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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 9 Recap

Sun Ping’s illness is a matter of time, but Tan Jing never thought that it would come so suddenly, and even because of the recent success of her career, she almost forgot the potential danger. It was not until the end of the matter that she felt like the sky was falling. The huge emergency room was noisy and full of doctors and patients. Tan Jing followed the push bed and ran all the way, completely ignoring the sprained and swollen left foot.

As soon as Nie Yusheng received the consultation, he rushed to check on Sun Ping’s condition, and then issued a critical illness notice to the family in the calmest tone. Tan Jing’s face was pale, and she suddenly rushed out and grabbed Nie Yusheng’s white robe, and kept begging him to save her son. She even thought about telling the other party about her son’s life experience, but before the words were spoken, more doctors and nurses surrounded her. Come up, under everyone’s persuasion, I have to let go.

After a long wait, Nie Yusheng called Tan Jing to the office and watched her limping in. He took out an ice pack and rubbed her feet without saying a word, but he was talking about the cruelest fact—the child’s condition was getting worse. , must be hospitalized for treatment. Due to the high daily medical expenses, the tens of thousands of dollars that Tan Jing accumulated would not last long. She humbly asked Nie Yusheng to borrow money, but she was decisively rejected.

Just when Nie Yusheng was explaining about the hospitalization and Tan Jing wanted to tell the truth, Shu Qin’s sudden intrusion interrupted the conversation between the two. Nie Yusheng turned his head almost instinctively, and just took this opportunity to avoid Tan Jing’s disturbing voice. The stinging eyes, she was relieved when she walked out of the office.

Shu Qin brought food to Nie Yusheng, and then went to visit Nie Dongyuan, winning the other’s heart. On the other hand, Tan Jing stayed outside the hospital alone, bit the bullet and borrowed money from relatives and friends. In the end, there was really no way to do it, so she took the initiative to call Shu Qin, hoping to advance part of her salary to pay for the medical expenses.

Since Tan Jing is still in the probationary stage, such a difficult opening must have been pushed to a desperate situation. Similarly, the company has no relevant precedents. Even if Shu Qin promised to apply to her superiors, the possibility of getting approved is still slim, and she is willing to take private loans as an emergency, but Tan Jing is unhappy and hopes to try again. method.

Sheng Fangting learned about Tan Jing’s situation through Shu Qin, so he went to the front hall to pay for Sun Ping’s hospitalization expenses. In fact, he is a calm and rational person, and often arranges life and work in an orderly manner. It can be said that reason is greater than emotion. Why, he suddenly got tired of the way he used to do things, that’s why he has this kind of sensibility.

Wang Yuling and her boyfriend took out all their savings to treat their children. In order to lighten Tan Jing’s burden, Nie Yusheng called Director Fang to discuss the project subsidy. In the end, he was reprimanded by Director Fang because he called the super operating room. , this behavior is really bizarre.

Tan Jing learned that Sheng Fangting had paid the surgery fee, and took the initiative to run to express her gratitude. Unexpectedly, Nie Yusheng watched the conversation between the two, especially when she saw Sheng Fangting put her hand on Tan Jing’s shoulder. Heart aches. Shu Qin came over to find Nie Yusheng, followed his line of sight and froze involuntarily.

The well-behaved and sensible Sun Ping could feel the pressure his mother was under, so he had the idea of ​​being discharged from the hospital, and the adults who stayed by the bed were deeply touched. When Nie Yusheng came to the water room to meet Tan Jing, he couldn’t help but be angry with her. In fact, it was more like a mockery of incompetence.

The fat man called and urged Nie Yusheng to attend the alumni meeting on Saturday, and repeatedly stated that he would try to avoid Tan Jing as much as possible. Unexpectedly, these words reminded Nie Yusheng. Afterwards, he took the initiative to ask the other party for dinner, and inquired about Tan Jing’s situation in disguise. Died in an engineering accident. After that, Fattou only knew that Tan Jing sold the house and left. He couldn’t help feeling that Hong Yan was suffering. Hearing that, Nie Yusheng felt very uncomfortable.

At the same time, Tan Jing received a call from Teacher Liu and thought about agreeing to join the alumni association for a moment. On the other hand, Nie Yusheng and Shu Qin were chatting about the past, annoyed and determined to start over, but in the end, he was too cheap to care about his ex’s situation. Shu Qin understands Nie Yusheng very well, but comforts him that repeating doesn’t mean repeating. If he cares too much, his hopes will be dashed, until he gives up completely.

Leaving Nie Yusheng’s house, Shu Qin drove to the hospital to find Sheng Fangting, wondering why he cared so much about Tan Jing, or the most intuitive way to ask if he had fallen in love with him. Sheng Fangting did not hesitate to deny it, but he simply couldn’t bear the suffering of orphans, widows and mothers. Moreover, he would never love anyone, which made Shu Qin deeply understand.

Knowing that Tan Jing was going to participate in the alumni association, Wang Yuling rushed to the hospital early in the morning to take care of Sun Ping for her, and asked her to carry the cake there. Tan Jing took the bus to the restaurant in a complicated mood, but as soon as he entered the door, he met Nie Yusheng. He didn’t communicate much, just smiled hastily, and went upstairs immediately.

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