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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 17 Recap

Seeing that the clansmen were trapped in the Great Prison of Cangliu, and their lives were in danger at any time, the elders of Quanxian were anxious in their hearts, and even began to speculate about Su Gu’s intentions, and they were angry that he would make so many sacrifices for the emperor. , it’s really not worth it. Because of this, Elder Yu deliberately deceived Na Sheng in the name of Yan Xi while Su Mi was recuperating in seclusion, and then captured Cangliu.

Zhen Lan knew that Sheng was in Cangliu, so she immediately ran to the bottom of Jinghu Lake and asked if Su Mi meant it. The Naihe clansmen prevented Zhenlan from breaking in, and detained him and Bai Ying. On the other side, Elder Yu and Yu Huan reached a blood pact and exchanged Na Sheng for their clansmen. After Su Gu learned the news, he was instantly furious.

Su Gu went through the Cangliu army alone to rescue Na Sheng, and then handed it over to Bai Ying, and returned to the water palace alone to recover. Xijing made a special trip to find Su G to chat with him about Bai Ying’s situation. Na Sheng has been unhappy since the last time he sent him back, so he guessed that something was wrong between the two. Through this period of time, Xijing also gradually recognized Su Mo as a person, and even suggested that he and Bai Ying should be a couple, so why bother to the current situation.

Fei Lian found the stone left by Xiao under the fat water jar in the Feng Falcon library. He used to be always with him, but it must be strange to suddenly appear here. Yu Huan called Xiao to ask, but she repeatedly denied it. Shi Peng expected that Yu Huan had two hearts, so he threatened his sister to never betray him.

Bai Ying buried many things in her heart and wanted to tell Su Mo, but every time she was stuck in her throat, it was difficult to express, so she simply came to the river to talk to herself, recalling that day when she was trapped in Shili Pavilion and her consciousness almost disappeared, Suddenly I had hallucinations, as if I saw Su G, but after that, it was like a bubble. It just so happened that these words were heard by Su G, who was passing by. Just as he was standing behind him without saying a word, how could he know that at the critical moment, Na Sheng suddenly came to interrupt.

At night, Su Gu stood alone by the lake in a daze, with Bai Ying’s voice in his mind. He knew that as a sea emperor, he had the responsibility to protect the entire Quanxian, but as a mermaid who could only love once in his life, he even loved the most. Even the women of the sect could not be protected, so how could they let the clansmen down. Zhen Lan found out the whereabouts of Bi Shuizhu, and at the same time found that there was a mysterious person behind Cang Liu to help. She had seen each other through the water mirror before, so she decided to go to the mirror tower to find out in person.

Saint Yu Zhu waited outside the door for a long time, until the others left one after another, and then she talked to Shi Peng alone to inform Kong Hai of the situation, wondering why the prey stopped her from revealing to the fifth division. Shi Peng also had doubts in his heart, and told Yu Zhu to keep his mouth shut and not to speak out. At the same time, Shi Lang hated Fei Lian for not being iron, and repeatedly reminded him that he must not be used by Yu Huan.

Even though Fei Lian believes that Yu Huan is a good friend from the bottom of his heart, comparable to siblings, but the five divisions are fighting against each other, and he mediates them, and he is completely free. On the surface, the seemingly calm and undisturbed turbulent flow is actually a meeting of the wind and clouds. It has changed in just a few days, but it has been dormant in the past hundred years.

The elders of Quan Xianzhong have never trusted Kong Sang, and even questioned Su Mo. Ning Liang heard the content of their conversation and also opposed the alliance. Yan Xi thought that as a subordinate, the Young Master’s choice should not be denied, but Ning Liang didn’t think all of Su Gu’s choices were correct.

On the other side, Yu Huan came to the dungeon to visit Xiao, and found that she was covered in bruises and bruises, and she never confessed half a word from beginning to end. The aunt reminded Shi Peng to beware of Yuhuan, thinking that he, as a person of the past, had learned the art of empty sang, and his ambition should not be underestimated, and he must have something to do with the Mirror Tower Prey.

As everyone knows, the mackerel Xiang Xiang, who is beside Fei Lian, is the biggest threat. In recent years, he has been lurking in the army and secretly delivering news to the Quanxian camp. Now Xianglai takes care of Xiao and persuades her that she should turn her grief and anger into fighting spirit. The two join forces to steal information. As long as Quanxian learns the secret of Cangliu’s weapons, she will have a better chance of winning.

After several thoughts, Xiao took the initiative to find Yu Huan to show his loyalty, and bluntly said that he became a traitor of Quanxian, killed his own sister by mistake, completely cut off his retreat, and had nowhere to stay, so he was willing to follow his lead. Yu Huan didn’t listen to everything, but responded to Xiao’s gesture with hesitation, so that she could remember what she said today.

Bai Ying looked through various ancient books, and finally found traces of Su G’s practice of forbidden art in the content of “Mirror Art”. Although there is a miraculous effect of healing, it may also backlash. It needs strong mana as a support to be able to calm down. Abstain from the poison of backlash, otherwise the evil will be overwhelmed, and the body will be controlled by evil thoughts, and it will backlash with three times the power.

Su G summoned Yan Xi to discuss the use of Nan Zhao’s strategy, but when she heard Bai Ying’s visit, she went out to meet her in person. Bai Ying found the treatment method through ancient books, and planned to use the sting grass as a guide and the sword bible method to adjust Qi to Su Mo, but the adjustment of Qi needs to be by her side for a long time, and she still has her own mission, so naturally she has many concerns .

But Bai Ying’s words reminded Su G of the time when he was diagnosed and treated for an eye disease a hundred years ago. At that time, he owed the other party’s kindness and hadn’t paid it back, and now he will not add a debt of love. Moreover, Su G wanted to protect Quan Xian, so he would definitely not give up practicing the mirror technique, and he could not ensure whether he would still be injured.

However, the top priority is to solve the problem of Guishenyuan. Bai Ying returned to Wushi City to discuss with Zhenlan, and then learned from Da Siming’s remarks that the existence of Bishuizhu could ensure that Sheng went down to the abyss safely. As the problem was solved, Bai Ying went to tell Na Sheng and Xijing the truth, and told Na Sheng to practice underwater techniques more recently, so as to better adapt to the underwater environment.

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