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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 7 Recap

The results of the biopsy report were as expected by Nie Yusheng, and it was confirmed that his father, Nie Dongyuan, had a malignant liver tumor. Since the tumor was located close to the artery, conservative treatment was the only option. Even though he was mentally prepared beforehand, when he was really going to face it, Nie Yusheng started to lose his mind, and gradually he could feel his father’s feelings.

Since the father and son had a heart-to-heart talk last time, Nie Yusheng has seriously reflected on his emotional situation, so he hopes to fall in love with Shu Qin, not simply to perfunctory his father’s regret with marriage, but two widowers who are familiar with each other and try to open their hearts. , to spend the rest of their lives together.

When Nie Yusheng plucked up the courage to explain his thoughts, he could clearly feel his uneasy emotions, as if what he said was not a paragraph, but a wound, deadly and terrifying. Shu Qin was a little undecided, so when she got home, she sent Mark a message to ask for advice. Unexpectedly, the other party only replied a few words, letting her make her own choice.

Because of this, Shu Qin smiled weakly. She and Nie Yusheng were of the same kind, and they were also hurt by their feelings. She thought she would continue to maintain the status quo, but Nie Yusheng’s sudden change made her overwhelmed. It’s not even as good as it used to be, at least it turns out that they are friends, confidants, and can be a tree hole for each other.

Tan Jing woke up from the bus and found that the brooch was missing. After she repeatedly searched for it to no avail, her heart sank to the bottom of the valley in an instant, and she sat by the window in despair, tears pouring out of her eyes like a spring. That night, Tan Jing couldn’t sleep for a long time, and Sun Ping noticed something, so he took the initiative to sing to her, a lullaby with a childish voice, which finally brought some comfort.

The next morning, Tan Jing sat in a daze with her red and swollen eyes. She was always listless because she thought about the brooch. Sheng Fangting keenly observed Tan Jing’s changes, called her to the office, and asked her to put ice cola on her eyes, and go to the side to rest for the time being.

When it was time to eat at noon, Tan Jing had returned to normal. She wanted to integrate into the circle of colleagues as soon as possible, so she proposed a treat. Everyone was lacking in interest for this, but luckily Jiji was a good face. The two went downstairs together and happened to pass by Nie Yusheng, but it was someone else who was gossiping about Shu Qin’s new boyfriend.

Sheng Fangting met Nie Yusheng and Shu Qin and took the initiative to invite them to dinner. During this period, Nie Yusheng discovered that the relationship between Sheng Fangting and Shu Qin was not right. In fact, the reason why Nie Yusheng came to the company was mainly to apologize to Shu Qin in person and to regret his rashness last night.

Shu Qin didn’t take it to heart at all. In the afternoon, he followed Nie Yusheng to the hospital to visit his uncle, and won the favor of the other party. Because Nie Dongyuan was very satisfied with Shu Qin, and wanted to try his best to match her and her son, she just hoped that her son could come out of the shadows as soon as possible and turn the past over completely.

Colleagues went off work one after another, leaving only Tan Jing and Sheng Fangting who were still working overtime. The two did not disturb each other and devoted themselves to their work. On the other side, Shu Qin curiously asked about the experience of Nie Yusheng and his ex-girlfriend. Through his remarks, he probably learned that his ex-girlfriend suddenly broke up because of the five million Nie Dongyuan provided.

Nie Yusheng doesn’t care if Tan Jing cares about money, because he only cares about whether the other party is sincere or not. The most ridiculous thing is that when he blindly tried to maintain this relationship, he was trampled repeatedly, and even on the day of breaking up, he made it clear that he never liked it. Own.

It is because of too many unspeakable secrets and too many heart-wrenching details that make Nie Yusheng so insecure that he loses hope for the future. Shu Qin listened to Nie Yusheng’s constant murmur of his ex-girlfriend, and finally understood how deep and humble he was in love. For a moment, he was ashamed of himself, breaking the stereotype of a lover.

When Nie Yusheng woke up, he found that Shu Qin was still busy with breakfast in the kitchen, staring at him obsessively, making him feel uncomfortable. Shu Qin stopped teasing Nie Yusheng, and immediately proposed to try dating, feeling that two men and women with normal perceptions do not need to be the widow of a lifetime. It is not so much to experience love as to redeem each other.

The police station called Tan Jing but no one answered, so they called the office again, only because they had just cracked a theft case recently and recovered some of the stolen money related to the brooch, so he asked Tan Jing to identify it. Unfortunately, after a trip to the police station, he still found nothing. Sheng Fangting drove Tan Jing back to the company. Unexpectedly, just after entering the company gate, he suddenly vomited blood and fell into a coma. Tan Jing hurriedly called 120 for emergency treatment.

After Nie Yusheng and Shu Qin established their relationship, they started their first date and went to the familiar band bar to watch the show. Not much has changed after so many years, and Nie Yusheng was in it, as if he had returned to the past. After watching the performance and returning home, Shu Qin specially prepared a gift for Nie Yusheng, and by the way, he wanted to take away his old watch.

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