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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 15 Recap

Nie Yusheng pressed Tan’s father’s cause of death, which caused Nie Dongyuan’s great mood swings. He was angry and said that he had never done anything illegal, and even kicked him out of the ward. Because of this, Nie Yusheng had to end the unpleasant conversation first, and then asked the nurse to help measure his father’s blood pressure.

Early the next morning, as soon as Tan Jing arrived at the hospital, she learned that Nie Dongyuan was going to take Sun Ping to the VIP ward, and at the same time invited a nurse to take care of the child. After some negotiation, Tan Jing decisively rejected the head nurse and the nurse, and then went to warn Nie Dong to stay away from Sun Ping, scolding the other party for not interfering in the lives of their mother and son.

In Nie Dongyuan’s opinion, Tan Jing belongs to a good life, but she has to live a hard life, but Tan Jing has repeatedly emphasized that since the day her father died, her good life has come to an end, so no matter what happens in the future, it has nothing to do with the Nie family. At this time, Nie Yusheng stood outside the door and heard the content of the conversation. He couldn’t help chasing after what happened to Tan Jing in the past. But Tan Jing has not let go of his grudge, and his tone is helpless and painful, because they can’t go back to the past, let alone choose the future, said He turned away with tears in his eyes.

While Nie Yusheng was checking on the ward, Director Fang suddenly called him to the office. Even he was still in disbelief that a person who was usually pure-hearted and self-absorbed had a son out of thin air. Now it has been criticized. Nie Yusheng didn’t care about other people’s opinions, but he felt sorry for Tan Jing to take care of his son alone, and felt a little guilty, but Director Fang told him to pay attention to the influence, and if he didn’t care, he would be in chaos.

After Tan Jing explained her work to the company, she accompanied Sun Ping to infusion and took care of him by the bedside. Sun Ping guessed whether there was a conflict between his mother and Grandpa Nie from the thoughts of a child. Tan Jing had to explain it as a discussion between adults, and therefore knew that Sun Ping was eager to have an operation, in order to become a little man as soon as possible. Listening to Sun Ping’s words, Tan Jing was deeply relieved. Although her love and marriage were not happy, no one could compare to such a sensible son.

At that time, Tan Jing took the initiative to find Nie Dongyuan, and wanted the other party to give a proper solution to the engineering accident. Unexpectedly, Nie Dongyuan took advantage of the trend and offered 5 million, willing to use 5 million to buy out her relationship with Nie Yusheng. The two will never meet again. Because Nie Yusheng was supposed to be in business, but he was actually in medicine for Tan Jing, so Nie Dongyuan believed from the bottom of his heart that Tan Jing was a drag on his son.

At first, Tan Jing did not agree to Nie Dongyuan’s conditions at all and left the company directly, but later found out that her father, as a foreman, had an inescapable responsibility for engineering accidents, and she could not afford the huge compensation that she needed to pay after her father’s death. Just when Tan Jing was most helpless and suffering, Sun Zhijun resolutely took responsibility, took care of her and Sun Ping, and once became the support of mother and son.

Wang Yuling went to the hospital and found that Tan Jing had a fever, so she urged her to go home and rest. Taking advantage of this time, Tan Jing began to reflect on whether her decision was correct. Shu Qin and Nie Yusheng finished chatting, and suddenly ran to find Sheng Fangting on a whim. After their passion, the two lay on the sofa and recalled the past.

On the other hand, Nie Yusheng and Sun Zhijun were drinking at the food stalls, and sometimes envied him marrying Tan Jing and living the life of his dreams. Nie Yusheng was curious about the truth of what happened that year, and Sun Zhijun bluntly said that the cause was an accident. Later, Nie’s father’s company threw the blame on Tan’s father, resulting in Tan Jing carrying a huge foreign debt, and living a thrilling and difficult life.

Through Sun Zhijun’s eloquent narration, Nie Yusheng suddenly realized that after he helped Sun Zhijun fight with the next table, he helped each other go home. Until late that night, Nie Yusheng dragged his tired body to see Tanjing, and as soon as he opened the door, he slumped on the ground crying, asking why she didn’t tell him the truth, causing him to misunderstand when his loved one needed it most.

Seeing Nie Yusheng crying more and more, Tan Jing hugged him without saying a word, and sat by his bedside all night. The next morning, Nie Yusheng woke up and found himself in an unfamiliar environment. He accidentally saw Tan Jing busy with breakfast in the kitchen. This was a scene he had imagined countless times.

During the meal, Nie Yusheng proposed to take Tan Jing to leave, after all, the environment of the old building was not very good. Tan Jing did not respond, but peeled the eggs for Nie Yusheng with his own hands. Seeing this, Nie Yusheng chased after the victory, saying that he was taking care of Sun Ping in the hospital, so that Tan Jing could have time to go to work. Before leaving, Nie Yusheng was going to give Tan Jing the keys to the house. Without thinking, Tan Jing avoided it, and didn’t intend to take the key, as if the tenderness of yesterday no longer existed.

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