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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 12 Recap

Sun Dong was running around for his medical equipment project, but he ran into walls everywhere. At this time, Zuo Yan called to ask if he was satisfied with Xiao Xiao’s consultation, and asked if he should transfer the appointment to Lin Shen. Sun Dong refused, and Fan Qi left Sun Dong after hearing the content of the call.

Lin Shen was hypnotizing Li Yixin. She went back to the dormitory alone. The sound of dripping water was ticking. Li Yixin saw herself walking in and sprinkled peach crumbs on Xiaoxue’s bed. Li Yixin seemed to be unable to believe what was in front of her.

When the scene changed, she saw the scene where she replaced Xiaoxue as Lin Shen’s assistant. Even when she was accused of being a junior, Li Yixin pretended to be weak when she saw Lin Shen. Li Yixin woke up suddenly, and Lin Shen thought she must have seen something, so she suggested that she find a psychologist who is purely relationship-based.

Li Yixin fled in a hurry, Xiao Xiao guarded the door early, she got a video of Li Yixin carefully disguising and putting threatening objects at her door from her neighbor, and put the blade on her desk while Sun Rui fell asleep. Everything Li Yixin complained to Lin Shen was a lie, but after being exposed by Xiao Xiao at the moment, she took Xiao Xiao’s hand to admit her mistake.

Xiao Xiao advised Li Yixin to admit his mistakes, everyone should pay for what they did, maybe it was just because of lack of attention and love, but often the more they did, the less they could achieve their goals. Li Yixin’s “chameleon” behavior eventually brought infinite harm to herself and others. If you want to gain true friendship and love, there is only the word sincerity.

After the Li Yixin incident, the colleagues discussed going to eat hot pot, but Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao agreed that they refused to participate in the evening. Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao, who were shopping in the supermarket after get off work, separated. The witty Xiao Xiao used the radio to find Lin Shen. Unexpectedly, Shao Ning, Zuo Yan and others were also in the supermarket. Lin Shen hurriedly pulled Xiao Xiao to hide, and Shao Ning left lightly with an attitude of seeing through everything.

Lin Shen was worried that the explanation would not be clear, so he quickly told Xiao Xiao to hide and deal with Shao Ning. Shao Ning immediately took Lin Shen to eat hot pot together, and deliberately sent Xiao Xiao a WeChat joke. Lin Shen was absent-minded while eating hot pot at Shao Ning’s house, and held the old man’s face all night, but Xiao Xiao was eating hot pot at home alone, and he was able to enjoy himself after eating.

Lin Shen really couldn’t wait to run away, but Shao Ning refused to let him wish, blocking him to question their office romance. Lin Shen explained that it was not what he thought, and said that they were living together. Lord Shao Ning let him leave in large numbers, and explained to Zuo Yan and others that he was going home to take care of his aunt.

Li Yixin was punished and received the punishment he deserved. Xiao Xiao planned to pack up and go back to his house, and deliberately dangled in front of Lin Shen, and Lin Shen finally asked her to leave tomorrow. Sun Kele wanted to confess to Zuo Yan, and also sent a small confession essay to Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao to ask them to advise.

The two masters of single mother and child psychology called Sun Cola’s love skills seriously, and any love routines will come when they open their mouths. Lin Shen talked about the psychology of love from a professional point of view with great interest. He stroked Xiao Xiao’s hair with one hand, and then tried his own way to teach Sun Kele how to extend his gaze with the girl he likes while waiting for coffee.

Faced with Lin Shen’s sudden and affectionate glance, Xiao Xiao subconsciously retreated, but Lin Shen grabbed the person. Obviously, the result of looking at each other for more than two seconds is either embarrassment or a kiss, and this is a matter of course for Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao. matter.

Yan Luo gossips and asks about the relationship between Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen. Two days ago, Xiao Xiao pretended to be staying at Lin Shen’s house, but now he is clamoring to move. Xiao Xiao angrily turned around to pack his things, and did not forget to refute what Yan Luo said for Lin Shen, who said that Lin Shen was not good at talking!

After the kiss ended abruptly, Lin Shen still asked Sun Kele seriously what he said just now, and then there was no more! The more Xiao Xiao thought about it, the more angry she became.

As the most crucial link in the love tug of war, she would never take the initiative to confess! When Lin Shen returned home, the house returned to its former cleanliness. The home without Xiao Xiao seemed empty, and Lin Shen’s heart seemed to be hollowed out.

A passionate male fan appeared at the signing ceremony of Yan Luo’s new book “Sleeping Garden”. Yan Luo was extremely uncomfortable with his intimacy. Shao Ning appeared at this time and chased away the male fan. signed. Xiao Xiao is hypnotizing Sun Dong, but because of the pressure in his career, the hypnosis is not going well.

Sun Dong said that he wanted to transfer to Lin Shen for consultation, and Xiao Xiao said that he would go back and discuss his situation with Lin Shen before deciding. Shao Ning passed by the tea room that day and came across the scene of Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao kissing affectionately. I didn’t expect this love to turn yellow in a few days. Lin Shen looked distressed, he was not irresponsible, but he just hadn’t figured out how to express himself.

Xiao Xiao made it very clear in the public account that a ritualistic confession is very important for girls, because it represents the importance of a relationship. Shao Ning planned to help them create opportunities, so he invited Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao to dinner in the name of celebrating Yan Luo’s new book sale. Of course, this was also creating opportunities for himself.

Lin Shen met Xiao Xiao who was drinking water from the tea, still holding stomach medicine in his hand, he took the cup and received a cup of hot water without a word. Xiao Xiao felt a little uncomfortable facing him, and Lin Shen continued to take his lunch to Xiao Xiao’s office. Recently, Xiao Xiao has been busy with Sun Dong’s affairs, so he has a stomach problem.

Sun Dong’s online medical device project has encountered difficulties. It was about to get better in Xiao Xiao’s place, but for some reason, it has suddenly turned bad recently, and even has self-abuse behavior. Xiao Xiao really wants to help him, but he doesn’t know what to do now. Do. Lin Shen affirmed Xiao Xiao’s ability, maybe Sun Dong just encountered some problems.

Lin Shen said that Shao Ning had asked them to have dinner together on the weekend, and Xiao Xiao agreed, and said he would go to his house to taste delicious wine. Lin Shen suddenly thought of the scene where Xiao Xiao was drunk and was sent back by Fan Qi, and quickly denied her dangerous idea.

Xiao Xiao, Yan Luo, and Lin Shen had dinner at Shao Ning’s house. Lin Shen stared at her and refused to let her drink more, but Yan Luo accidentally discovered that the person who helped him buy lights in the supermarket last time was Shao Ning.

After eating, Shao Ning drove Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen back to give each other a chance to be alone. Yan Luo helped Shao Ning clean up the dishes, and realized this later, the small kitchen was full of ambiguous atmosphere. Yan Luo was upset, and the plate in her hand was broken, so she hurriedly said goodbye without waiting for Shao Ning to save her. Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao met an old grandmother who was selling flowers on the road.

Lin Shen’s hand about to scan the code subconsciously agreed after hearing that Xiao Xiao had cleared the relationship. When Xiao Xiao heard this, he turned his head and left. Lin Shen realized that he had said something wrong, and hurriedly bought all the grandma’s flowers.

In the next few days, the smell of gunpowder between Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen was full of gunpowder, and Xiao Xiao even put on a ring to show his singleness. Shao Ning can’t gossip because he is still worrying about Yan Luo. Judging from Yan Luo’s series of behaviors to avoid Shao Ning’s blatant feelings, Shao Ning suspects that she is attachment damage, and hopes that Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao can help.

The harm Wang Su brought to Yan Luo actually always existed. Xiao Xiao accidentally found out that she was still taking sleeping pills and was very worried. Yan Luo finally took off her strong mask and spoke to Xiao Xiao.

Every time Yan Luo wanted to start a new relationship, she would dream of Wang Su, chasing after her like a soul, not letting her start a new relationship, Yan Luo even fell into a state of self-doubt. Xiao Xiao was worried about Yan Luo’s state and ran to Shao Ning to ask about the case of attachment damage, only to realize that Shao Ning had other feelings for Yan Luo.

Shao Ning gave Xiao Xiao two movie tickets to watch the movie with Lin Shen, where she could find the answers she wanted. As soon as Lin Shen arrived at the cinema, he received a call from his mother’s nursing home. As a last resort, Lin Shen released Xiao Xiao’s pigeon. The initiator of this incident was Fan Qi, and Xiao Xiao was the most important part of their plan.

Xiao Xiao couldn’t wait for Lin Shen, so he ran to the side to draw the blind box, Fan Qi appeared next to Xiao Xiao again as planned.

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