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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 12 Recap

When Nie Yusheng was going to study abroad, Tan Jing knitted a red rope for him, and he wore it for seven years, until today. At this moment, Nie Yusheng had just returned home and was lying in bed when he suddenly received a call from Tan Jing to plead for Sun Zhijun. He couldn’t help feeling agitated and hung up the phone.

Later, Nie Yusheng agreed to let Tan Jing come to the house to discuss, but the more he listened to the other party’s plea, the more indignant she felt. If it wasn’t for Sun Zhijun, I’m afraid she would never step into this room. Because of this, Nie Yusheng really didn’t want to continue hurting Tan Jing with words, so he dragged her to the mirror. I don’t know when the stalemate between the two has developed into a passionate kiss.

Along with the past bits and pieces appearing in front of us, the kiss was gentle and tender, with a hesitant surprise and love. Shu Qin called Nie Yusheng a few times, but no one answered for a long time. When she arrived at the residence, she saw the clothes left at the entrance. Until Tan Jing went downstairs and left.

Nie Yusheng flipped through the call log and called back. It happened that Shu Qin came back with a large package of food, and took the initiative to mention the breakup, saying that they had done their best, and there was no need to force it any more. Be a good friend again.

In fact, Nie Yusheng was happy to accept the current result. He thought that only Shu Qin could take him out, but after so long, he couldn’t let go of the people and things in the past. On the other hand, the same is true for Shu Qin. It turns out that two lonely people who accompany each other will get even more loneliness.

Sun Ping sat by the bed and watched the pouring rain outside the window, worried that her mother did not bring an umbrella. When Wang Yuling patiently comforted Sun Ping, Tan Jing was waiting for the bus at the bus stop, and then went to the police station to bail Sun Zhijun. The couple held an umbrella and went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Sun Zhijun looked at the bruise on the corner of Tan Jing’s mouth and knew that he had indeed done something wrong.

Since the child’s condition cannot be delayed for a moment, there is no better solution other than surgery. Tan Jing held the last ray of hope and hoped that Sun Zhijun could apologize to Nie Yusheng, because only he was willing to continue the project, perform surgery in person, and promised to cure Sun Ping’s heart disease.

After Tan Jing’s repeated pleas, Sun Zhijun had to bow his head to apologize to Nie Yusheng for the sake of the child, and even knelt down and begged him to forgive himself. Nie Yusheng didn’t want to see Tan Jing embarrassed, so he took the initiative to help him up without investigating too much. Unexpectedly, Sun Zhijun pretended to hug Nie Yusheng, but in fact threatened him.

Sheng Fangting took two opera tickets and sent them to Shu Qin, deliberately testing her current emotional state, so as to learn about the breakup. Shu Qin couldn’t say how sad she was, at most she was a little lost, so she ran to the bar to get drunk. Sheng Fangting asked her to go home as soon as possible, saying that she knew her better than anyone. As soon as these words came out, the two of them were a little stunned, and the atmosphere seemed a little stiff. In the end, Sheng Fangting took the initiative to hang up the phone.

Wang Yuling and his wife took Sun Ping out to play. Considering that Tan Jing was too tired, they did not wake her up. When the nurse came to round the room, Tan Jing woke up in a daze, and learned from the other party that Director Fang had decided to cancel the operation of Simon, which immediately dashed her hopes.

Nie Dongyuan handed out gifts at the children’s activity center in the hospital. Noticing Sun Ping who was reading silently beside him, he couldn’t help but stepped forward to say hello and gave Bumblebee toys. Sun Ping said that he could not accept gifts from others casually. It was distressing that he was sensible and well-behaved. Nie Dongyuan raised his hand lovingly and stroked Sun Ping’s head. Unexpectedly, Sun Ping dodged several times, which made him suddenly think that Nie Yusheng was like this when he was a child.

In the next conversation with Wang Yuling, Nie Dongyuan heard that Sun Ping was suffering from heart disease, and naturally felt a little regretful. However, Wang Yuling took the opportunity to beg Nie Dongyuan to donate money to Sun Ping, but Nie Dongyuan’s attitude was unclear. At the same time, Tan Jing came to the door of the children’s center and found that Sun Ping and Nie Dongyuan were together, so he didn’t go in for a long time.

After returning to the ward, Tan Jing couldn’t help but lose her temper, scolding Sun Ping for not asking for gifts from others. Because of the rain yesterday, Tan Jing felt uncomfortable. After the test, her temperature was 39 degrees Celsius, so she had to go to the emergency room for an IV drip, which happened to be caught by Nie Yusheng.

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