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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 14 Recap

As in previous years, Tan Jing spent a happy and warm birthday accompanied by her parents, and made three wishes one after another, but unfortunately all of them did not come true. In a twinkling of an eye, it was Tan Jing’s father’s death day again. Wang Yuling handed her an envelope on behalf of Nie Yusheng, and asked her to go to the tomb tomorrow. Sun Ping was taken care of by herself.

That night, Nie Yusheng went out to buy a late-night snack and met Sun Zhijun. He found that he owed food stalls for three months, so he took the initiative to help pay in advance. Nie Yusheng frankly asked Sun Zhijun and Tan Jing to divorce, and even offered a sum of money as compensation. Unexpectedly, Sun Zhijun asked him for five million and asked him if he would marry Tan Jing.

This question made Nie Yusheng speechless, but Sun Zhijun continued to say that the three of them had fallen to the current state, all thanks to Father Nie’s gift. Nie Yusheng didn’t understand Sun Zhijun’s words, which made him sleepless after returning home, so he hurried to find Nie Dongyuan until dawn.

At this time, Nie Dongyuan was about to find Sun Ping when he happened to see Shu Qin pick up Sheng Fangting to be discharged from the hospital, and had a face-to-face with the two. Sheng Fangting didn’t say a word the whole time, but his eyes on Nie Dongyuan were very complicated, but everyone was watching the conversation and hadn’t noticed his strangeness. After Shu Qin sent Sheng Fangting home, he simply explained a few words and left without seeing any retention from the other party.

Now Tan Jing has finally collected 300,000 yuan for the operation. He thought that his son Sun Ping could have the operation directly. Who would have thought that when Director Fang gave Sun Ping a preoperative examination, he found that there was an infection in the lungs, so he had to suspend the operation. It takes four to six weeks before and after the symptoms of the infection are cured by drugs.

Nie Yusheng came to his father and asked him if he had something to hide from him, and even mentioned five million. Nie Dongyuan mistakenly thought that the person his son was talking about was Tan Jing, but when he heard Sun Zhijun’s name, he couldn’t help but feel a little surprised and even angry. Because Sun Zhijun’s work-related injury received the compensation he deserved, Nie Dongyuan would never pay more, and at the same time told Nie Yusheng not to get involved in this matter.

Tan Jing gave her son Sun Ping to Wang Yuling to take care of, and returned to the old house alone to look at his father’s photo, feeling very sad. After packing her things, Tan Jing got on the bus to Ning’an, her hometown. Looking at the flowing scenery outside the window, the memories of the past came to her mind. At that time, she was pregnant, and she hadn’t waited to tell Nie Yusheng. He left the house in a hurry and never came back.

Nie Yusheng saw Sun Ping and his friends picking up water in the bathroom and teaching each other how to soak soybeans. This scene touched him very much. Not long after, Sun Zhijun took the initiative to visit Sun Ping in the hospital. Not only did he make a bamboo dragonfly for him, but he even accompanied him to paint, and they got along very well.

Sun Zhijun told Sun Ping not to listen to the words of outsiders, especially many words that were unfavorable to him. The young Sun Ping nodded ignorantly, believing that his father was a good person.

Colleague Lao Dong’s daughter-in-law gave birth to a big fat boy. Almost everyone in the department went to the obstetrics and gynecology department to congratulate him, including Nie Yusheng himself. The newborn baby is too delicate, still in swaddling, not the size of an ordinary hot water bottle, but it is enough for the old Dong and his wife to cherish it.

Everyone was discussing the child’s appearance, and just a few words made Nie Yusheng suddenly think of Sun Ping, as if in the flash of lightning, a terrible idea immediately emerged, just like the moon showing a cold light from the heavy dark clouds, piercing the night. It was heavy, making his face pale, and his whole body trembled for no reason.

Nie Yusheng hurriedly found an excuse to leave the obstetrics and gynecology ward, ran all the way to the elevator, pressed the up button anxiously, and then simply ran up the stairs, every minute and every second was like suffering. When he finally arrived at the extra-cardiac ward, Nie Yusheng watched Wang Yuling coax Sun Ping to eat. He became hesitant. Standing at the door for a long time, his mind went blank. He really couldn’t remember what Tan Jing’s husband looked like. This kid looks more like himself.

Nie Dongyuan confirmed Sun Ping’s identity through Director Fang, and couldn’t help crying, thanking God for leaving him a grandson at this time. Because of cherishing this hard-won blood relationship, Nie Dongyuan told Fang Zhu that he must go all out to cure Sun Ping, and also decided to take Sun Ping by his side, give him the best life, and make up for the regrets of the past few years.

Director Fang felt that Tan Jing was a good person. Even if he wanted to return to his grandson, he should discuss with the woman first, but Nie Dongyuan insisted that as long as he lived for one day, he would never let Tan Jing harm Nie Yusheng. At the same time, Tan Jing spoke sweet words in front of her parents’ graves, and it seemed that she could express her true thoughts only here.

At night, Tan Jing returned to the old residential building alone and found Nie Yusheng waiting at the door for a long time. From Tan Jing’s attitude, Nie Yusheng confirmed that Sun Ping was his son, but Tan Jing asked him to go back to Nie Dongyuan to find out the truth. Because of this, Nie Yusheng saw Nie Dongyuan so happy in the ward. After hesitating for a moment, he couldn’t help but ask Tan’s father’s real cause of death.

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