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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 6 Recap

Chai Qian’s husband, Huo Lang, had just been promoted to the deputy director of the designer. Because he was in a hurry to buy a wedding room to fool the plan, he was transferred to another place by the boss. Chai Qian passed the interview and was hired by the public relations company under the Model Group. When he got home, Chai Qian happily told Huo Lang about this, but Huo Lang scolded her with a calm face, and his attitude was uncertain. Chai Qian and Huo Lang had known each other when they were in college. Thinking of that youthful time, Chai Qian had mixed feelings in her heart.

Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen were having dinner together when they heard the scumbag at the next table calling another girl while his girlfriend was away, Xiao Xiao said fiercely, “A man’s mouth is a liar.” Lin Shen said with a smile, not all men are like this. Chai Qian did not accept the offer from the Model Group. It was Xiao Xiao’s suggestion to find a job, so she apologized to Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao and Chai Qian sat down and had a good chat. Chai Qian actually wanted to go out to work, but when she thought about it, she felt uncomfortable, she was in a low mood and always had nightmares.

Chai Qian told Xiao Xiao about her dream, whether it was the grassland or the basement, she was the one who was imprisoned and could not break free no matter what. Chai Qian couldn’t see the face of the person who imprisoned her. The reason why she changed her mind was because Huo Lang told her that she used to be a leader, but now she started from the bottom. Huo Lang was afraid that she would get angry. Huo Lang said these words in a gentle tone, persuading her to think about it in the name of being good for her.

These Chai Qian did not tell Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao could only persuade her to break the confinement and get out after listening to her dream, and invited her to come here for formal psychological counseling. After returning home, Huo Lang asked her where she went with a gloomy face. Chai Qian said that she was in a bad mood and went to chat with her friends. But Huo Lang said nothing and asked her to call that friend and say that she would never go to her again.

Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen were eating hot pot together, saying that she and Chai Qian chatted and felt that she had the potential to be a psychologist, and also showed off that she helped him find a client. Unexpectedly, she received a call from Chai Qian, saying that she did not want to come for psychological counseling, and Xiao Xiao’s mood suddenly lost. She was not reconciled, Chai Qian was such an independent woman before, but now she has no light in her eyes. Lin Shen expressed that he understood her feelings, but since Chai Qian was unwilling, he could not impose his will on her.

Lin Shen has acquiesced that Xiao Xiao is called his master, and also posted a circle of friends that only the other party can see, which is about the on-the-job graduate student of Shenjiang University. When Xiao Xiao went to class again, those female colleagues thought that she wanted to approach Lin Shen’s girl on purpose, so she called the security to take her away. Lin Shen could only ask Xiao Xiao to find a place to wait for him because of the school’s rules and regulations. Finish the class. Xiao Xiao wanted to take the postgraduate entrance exam, so he pestered Lin Shen to help her make up classes, and made a bet with him that if he passed the exam, he would have to agree to a request.

Xiao Xiao thought of Chai Qian when she was preparing for the exam. She used to be very assertive, but why does she listen to her boyfriend now? Xiao Xiao found Lin Shen to chat in a depressed mood, thinking that Chai Qian’s current state was related to her boyfriend. Lin Shen analyzed Chai Qian’s dream, and both of them believed that Huo Lang was using the name of my good for you to mentally suppress Chai Qian.

Chai Qian wanted to invite Xiao Xiao to have a meal at home, but Xiao Xiao pestered Lin Shen to have a look with him. Huo Lang was not at home. Xiao Xiao remembered that Chai Qian lived in the city center before. Chai Qian explained that Huo Lang wanted to buy a house with his own efforts, so they moved here. Chai Qian felt a little disappointed in Xiao Xiao’s good intentions, Xiao Xiao waved his hand quickly, Chai Qian seemed to be in a good mood today.

Chai Qian said sweetly that because Huo Lang proposed to her, her mood has stabilized a lot. Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen were silent, but it was hard to interrupt Chai Qian’s happiness. Xiao Xiao asked about their campus romance, and Chai Qian was happy again and told them about their acquaintance with great interest. In the university library, the gentle and handsome Huo Lang appeared in front of Chai Qian, who fell in love with her at first sight. It was Huo Lang’s birthday that day, and he hoped that Chai Qian could accompany him on his birthday.

It was also on that day that Huo Lang and Chai Qian opened their hearts and said that his parents divorced when he was very young, so he hoped that Chai Qian could accompany him to spend every day with him in the future. Birthday. They were together, Huo Lang said that he was like the little prince in “The Little Prince”, he met his own rose, and he asked Chai Qian to make his own unique rose and tame each other. After work, the company had an opportunity to recommend an on-the-job MBA.

Chai Qian wanted to go. If she accepted this opportunity, she would go to Beijing for classes every weekend, and she couldn’t accompany Huo Lang, so she was still hesitant. Huo Lang still objected very gently, saying that he didn’t want to be the lonely little prince on the planet, and Chai Qian also softened. Later, Chai Qian’s work became busier and more stressful, and she began to suffer from insomnia, overeating, and hair loss. Huo Lang stayed by her side and told her that work was no big deal, so she asked her to resign.

The three were chatting when Huo Lang suddenly went home. Before Chai Qian finished introducing Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen, Huo Lang asked Chai Qian to help him pack his luggage and said he was going on a business trip. Huo Lang asked how Xiao Xiao and Chai Qian knew each other. Xiao Xiao bluntly said that it was a pity that Chai Qian was not going to work now, but Huo Lang said that he was protecting Chai Qian. Xiao Xiao thought that he was restricting Chai Qian in the name of love, and Lin Shen hurriedly stopped him and continued to say that Huo Lang was very angry and drove out than them, and even injured Xiao Xiao’s hand when the door was closed.

The relationship between Huo Lang and Chai Qian is strange to Xiao Xiao. Huo Lang treats her well on the surface, but he always uses words to attack her. Lin Shen said that Chai Qian must have resisted instinctively at first, but why did it become like this? Lin Shen believes that Huo Lang is using intimacy to suppress Chai Qian’s self-confidence and personality, and limit the other party’s thoughts, which is a purposeful emotional manipulation.

Xiao Xiao and Sun Kele congratulated Yan Luo for moving to a new house. Sun Kele brought bad news to Xiao Xiao. The emotional public account ranked Xiao Beibei out of the top ten. There was also a public account called Langji Tianya who squeezed her out. No. is to teach people how to chase girls. Xiao Xiao registered for the forum of this official account out of curiosity, and found that women could not register and used Lin Shen’s identity. Lin Shen received a registration text message in the middle of the night and was a little puzzled.

Fan Qi’s gentle surface hides countless secrets, and the death of his eldest brother has put him in a state of grief. The next day, Xiao Xiao went to Lin Shen and pleaded guilty, saying that she suspected that Huo Lang had used some PUA methods on Chai Qian, so she signed up for Lin Shen’s course of wandering around the world, because only men can sign up, if he doesn’t Agreed, Xiao Xiao can only hide by himself, isn’t he worried that her beautiful, cute and sexy apprentice will be PUA by a scumbag?

Lin Shen was not worried at all, after all, she was Xiao Beibei, and he was even more worried about the scumbag being tricked by Xiao Xiao. Having said that, Lin Shen still went to the lecture. The course was about PUA, and soon men who finished the course came out to chat with Xiao Xiao, and Xiao Xiao also took the bait quietly. Lin Shen turned his head and found that Xiao Xiao was no longer in his position. The boy suddenly moved his hands on Xiao Xiao, and Xiao Xiao couldn’t bear to pierce him.

The other party was desperate to beat her, looking like a rogue, Fan Qi appeared and rescued Xiao Xiao, and invited her to dinner. Xiao Xiao talked to him about the ins and outs, but he didn’t know that Lin Shen was looking for her in the shopping mall. Xiao Xiao planned to write an article to expose the PUA agency, Fan Qi curiously inquired about her emotional experience, and pointedly said that being single is his biggest problem. When Lin Shen found Xiao Xiao, he saw that she was eating quietly with Fan Qi, and immediately left angrily. Xiao Xiao quickly got up and chased after him, while Fan Qi’s eyes were dark and he drank the soup that Xiao Xiao didn’t finish.

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