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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 7 Recap

Huo Lang was accompanying Chai Qian to try on the wedding dress, and suddenly received a call from the boss to change the plan. Huo Lang had to leave in a hurry. Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen were still in the same shopping mall. When they saw Huo Lang coming out of the bridal shop, they hurried in and looked at Chai Qian, who was wearing a wedding dress with a happy face and congratulated him.

Chai Qian thought they were here today for a date, Xiao Xiao quickly explained that they came to a PUA training class to write a paper, and deliberately mentioned the example just now, but Chai Qian was immersed in happiness and didn’t listen at all. Xiao Xiao was so anxious that he didn’t know how to stop Chai Qian from marrying Huo Lang. Lin Shen explained that it would take time to completely change her cognition. When he turned his head, Lin Shen was still angry because Xiao Xiao abandoned him, like a gas tank.

Xiao Xiao invited Chai Qian to see the banquet hall of the wedding hotel together. Wedding planning is Chai Qian’s old job. When she returned to this familiar place, the shrewd and capable Chai Qian from the past came back to her mind again. Chai Qian was very moved and told Xiao Xiao that her first event in her career was here, but unfortunately she will not have the opportunity to continue doing public relations work in the future. Xiao Xiao encouraged Chai Qian to personally plan her own wedding, how meaningful it is.

Chai Qian cooperated with the wedding planning to create ideas, but when Huo Lang heard that these were all planned by Chai Qian, the other party also praised her work ability and left with a sullen face. Soon after, Chai Qian went to the psychological consultation room with a sad face.

It turned out that Huo Lang was very angry when she found out that she had a meeting with the wedding planner, and kept telling her that their compliments were not sincere, but compliments, and he complimented them casually. Chai Qian really felt Huo Lang’s disapproval, and she couldn’t help but burst out when she was trampled on with all her heart and soul. Afterward, Huo Lang looked at her with disappointment and said that she shouldn’t be like this, she used to be very gentle!

Chai Qian told Xiao Xiao that working with the wedding planner during this period was her happiest time. Xiao Xiao finally mentioned the PUA course and hoped that Chai Qian could learn about this wandering website as much as possible. Chai Qian had read what Xiao Xiao said about the gaslight effect, and searched Huo Lang’s notebook. Huo Lang found that the notebook had been used, but the browsing records had been cleared, and he was very uneasy.

Huo Lang deliberately let Chai Qian see the chat records between himself and his colleagues, and told her that it was not him but his colleagues who searched the world. Chai Qian immediately believed Huo Lang, but soon discovered that his mobile phone seemed to have dual systems, and confirmed this, the heart that had just warmed fell into the ice cellar again. Chai Qian went to the psychological counseling center to find Xiao Xiao, and Huo Lang also followed, and as soon as he saw her, he satirized that Xiao Xiao was not serious and wanted to take her away.

Xiao Xiao didn’t believe him anymore, but grabbed Huo Lang’s cell phone and played the PUA’s voice. Huo Lang panicked and explained to Chai Qian that he was so emotional that he had to beat Xiao Xiao, but fortunately Lin Shen arrived to protect Xiao Xiao. Chai Qian stopped them from calling the police. She said that Huo Lang was impulsive, but she and Huo Lang broke up. Huo Lang didn’t intend to just give up, he would never let Chai Qian leave him easily!

Fan Qi came to Xiao Xiao for dinner. Lin Shen saw this scene and deliberately went to the same restaurant with Shao Lin. Xiao Xiao recommended Chai Qian to Fan Qi, and learned that Chai Qian also came for an interview today, but she did not come to work after a successful interview before. Fan Qi felt a little grumpy in her heart, so Xiao Xiao shamelessly begged him once. Lin Shen had been eavesdropping at the next table, and found that they were leaving without any ambiguous relationship, but Shao Lin insisted on staying, and even turned up the volume to let Xiao Xiao discover them.

Lin Shen was fidgeting, turned his head and looked back at Xiao Xiao with a smile that was uglier than crying. After the meal, Xiao Xiao listened to Lin Shen’s songs composed by Shanshan studying abroad. She is a very talented girl. Lin Shen sent Xiao Xiao to the door, and Xiao Xiao also listened to the exclusive ringtone he set for him, which made Lin Shen laugh.

Chai Qian can officially join the Model Group next week, and Xiao Xiao is happy for her from the bottom of his heart. Huo Lang continued to send news of the attack, and even received a call saying that Huo Lang committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time for gastric lavage. After seeing Chai Qian, Huo Lang told her that he had depression, and he didn’t become happy until she appeared in his life, but Chai Qian is leaving now, how should he live!

Huo Lang recalled the old story and picked up the little prince’s music box, hoping that Chai Qian would turn back softly, and even force him to death. Chai Qian finally relented and agreed to stay with Huo Lang. However, Chai Qian contacted Xiao Xiao and learned that Huo Lang had depression, and Lin Shen felt that he could help him. Chai Qian persuaded Huo to come to the psychological counseling center, and Chen Zelin gave Huo Lang deep hypnosis time, and Xiao Xiao hoped that Chai Qian would take him to his house to see.

Huo Lang did not resist psychological counseling, which surprised Lin Shen. With the familiar music, Huo Lang entered hypnosis. Xiao Xiao immediately checked the sleeping pills Huo Lang was taking, and determined that it was indeed a sleeping pill, and that Huo Lang really wanted to commit suicide. Huo Lang told Lin Shen that since Chai Qian broke up with him, he had saved a lot of sleeping pills, but Lin Shen saw that he had not really entered hypnosis, and the truth was not what he said.

Back at the moment when he met Chai Qian, Huo Lang came into contact with the PUA course because he couldn’t be with Chai Qian. Lin Shen understood that Huo Lang wanted to keep Chai Qian by his side, but such a beautiful story of the little prince should not be a tool for him to control Chai Qian’s mind. Huo Lang woke up and gave Lin Shen a mocking look, he didn’t believe in hypnosis at all.

Huo Lang couldn’t wait to pull Chai Qian away, but he didn’t expect Chai Qian to be disappointed with the sleeping pills, because Xiao Xiao found out that the stomach lavage sheet was fake, and it was made from P pictures on the Internet. Huo Lang’s lie was exposed, and he wanted to do something, so Lin Shen hurriedly stood in front of the two of them. Chai Qian was tired, she begged Huo Lang to let her go, if she really loved her.

Later, Huo Lang never came to the psychological consultation again. Lin Shen felt frustrated. The superior supervisor pointed out his problems. He did not remain neutral and did not know Huo Lang’s motives, so he was destined to fail. Chai Qian, who could see Huo Lang’s true face clearly, moved out completely. Even though Huo Lang confessed and apologized countless times, she did not look back.

Xiao Xiao wrote in his tweet that love is a beautiful and pure thing. The real thing is to grow together and make progress together, rather than relying on suppression to pull down the originally excellent opponent and become mediocre with him. PUA cannot protect love, and love does not matter. The only shortcut is to rely on a sincere heart.

Xiao Xiao was recognized by the visitors as Lin Shen’s assistant, and everyone held a tea party for her to celebrate. After being punctured to pay all the expenses for the tea party, Lin Shen said fumblingly that this is the company’s corporate culture, and Shao Lin denied it with shame. In the days that followed, Xiao Xiao was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination while working as Lin Shen’s assistant, reading day and night with the lights on. On this day, Lin Shen, as the master, sent Xiao Xiao to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and he told him a lot of things along the way.

The hard work paid off, Xiao Xiao’s hard work paid off, he pushed open the door of Lin Shen’s office excitedly, only to find that he was not in the company. Xiao Xiao checked Lin Shen’s schedule and ran out quickly, waved him across the road, and asked him if he remembered the promise that she would agree to a request if she passed the exam.

Xiao Xiao’s request was to praise herself in a fancy way, and Lin Shen would not praise others, so she had already prepared, as long as Lin Shen read aloud the small composition she had written. Lin Shen took the photo, Xiao Xiao danced excitedly on the opposite side, and did not forget to take a video to record it. But no amount of rainbow farts can compare to Lin Shen coming over and saying in her ear: I will always cheer for you.

Zuo Yan received a call from a visitor, who cracked up with a bunch of conditions. Lin Shen was visiting his mother in the hospital and left in a hurry after receiving a call from Xiaojia, but he did not pay attention to the worker who entered the ward after him to repair the air conditioner.

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