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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 16 Recap

Yan Xi found out that the banquet was a plan by Yu Huan, and Nan Zhao carried it out on his behalf, so he couldn’t help but feel puzzled, and what made him the most strange was that Merenxiao suddenly regained his memory, and the only purpose of staying in the Cangliu Army now is to Help Quan go back to Biluohai first, and she will serve in the main hall at that time.

Su G couldn’t be sure whether Xiao was trustworthy, so he let Yan Xi act according to the plan first, and tried every means to hand over the obsidian to Sharenxiang. Then the two went to Jingcheng together, and they happened to be discovered by Bai Ying, so they followed. On the other hand, Ning Liang wanted to lead the army into Jingcheng for fear of an unexpected encounter with the Emperor of the Sea, but was blocked by Hanzhou, thinking that she should not cause trouble for Su Yi.

Shi Peng specially held a banquet for hospitality, Nan Zhao was waiting outside the door in advance, and only Su Gu was allowed to attend the banquet alone. Su Gchu was calm, ignoring Nan Zhao’s stirring up the flames, and had more than a deal with Shi Peng. It was precisely because Shi Peng wanted to take the ancestors of Quan as a hostage and demanded that Su Mi hand over the holder of the emperor, so Su Mi deliberately tried to separate and bewitched Shi Peng to seize power.

Because in his opinion, even though Kong Sang is in a weak position, at least Prince Zhen Lan has formed an alliance with sincerity, and is not afraid of other people’s opinions, and he does not dare to be opposed. This alone is enough to explain the guarantee. On the other hand, Shi Peng is one of the five divisions. He is not at the head of the five divisions, and there are those who are prey to suppress the power. If he can seize power and surpass everyone, Su Mi is willing to offer the emperor and the land to show his sincerity.

Due to the delay in sending out the obsidian during the banquet, and even nearly being dismantled by Nan Zhao, Su Mi had to find an excuse to leave the banquet first, and exchanged identities with Yanxi in the middle. He transformed into Yanxi and sneaked into the rear military camp. Phantom meet face to face. Seeing that Yu Huan made things difficult for Su G, Xiao hurriedly came forward to make a clearance.

Yan Xi made it difficult for Su Du to tell the truth from the fake, and finally concealed it in front of Shi Peng and the others. Nan Zhao went to resolve the conflict between Yu Huan and “Yan Xi” under Shi Peng’s instructions, warning him not to sabotage the big plan. Taking advantage of their unpreparedness, Xiao secretly exchanged obsidian with Su Gu, and then handed it over to Xiang.

Until the banquet was completely over, when Su G and Yan Xi were about to take the merman away, unexpectedly Yu Huan set up an ambush earlier, even disregarding Nan Zhao’s obstruction, insisted on laying a golden formation net, causing Su G to fall into the formation. It was difficult to escape, and he threatened to witness his mana dissipate with his own eyes.

A fierce battle was inevitable, but Yanxi and the others had fewer enemies and more enemies, and they were not opponents of the Cangliu Army at all, so they were injured by arrows. Bai Ying took the opportunity to break into the barracks to cover Yan Xi and the others leaving, and insisted on rescuing Su G from the formation. However, Su Gu took Bai Ying’s safety into consideration and forced the mirror technique to break the formation, and flew away with Bai Ying in his arms. .

Although the crisis was temporarily resolved, Su Gu was already vaguely uneasy, wondering why Yu Huan knew about the ancient formation, and only the kings of Kongsang knew this formation, including Zhen Lan himself, who had not had time to practice. At the same time, Shi Peng was also furious about today’s incident, and he had doubts about him at first, but now he has begun to investigate.

Elder Yu diagnosed and treated Yan Xi and others, but fortunately, his life was not hurt. Just as Ning Liang and Hanzhou were about to lead their army to rescue Su Ge, they suddenly learned that Su Ge had returned to the Jinghu Camp. Because he was being attacked by the mirror technique, he went directly to the Ice Palace to recuperate, and summoned Yan Xi alone. Through him he learned the attitude of the elders.

Bai Ying returned to the Colorless City to report the situation. Da Si ordered to read the ancient books, and finally found the records about the golden formation net. It is rumored that this formation was used to restrain the mermen, and it was also the barrier encountered in Taoyuan Village before. Su G asked Bai Ying to tell Zhen Lan that she was sure that there was an expert behind Cang Liu, and Bai Ying believed that the expert was likely to come from Kongsang, but the top priority was to solve the estrangement of Cangliu and prevent Quanxian and Kongsang from forming. Gap.

One day later, Cangliu wantonly slaughtered the mermen, and the news reached Jinghu Camp. If Yanxi hadn’t blocked it again and again, I’m afraid Ning Liang would have already led the army to fight, and there would have been casualties. However, the elders couldn’t hold the town at this moment, and decided to hand over the emperor. Fortunately, Su Mo came forward to preside over the overall situation in time and opposed the betrayal of allies.

Fei Lian couldn’t bear to kill innocent people indiscriminately, and stopped before Nan Zhao carried out the second wave of massacres. Originally, Nan Zhao relied on his Shi Peng as his backing, and he was no longer dispatched like his predecessors. He and Fei Lian were both major generals, but he was arrogant towards Fei Lian. At a critical moment, Yu Huan intervened. Nan Zhao knew that the two of them were brothers and sisters.

Su Gu’s backlash was getting heavier and heavier, and he also felt that the situation was urgent. He hurriedly summoned Shi Shi and asked her to prepare more obsidian, Wenshu Beast’s blood, and Nether Eye Flower Juice for herself. It is mainly used to practice the technique of splitting, although the power is stronger than that of the mirror, so is the backlash. Si Shi persuaded Su Mi to no avail. On the other hand, Su Mi had already made up his mind and knew that only the technique of splitting could compete with Cang Liu Feng Falcon, and there must be no accident in rescuing the clan.

Ning Liang learned of the miserable situation of the clan, and felt resentment in his heart. He even believed that Su Mi’s decision was not correct. Since Kongsang and Quanxian formed an alliance, they saw that Quanxian suffered heavy casualties. Hanzhou appeased Ning Liang’s impulsive emotions, and at the same time indicated that he hoped to return to Biluohai together, but Ningliang vaguely felt that something was wrong with Hanzhou, so he kept asking questions without responding.

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