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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 11 Recap

Since Tan Jing heard the news of the failure of the operation of the child in the next hospital bed, the whole person began to feel restless. Sheng Fangting saw this change in her, so she took the initiative to tell the past of herself and her mother, in order to comfort the other party. In fact, Sheng Fangting did not expect that he would tell her about this matter. Perhaps Tan Jing was too helpless today, so helpless that he felt that he had to say something to encourage the other party. overwhelmed by the disease.

Wang Yuling was cooking in the hospital cafeteria, but the cafeteria could not pay by mobile phone, which put her in a dilemma. Fortunately, Nie Yusheng came forward to help her pay, and also ordered a scrambled egg with tomatoes for Tan Jing. During the next conversation, Wang Yuling couldn’t help discussing borrowing money with Nie Yusheng. Knowing Nie Dongyuan’s donation to Fengfeng, she wanted to relieve Tan Jing’s burden in this way.

Originally, Nie Yusheng was still hesitating, but when he heard that Sheng Fangting had advanced money for Tan Jing, he left angrily on the spot, leaving Wang Yuling with a blank face. After returning to the ward, Wang Yuling took the initiative to mention what happened in the cafeteria today. She always felt that Tan Jing and Nie Yusheng should have known each other, but Tan Jing denied it and told her not to trouble others in the future.

That night, Tan Jing dreamed that her son Sun Ping entered the operating room and never came out again. She was so frightened that she woke up from the nightmare and hurriedly picked up Sun Ping and went out. Sun Ping was still a little confused when he woke up, and he didn’t understand why his mother was uncharacteristically, but he said that he wanted to have an operation to restore his normal body. After some words, Tan Jing felt sad, and finally returned to the ward.

After coaxing Sun Ping to sleep, Tan Jing hid in the bathroom and sobbed. Although she looked weak, she was actually very persistent and strong. In recent years, life has brought many hardships, but she never thought of giving up. What happened in the past two days has been shattered.

Hearing the sound of sobbing, Nie Yusheng couldn’t help standing silently at the door. In the past, he always had the illusion that the person inside was Tan Jing. To this day, when he saw the person walking out of the bathroom, he couldn’t help but feel a little dazed. Tan Jing eagerly asked Nie Yusheng’s grasp of the operation, and felt a little relieved after getting his assurance.

At the same time, Sun Zhijun went to Secretary Quan to ask for an explanation for the engineering accident that year, but the other party avoided it. When he returned home, he found that the soybeans had sprouted. It was expected that Tan Jing had not returned home for a long time. As usual, he took the initiative to toast his father-in-law and mother-in-law, and then went downstairs to buy two bottles of wine. Only through Aunt Wang did he know that Sun Ping was sick and hospitalized.

When Shu Qin came to the hospital to visit Sheng Fangting, she reported the company’s situation by the way. Before leaving, she took a bottle of red wine that she used to drink. At this time, the hospital will meet as usual. Director Fang will use this time to briefly explain the work arrangement for the next week, listen to everyone’s reports, and adjust the plan for the week.

When it was Nie Yusheng’s turn, Nie Yusheng fought for Sun Ping’s 39-bed operation time, which was finally set in two days. Taking into account the conflict between doctors and patients, Director Fang asked Nie Yusheng to notify Tan Jing to ensure that the child’s parents were present at the same time to sign the consent form for the operation. However, Sun Zhijun had never been to the hospital to visit Sun Ping, and Tan Jing couldn’t tell the bitterness in his heart.

Nie Dongyuan was very happy when he saw his son and Shu Qin come to see him, and told Nie Yusheng to pay attention to rest and not get too tired. On the other side, after Tan Jing took care of Sun Ping, she saw Sun Zhijun calling. She informed him of the address by text message, and Sun Ping also hoped to see his father.

Unexpectedly, the next morning, Sun Zhijun was drunk and drunk, and ran to the hospital alone to make a scene, threatening that his son was not a guinea pig, refused to participate in the experiment, and even asked the hospital to refund the operation fee. Because of Sun Zhijun’s non-stop quarrel, many family members and nurses were watching. Seeing that he threw his hand and knocked Tan Jing to the ground, Nie Yusheng rushed up to fight with Sun Zhijun until the police arrived to calm the turmoil.

In the director’s office, Sun Zhijun, Nie Yusheng and others all had bruises of varying degrees. When confronted by the police, Sun Zhijun repeatedly emphasized the danger of surgery, and believed that the hospital was getting kickbacks from this program, so he asked for a refund of the surgery fee. Director Fang saw that Tan Jing and Sun Zhijun were arguing endlessly, so he announced on the spot that the project was stopped and tomorrow’s operation was cancelled.

The police took Sun Zhijun back to the police station first. The turmoil calmed down for the time being. Director Fang was very angry, but he couldn’t blame Nie Yusheng any more. When Nie Yusheng returned home, his mind was full of Tan Jing’s appearance. Through this incident, he decided that Tan Jing’s marriage was not happy.

On the other hand, Tan Jing hurried to find Wang Yuling and asked her to help take care of her son first, and then ran to the police station. Since Sun Zhijun has a lot of criminal records in the past, if the court party insists on pursuing investigation, Sun Zhijun will definitely face criminal detention, which makes Tan Jing at a loss for this.

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