chat.

As everyone knows, not long after she left, Xijing reminded Ning Liang to notify Su G with the sound transmission beads. At the same time, Na Sheng, accompanied by Yan Xi, practiced underwater techniques seriously, quickly learned to avoid water bubbles, and showed Bai Ying in person. Seeing that Sheng could express her love for Yan Xi without hesitation, Bai Ying was very envious and couldn’t help but confided the secrets buried in her heart, which happened to be heard by Su G.

In fact, Bai Ying has many things to tell Su G, but every time she is stuck in her throat, which makes her very distressed. Recalling that when she was trapped in Shiliting before and her consciousness almost disappeared, Bai Ying had hallucinations, as if she saw Su Gu. Unfortunately, the hallucinations were like bubbles and fragile, and she could not grasp the eternal beauty. Just as Su G stood behind him without saying a word, watching affectionately, Na Sheng ran over again to disrupt the atmosphere, and Bai Ying turned around and left ashamed.

Because of Bai Ying’s words, Su Mo is even more determined to get the light-shielding beads. Although he is the emperor of the sea, he has the responsibility to protect Quan Xian, but if he can’t protect even the most beloved woman, how can he be qualified to lead the tribe back to Biluohai? . Master Si knew that Su Gu had made up his mind, and sighed that he resembled Chun Huang back then, perhaps everything was destined, so he handed over the light-shielding beads and told him to be careful.

Da Siming had already found out the whereabouts of Bi Shuizhu, and immediately opened the water mirror to Zhen Lan and others, and confirmed through the water mirror that this was the Jiuyi Mountain Palace, and Bi Shuizhu was on top of Queen Baiwei’s phoenix crown. But Jiuyi Mountain still belongs to the territory of the Qing clan, but the new Jiuyi King has taken refuge with Cangliu, and he has become a traitor with Cangliu, so he can’t help setting up a powerful barrier.

During Zhenlan’s search for a solution, he accidentally found a pair of terrifying eyes in the water mirror. Da Siming thought that there was a water mirror in the Temple of the Mirror Tower, but other than him, no one else could activate it at all, he just thought it was too strange. . In fact, Su Gu was also investigating the origin of the mirror technique and the cracking technique, wondering why the black-robed man in the Temple of Heaven used these two forbidden techniques, and wanted to know the connection between them.

In order to solve the doubts in her heart, Zhen Lan decided to go to the Mirror Tower to find out in person. Before leaving, she specially found Su Gu and discussed with him about the mysterious person, so as to prevent the colorless city from becoming in jeopardy. The kings of Kongsang are persuading Zhenlan not to form an alliance with Quanxian, believing that as long as he finds the water beads, he does not need Su Gu’s help at all.

Because of this, Zhen Lan took the initiative to confess the secrets of Shili Pavilion last time, including Su G breaking through the barrier of Jingcheng and setting fire to Cangliu’s military camp. All the time Su G sent someone to protect Na Sheng’s safety, which was enough to show his sincerity.

Zhenlan hopes that everyone will no longer have any concerns. The most urgent task is to join hands to find and avoid water droplets and jointly deal with the vicissitudes. Bai Ying knew about Su G’s silent efforts, and she expected that his practice of forbidden art would definitely worsen his injuries, and gradually understood why Su G concealed it on purpose, because he didn’t want to worry too much.

As the Flower God Festival is approaching, Lan Wang and Hongyuan discuss shopping and play, and at Zhen Lan’s suggestion, they invite Bai Ying and others. Su Gu made the light-proof beads and couldn’t wait to send them to Bai Ying. When he learned through Na Sheng that Bai Ying would appear tonight, he waited by the lake for a day and a night.

It’s a pity that Bai Ying didn’t show up. Su G couldn’t hide his loss, so he decided to go back to the camp at the bottom of the lake first. Before leaving, he explained that if Na Sheng saw that Bai Ying wanted to inform him, Na Sheng readily agreed. On the other hand, the reason why Bai Ying did not go to the appointment was mainly to pick scapula for Su G to heal her wounds, and climbed the Tianque Snow Mountain alone.

In the colorless city, Zhen Lan learned that the water mirror in the colorless city and the water mirror of the mirror tower could be connected by the power of the emperor. Then he opened the water mirror again with the technique of empty sang, and he found that the strange eyes were not only separated from each other. Shui Jing easily manipulated him, and even asked him to meet at the Temple of Heaven tonight. Zhenlan thought about it, and went to the waterside hut to find Xijing, and talked to him about the strange things that happened in the past few days.

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