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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 18 Recap

Fei Lian told Yu Huan what happened, but felt it was too strange. In the past, the fire could be extinguished by water, but the cause of the fire yesterday was unknown. It was suspected that an evil fire fell from the sky. go with. Later, Fei Lian found obsidian under the fat water tank in Feng Falcon Library. Yu Huan asked Xiao if she had seen this object, but she denied it embarrassingly.

Because Hanzhou’s death hit Ning Liang a lot, she felt deeply remorse, so she took the initiative to go to Na Sheng to apologize, willing to pay for it with her life. Although Na Sheng complained about the other party from the bottom of his heart, he would not kill her seriously, so he just let it go, and Ning Liang presented the merman necklace with his own hands, which means that from now on, Na Sheng will handle it at will, which is regarded as loyal. Under Ning Liang’s insistence and Yan Xi’s suggestion, Na Sheng had no choice but to take the necklace.

Bai Ying’s spiritual sense was restored, and she quickly woke up. She asked about Na Sheng and Su G at the first time. When she learned that Su G had never appeared, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed and a little worried. Before Zhen Lan didn’t know the exact truth, he promised Bai Ying that he would find out about the situation, including his suspicions about Su G, but he didn’t disclose it truthfully.

As a result, the battle resulted in heavy losses to the Feng Falcon library. Shi Lang and Shi Peng quarreled again. Those who wanted to play the prey should be impeached for his reckless actions. Yu Zhu thought that the serious injury of his younger brother was all due to Shi Peng, so he turned his back on the battle and secretly helped Shi Lang to impeach Shi Peng and seize the command of his army.

Now that Shi Peng Bingquan has fallen by the side, he is naturally dissatisfied. First, he is angry at Nan Zhao’s ineffectiveness, and then he is angry at Yu Huan’s yin and yang. The threat is very clear. Yu Huan couldn’t bear it, and went back to the room to wonder why Shi Peng was suddenly abnormal. It was not until he received the letter from Yu Zhu that he knew what happened.

After several days of casting spells, under the care of Master Si, Su Gu finally regained consciousness, and the backlash about the split technique was effectively controlled. At this moment, Zhen Lan and Bai Ying hurriedly asked to see him. Although Su Gu was already very weak, he still held his body and went out to meet him alone.

Bai Ying noticed that Su G’s state was very wrong, and based on the clues she had grasped in the past two days, she guessed that he was hiding something. However, Su G refused to reveal the truth, and his voice was full of perfunctory. Zhen Lan hurriedly chased after him, and after repeated questions, he determined that Su G was the one who set fire to the barracks and attracted thunder and lightning, claiming that he would explain it to everyone.

Su G didn’t admit or deny it, but told Zhen Lan not to tell Bai Ying, so as not to worry her. Besides, cultivating forbidden techniques by herself was against the sky. At this time, Yan Xi brought Na Sheng to see Bai Ying, and Zhen Lan came out and said that Su Gu really had difficulties.

After Zhen Lan, Bai Ying and the others left, Ning Liang, accompanied by Yan Xi, went to apologize to Su Mo in person, regretting that he should not have taken Na Sheng abducted by himself, so that Shi Peng went back on his word, unless the kings of Kongsang came. Help, I am afraid there will be more casualties. Su G did not continue to investigate further, hoping that Ning Liang would think twice about acting in the future, Yan Xi conveyed Bai Ying’s concern to Su G, and finally saw his pale face with a gratified smile.

Since Su G and Zhen Lan agreed to teach Na Sheng water, Yan Xi was responsible for these important tasks. Ning Liang spontaneously wanted to protect Na Sheng’s safety, and even took the initiative to bring some food to make up for her guilt. This made Na Sheng, who had some opinions on Ning Liang, gradually let go of his grievances. As a result, when he was practicing water, because he was too close to Yan Xi, he was suddenly very shy.

Hongyuan found that Zhen Lan had been avoiding them in recent days, and avoided talking about the matter of Elder Quanxian kidnapping Na Sheng, and she also believed that there should be progress between Bai Ying and Su G, even if the two did not want to meet For this feeling, at least you should talk about it, and you should never deceive yourself. Moreover, in Hongyuan’s view, if some things are not done as soon as possible, they will inevitably leave regrets in the future.

Su G went to Xijing to ask about Bai Ying’s situation, and unexpectedly learned that Bai Ying was not doing well. Since the last time Bai Ying returned to the Colorless City, the whole person became unhappy. Xi Jing guessed that there was a problem between the two, so she wanted Su G to tell the other party what she felt. Xijing also told Su G that Bai Ying had long known that the rescue of the five kings and the burning of the Feng Falcon library were all done by Su G, but she was also worried about the effects of the spells Su G had practiced on her body. Through this period of time, Xijing also gradually recognized Su Mo as a person, and even suggested that he and Bai Ying should be a couple, so why bother to the current situation.

After seeing Xijing, Su G went to Si Shi again to learn about spiritual consciousness, and wondered why Bai Ying was afraid of the sun and could not walk freely. Originally, Su G wanted to give half of his spiritual knowledge to Bai Ying, but he and the other party did not belong to the same clan and could not be directly integrated. Instead, it became the biggest problem.

When the elders of Quanxian learned that Su Ge had left the customs, they went to plead guilty to him, because they knew what Su Ge had done. Su Gu had never thought of convicting them, not to mention that their protection of the ancestors of Quan was enough to equalize the merits and demerits, and hoped to get their advice. The elders were overjoyed and lamented that 7,000 years ago, Master Si was fortunate enough to use Bizhu to preserve the bloodline of the Sea Emperor, so that Quan Xian could see hope again, but this sentence attracted Su G’s attention.

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