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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 14 Recap

In fact, whether the two countries cooperate or not, Su G has already made a choice. After all, the enemy that he is facing now is Cang Liu. Before the big situation, any grievances can be temporarily eliminated. While Su G was discussing ideas with Mrs. Ruyi, Na Sheng suddenly ran over and asked how to help Quanxian return to Biluohai.

Mrs. Ruyi didn’t want to say more, but asked Na Sheng to go to Yan Xi to say goodbye, because they were about to leave. Na Sheng thought that it would be difficult to see Yan Xi in the future, and it was even more difficult to accept it, so she hurriedly went to find Zhen Lan and others to seek a solution to both, and wanted to try her best to promote cooperation, she even took Bai Ying to find Su G, and asked her to persuade him.

In this matter, Bai Ying also hopes that Su Gu can agree to cooperate with Kong Sang. After all, the place to go next, the mountain is high and the road is dangerous, and it is bound to encounter various difficulties. How can he protect himself and lead the whole clan? Back to the blue sea. Su G listened to Bai Ying’s caring words and knew that she still had herself in her heart, so she confessed affectionately again, not wishing to go back to the past, but only to start over.

However, Bai Ying couldn’t get over the hurdle in her heart, because she felt guilty and knew that she could no longer act willfully. A hundred years ago, it was Bai Ying’s willfulness that destroyed Kong Sang, but now she doesn’t want to let her feelings develop, and once again makes Kong Sang never turn over, she finally rejected Su Mo decisively, and cherishes every encounter with each other, only this is enough. Carry on.

In the Cangliu Fengjing Falcon camp, several windfalcons are fully prepared. Xiang, who is also a native of Quanxian, is now waiting for Fei Lian’s arrival, and set off for Taoyuan County according to his instructions. Compared with Xiao, this female shark has an extremely first-class reaction speed and judgment, not to mention that with Yu Huan’s Tianluodi net, Fei Lian believes that this battle will definitely capture the emperor’s holder in one fell swoop.

Bai Ying told Zhenlan truthfully about the situation, although Su Gu did not clearly agree, at least she was thinking about it, mainly considering Kong Sang’s sincerity. Zhen Lan understands Su G’s suspicion very well. In the past, Kong Sang hurt Quan Xian too deeply. Now, if he wants to repair the relationship, he needs to build more trust.

Su Mixuan came to his subordinates to discuss the matter. Ning Liang had always had objections to cooperation, and only hoped that Haihuang would lead the clansmen to rush to kill the enemy. But Su G believed that exchanging seals was not the best choice and should be done in an alliance way. As soon as the voice fell, the house vibrated violently, and Fei Lian led the Cangliu army.

Although Su Gu has a barrier in Taoyuan Village, he is afraid that he will not be able to support it for too long in the face of powerful weapons. After the attacking Feng Falcon shot a powerful crossbow, he pulled it up again, swept up in the air, and quickly broke through the defensive barrier. Countless artillery bombarded the village, and Hanzhou was injured.

Xiang, who was in charge of driving the falcon, saw such a scene, and she couldn’t bear it, but she still had to bite the bullet and chase after her. The long-term dormancy should not be abandoned. Bai Ying knew that mermen were extremely sensitive to fire, so she asked Su G to lead everyone to retreat first. Su G also thought that Bai Ying couldn’t stay in the sun for too long, and the two were very concerned about each other’s safety.

Everyone fled along the waterway, but He Yuhuan specially set up a barrier for the mermen. Zhen Lan read the Xuanhuang Sutra and found a way to crack it. With the mana delivered by Su Gu, the barrier was easily opened. Su G performed a water avoidance technique on Na Sheng, and then asked Zhen Lan to lead people away first, while he returned to meet Bai Ying the same way.

Just as Fei Lian was about to arrest Bai Ying and others, he suddenly saw dense clouds surging in the sky, obscuring the morning light, as dim as iron, and the powerful crossbow shot stopped halfway. Pulled the tiller, had to choose to evacuate.

After the storm passed, everyone followed the wave to Jinghu Lake. Before Zhen Lan returned to the Colorless City, he reached an alliance oath with Su G. For Na Sheng’s safety, Xijing became the best choice to protect her, and immediately settled in a wooden house by the water. Na Sheng wanted to practice spells, and Zhen Lan left her the secret book of the royal family of Benkong Sang before leaving with confidence.

The predators observed the sky and knew that Quanxian had formed an alliance with Kong Sang, but felt that the situation was becoming more and more interesting. Originally, Yu Zhu wanted to inform the fifth division, but how did he know that he was stopped by the predators. At the same time, Su Gu returned to the bottom of Jinghu to meet with the elder Quanxian, and with the respect of the clan, he officially became the emperor of the sea.

The elders had been looking forward to today for a long time, and offered to offer the ice crystals left by Si Shiming Huo, and on the eve of Quanxian’s destruction, Si Shiming Huo had predicted that the Sea Emperor would appear in 7,000 years, until Su Mo confirmed the prophecy. Up to now, the elders knew that Su Gu and Kong Sang had formed an alliance. Although they were unwilling, they respected his decision and no longer had any objections.

Su G entered the water palace alone and summoned Si Shi Ming Huo. Even if he had never seen it before, the other party still recognized him. Si Shi Minghuo told the story of Quanxian’s demise, as well as the foreshadowed content, saying that Su Mo “everything begins after the end”, which reminds Su Mo of Na Sheng’s divination. It turned out that his destiny was doomed thousands of years ago.

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