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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 13 Recap

The blazing sun outside the house is like a blade, dividing life and death moment by moment, while the room is quiet and dull, the two people who are close at hand are relatively silent, as if an invisible curtain is unfolding between each other, guessing each other’s heart at the moment. think.

In the end, Bai Ying was the first to speak, and took the initiative to express her gratitude to Su Gu for his kindness to the Kongsang people, but the medicine was not delivered until Zhen Lan suddenly knocked on the door and interrupted the conversation. Zhen Lan informed Bai Ying that they were going back to Wuse City tonight, and that Sheng could be handed over to Xijing to guard.

Na Sheng went up the mountain alone to collect herbs, but unexpectedly, Ning Liang mistakenly thought that he was from Kongsang, so he held hostility. With Na Sheng’s repeated explanations, it was revealed that he was born in Zhongzhou, and even though he had the Emperor’s Ring in his hand, it was purely a coincidence, and he had no choice but to walk with everyone. On the other hand, Na Sheng found out that Ning Liang was wearing thin clothes, and if she didn’t believe that she was simply treating Yanxi’s injuries, she had to go to Su Gu to complain.

Shi Luo and Shi Lang want to conspire for Feilian’s future, and they need to eradicate Yu Huan as soon as possible. Only Shi Peng who has lost Yu Huan is like an eagle without wings, not enough to be afraid of. Because of this, the five divisions gathered in the main hall to interrogate Yu Huan, and decided that he delayed the military plane and lost many wind falcons.

Shi Peng already knew the deep thoughts of the two, and in turn scolded Shi Luo for failing to notify Gao Shunzhao in time, which led to the failure of the pursuit of Kong Sang Yu’s party, and then questioned Shi Lang’s personal wealth, which made Feng Falun’s material not strong. As soon as these words came out, everyone was speechless. Yu Huan took the opportunity to explain that the merman had destroyed the wind falcon with his bare hands, and then the prey sent a secret report, which confirmed that what Yu Huan said was true, because the merman was Quan Xian. Sea King.

As time passed by for thousands of years, everyone seemed to gradually avoid talking about the past, written records gradually disappeared, the older generation of witnesses died one after another, and that period of history became blank, but Neptune did exist. However, even though he was defeated by Emperor Xingzun, no one could shake his remaining power.

Zhen Lan knew this very well, so she specially gave Su G a big gift. Seven thousand years later, it was the first time that Kong Sang worshiped Quan Xian, and Su G also responded with courtesy. The two young monarchs who did not have too many conflicts finally had a chance to talk calmly. Zhen Lan promised to help Su Gu to lift the seal of the Dragon God. By then, the ancestors of Quan would not only be able to return to the blue sea, but also the people of 100,000 Kongsang would be able to see the sun again.

Because Zhen Lan is seeking cooperation from the heart, he is willing to exchange the seal of the Dragon God for the seal of Guishenyuan, expressing his sincerity. Su Gu did not immediately express his position, but bluntly stated that he was used by Kongsang people a hundred years ago. I believe that Zhenlan should remember that this incident made a deep impression on him and damaged Quanxian’s trust in Kongsang.

At the same time, Bai Ying came to Xijing to discuss how to fight against Cang Liu. After all, the top priority is to ensure the safety of Na Sheng. When she heard that Zhen Lan wanted to cooperate with Su Mo, although she had some concerns, it was still the best choice.

Not long after Yu Huan was put in prison, he was attacked by assassins. Fortunately, Fei Lian arrived in time and finally drove the assassins away. Fei Lian took care of his brotherhood, and specially prepared drinks for Yu Huan, hoping that he can recover his freedom soon. Yu Huan knew that Fei Lian was of good character, so he told the other party about the dark net he set up.

Upon receiving the news, Hongyuan and Lan Wang hurried to Taoyuan Village to meet Zhenlan and others, but Su Mi had previously set up a barrier and could not enter at all. Bai Ying kept begging, Su G had no choice but to let him go. King Lan handed over the Xuanhuang Sutra to Zhen Lan, and let Zhen Lan display the text with the power of the emperor. All of the above can be found in the records about the seal of the Dragon God.

Now that Su Mo wants to unlock the seal of the Dragon God, he must first go to Jiuyi Mountain to get back the Heaven-defying Sword. Zhen Lan said that Jiuyi Mountain belongs to the Qingwang territory. If anyone who is not Kongsang enters, they will either die or be injured. Take this into consideration. Similarly, Kongsang people can’t go to ghosts and gods. Bai Ying knows Zhenlan’s true intentions, but in fact, he is more concerned about whether the merpeople are in danger.

Na Sheng stayed by the bed to take care of Yan Xi, but Yan Xi couldn’t get any water in, so Na Sheng thought of feeding her to her mouth, but Ning Liang found out that she rushed up and dragged her to the side. Because of Ning Liang’s excited attitude, Na Sheng decided that she liked Yan Xi, but she didn’t know that there was no distinction between men and women before the merman was transformed, unless he met someone he really liked.

At this moment, Yan Xi woke up leisurely. He saw the two were arguing endlessly in the room, so he let Na Sheng go out first, leaving Ning Liang alone. Na Sheng, who went out the door, refused to go far, and simply hid by the door to eavesdrop. He accidentally learned that the ancestors of Quan did not return to Biluohai, and would never be greedy for their children’s private affairs.

Ning Liang saw that Yan Xi was attracted to Na Sheng, and asked him to swear in the name of Quan Xian Zuo Quan Shi, not to hinder the grand plan because of personal feelings, but to abandon love and love. death party break. Hearing Yan Xi’s oath, Na Sheng became more and more anxious, fearing that he would be separated from Yan Xi.

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