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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 11 Recap

Xiao Xiao said that she was going to dinner with Li Yixin tomorrow night. In fact, she was quite pitiful. Xiao Xiao thought she regarded herself as a good friend. Xiao Xiao passed by the campus playground and accidentally encountered Li Yixin helping a boy wipe his sweat, and suddenly remembered Sun Rui who accused her of being a third party. She had read the chat records, and the boy and Sun Rui’s boyfriend had a very similar avatar.

Seeing Xiao Xiao not far away, Li Yixin was a little embarrassed, turned her head and told her not to misunderstand, she asked Peng Xu to find out Sun Rui’s computer password to help Xiao Xiao clarify. Li Yixin took Xiao Xiao’s hand and said that she was his friend and the most important person. Moreover, Li Yixin has someone she likes. The person who helped her when she was abandoned by her ex-boyfriend was a person full of charisma.

Xiao Xiao asked Fan Qi to meet and asked him to help investigate the recent incident on Weibo, and wanted to find out the background of the whistleblower. Fan Qi agreed very happily, but this service was not for nothing. In return, Xiao Xiao came to the Model Group to help Fan Qi give a speech on psychology.

During the dinner, Fan Qi announced an increase in the end-of-year dividends, and thanked Xiao Xiao in particular. Xiao Xiao hasn’t come home, Lin Shen is restless at home, eager to see what he sees~ Xiao Xiao drank a lot of alcohol at various entertainment tonight, and shouted that he must go home before twelve o’clock. Fan Qi carefully sent her back to Lin Shen’s house, but the gentleman couldn’t calm down after saying goodbye. Xiao Xiao was cut off again.

The next day, he said that he would cook hot pot in the evening to apologize to Lin Shen. When returning home from get off work, Lin Shen saw a figure very much like Xiao Xiao wandering downstairs, only to find that Xiao Xiao had been at home after returning home. At this time, Lin Shen saw another figure from Xiao Xiao, and immediately realized that the person downstairs was Li Yixin. But why is Li Yixin downstairs in the middle of the night? Xiao Xiao had no doubts at all, but Lin Shen frowned.

Li Yixin exchanged a complete video with Sun Rui’s photo before plastic surgery. The two disagreed and fought again. Li Yixin’s face was injured. When Lin Shen passed by, he sent Li Yixin to the infirmary. Xiao Xiao hurried over after hearing about it, but was pulled out by Lin Shen to speak. Li Yixin said that he has been negotiating with Sun Rui to get the complete video recently, and went to Xiao Xiao yesterday to discuss this matter. Lin Shen has contacted the school, and someone will talk to Sun Rui.

Xiao Xiao felt sorry for Li Yixin and felt that she was the victim of the whole thing, but Lin Shen remained silent. Li Yixin looked at Lin Shen’s affectionate eyes, and Xiao Xiao finally realized it. She asked if the person Li Yixin said she liked before was Lin Shen? It was indeed him.

The one who held the umbrella for her and comforted her when Li Yixin was brokenhearted was Lin Shen, so Li Yixin thought that she was special in Lin Shen’s heart. Xiao Xiao on the side didn’t know what to say, and her mood was as complicated as overturning the five-flavor bottle, but Li Yixin took her hand affectionately and said that she wanted to confess to Lin Shen, the two of them were very special to him. . Because of Li Yixin’s words, Xiao Xiao stayed up all night. Seeing that the light in her room was still on, Lin Shen knocked on the door, Xiao Xiao remembered that Li Yixin still didn’t open the door in the end.

Shao Ning asked Xiao Xiao to call Lin Shen on the weekend, and then call Yan Luo to have dinner together. Xiao Xiao said that Yan Luo had an appointment on the weekend, and Shao Ning couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Li Yixin didn’t talk about being aggrieved, but was hypocritical. Xiao Xiao was really big, and Lin Shen helped her pour the sweetened coffee and said that it would be better to drink something sweeter. Lin Shen naturally took the cup that Xiao Xiao had drank, and accidentally stained his lipstick, Xiao Xiao helped him wipe it embarrassingly.

The passing employees saw from the crack of the door as if the two were kissing passionately, and they were shocked. all fell. Fan Qi came to give Xiao Xiao the earrings that fell on the car, Lin Shen sneered at this, and the vinegar jar was knocked over. Shao Ning said again, if you like it, you should chase it when it’s time to chase it. But Lin Shen couldn’t be sure whether Xiao Xiao liked him or Fan Qi.

Fan Qi asked Xiao Xiao to have dinner together in the evening, so Lin Shen stepped on the clock to call Xiao Xiao to work overtime, successfully making Xiao Xiao cancel the plan with his rival. The person who edited the video and posted it online was Sun Rui, and the school also found the exact same blade as Xiao Xiao received in her dormitory. Soon the full video was released, and Xiao Xiao’s matter was clarified. At this time, Sun Rui’s boyfriend Peng Xu found Xiao Xiao and begged her to intercede for Sun Rui, otherwise she would be greatly affected by being persuaded to quit.

And Sun Rui said that the blade was not sent by her, but Xiao Xiao didn’t believe it. If it wasn’t for Peng Xu to hook up with Li Yixin, there would not be so many things. Peng Xu admitted that he did have a good impression of Li Yixin, but later found that something was not right. Li Yixin wanted to use him to anger Sun Rui because he didn’t deal with Sun Rui.

And it was Li Yixin who took the initiative to watch Peng Xu play basketball that day, Xiao Xiao countered that Li Yixin came to him only to get the password of Sun Rui’s computer, but he didn’t expect Peng Xu to say that Sun Rui’s computer never had a password, and Sun Rui and Li Yixin had a very close relationship before. good. Xiao Xiao found something wrong, and Peng Xu showed her the chat records between Li Yixin and him, which proved that she was hanging herself on purpose.

Xiao Xiao took the fruit basket and went to Li Yixin’s dormitory. There was only Xiaoxue in the dormitory. She was allergic to peaches. Xiao Xiao accidentally learned that Li Yixin didn’t like to eat peaches, but she accidentally saw the receipt for peaches on Li Yixin’s body. Xiaoxue and Li Yixin were not familiar with each other. Before the class started, she suddenly had an allergic cough. She was afraid that she would be replaced as Lin Shen’s teaching assistant.

She wanted to find someone to help. Only then would she agree to take the initiative to find Li Yixin as an assistant teacher. Speaking of the grievances between Sun Rui and Li Yixin, Xiaoxue said that it was because of a cat Xiaojuzi that Li Yixin brought back. Sun Rui didn’t like Xiaojuzi. Later, Xiaojuzi ran away, and the two broke up. Sun Rui has a carefree personality, while Li Yixin likes to be alone.

After thinking about it for a long time, Xiao Xiao decided to plead for Sun Rui. After listening to the story she learned, Lin Shen thought that there might be another truth behind the whole thing, or another Li Yixin. At this time, Li Yixin called Lin Shen, saying that the classmates in the dormitory isolated her because of Sun Rui’s affairs and wanted to go to Shaolin to find him. Lin Shen agreed, and Xiao Xiao rolled his eyes and complained about his damn charm.

Lin Shen helped Li Yixin with psychological counseling and persuaded her to try hypnosis. Li Yixin came to the dormitory under hypnosis and saw the scene where she deliberately sprinkled peach crumbs on the Xiaoxue table…

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