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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 5 Recap

Xiao Xiao helped Shanshan hand over something to Zhou Ran, and she has completely let it go, but if Zhou Ran really liked Shanshan, he should face up to his past, and don’t let people stay in front of the stage and keep his heart in the dark.

Zhou Ran opened the box, which was full of their memories, memories that only the two of them knew. Lin Shen returned to the restaurant with a large bag and a small bag. When Shao Ning saw that he had bought not only shoes but also clothes, he couldn’t help but sigh that he could be taught. After dinner, Lin Shen went to pick up Xiao Xiao.

Before he could go forward, Fan Qi took the lead and put his coat on Xiao Xiao and offered to take her home. Xiao Xiao quickly thanked Lin Shen, who was not far away, and refused, someone was going to send her off. Xiao Xiao’s feet were already hurting from wearing high-heeled shoes. Lin Shen thoughtfully gave her the shoes he bought and put on the coat he bought. Xiao Xiao smiled brightly, Lin Shen really knew it.

Shanshan and her parents have discussed preparing to study abroad. She plans to study music and find what she likes. Lin Shen said that some classmates are abroad and can help for reference if needed. Shanshan’s eyes turned around on Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao, and vaguely repeated Xiao Xiao’s words, finding what she likes is more important than anything else.

Lin Shen lowered his head, and Xiao Xiao shyly drove her home. Before leaving, Xiao Xiao also said that he hoped that Zhou Ran would come to find Shanshan, but he did not expect Zhou Ran to come as soon as he turned around. Zhou Ran didn’t go up, Xiao Xiao called Sansan Yao’s name, which attracted Shanshan’s attention. Zhou Ran and Shanshan were not so tit-for-tat when they met again. Shanshan calmly talked about the past, as if she had really let go. Zhou Ran can come today, Shanshan is very happy and satisfied, no matter what relationship they had before, there will be no relationship in the future.

There are so many idols, seeing him rise from a high building, entertain guests, and finally the building collapses, no matter what, Shanshan doesn’t want Zhou Ran to be one of them, as they said before, the star is bright and radiant. Shanshan said that she was going to study abroad, reached out and shook her hand at last, then turned to leave. Zhou Ran plucked up the courage and hugged it up, Shanshan was stunned for a moment, pulled his hand away and went upstairs, but behind the dashing, there were still tears.

Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao once made a bet, and now the bet is lost. He wants to invite Xiao Xiao to the most beautiful restaurant for a big meal, but he didn’t expect it to be on the rooftop of Shaolin Psychological Consulting Company, and he would have to make a string by himself. Shao Lin teased them about their underground relationship. Lin Shen, the iron tree, was finally about to bloom, causing Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao to hide from each other the whole time, and they were a little ambiguous. Zhou Ran stated the whole incident on Weibo, and admitted his love affair with Shanshan.

Because of fear of losing fame and fortune, he kept the prestige in front of the stage, denied the past, and even did many things to push Shanshan to the center of public opinion. No matter how she was attacked by the whole network, Zhou Ran denied not only their feelings, but also himself. Zhou Ran apologized to Shanshan, and all he could do was say sorry.

Xiao Xiao and Fan Qi reached a cooperation, and learned from him that Fang Lin and Zhou Ran had terminated the contract. Fang Lin also strongly demanded that Zhou Ran compensate all the liquidated damages, and Zhou Ran had already begun to sell the property. Fan Qi believes that Xiao Xiao has great talent in psychology, and hopes that she can join the psychological counseling center to study. This is also the direction Xiao Xiao wants to develop, and there is already a psychological counseling office that she wants to enter.

Yan Luo said that he had prepared a big surprise for Xiao Xiao, and he would be online on time at 0:00 tonight. In the evening, Xiao Xiao once again published an article about idols. The only thing worthy of your madness is your own dreams, and only you can pursue your dreams for yourself. At twelve o’clock, Yan Luo sent a link on time.

It was her new comic “Sleeping Garden” based on Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao couldn’t help laughing when he saw it, and he didn’t forget to sigh that Xiao Xiao was not so gentle at all. Shao Ning was also chasing comics, and at the same time sent Xiao Xiao’s resume to Lin Shen’s office. After Lin Shen saw it, he subconsciously became nervous. Xiao Xiao wanted to come back and talk to him, why bother.

Chai Qian has worked with Xiao Beibei before, and Xiao Xiao wants to hold a fan appreciation party, so I hope Chai Qian can help plan it. But Chai Qian’s husband did not agree, on the grounds that she had resigned for more than a year, and her business ability had declined. Xiao Xiao successfully returned to Shaolin Psychological Counseling Center, became Lin Shen’s assistant, and had his own office.

However, being Lin Shen’s assistant is not so easy. On the first day of work, a client fought in front of her, and Xiao Xiao was almost injured. Lin Shen originally planned to go home, but Shao Lin said that Xiao Xiao was provoked by the visitor again and asked him to come back.

Sun Kele has never received a reply from Chai Qian, and plans to find a company to plan it casually. Lin Shen would go out every Monday and Friday. He was going to give a lecture on Monday, but it was a secret on Friday. Everyone wentssips that he had a mysterious girlfriend. Xiao Xiao scolded him a little jealously, because she bought lunch for Lin Shen, so he might as well go.

Feed the dog. But soon Lin Shen was tricked back by Shao Lin, and the two had lunch together. Xiao Xiao really wanted to ask Lin Shen to be a teacher, and even specifically inquired about the time and place of his class. Lin Shen didn’t say anything, but silently changed the address to the wrong place that Xiao Xiao had inquired about.

Xiao Xiao volunteered to give a demonstration, and Lin Shen firmly hugged her who jumped off the table. Xiao Xiao was still a little shy. He didn’t expect that when he returned to his seat, he really fell and his feet were swollen. Lin Shen took her as a case again unkindly. Xiao Xiao threatened Lin Shen with a foot injury to be her assistant for a day on the day of the fan appreciation meeting. Lin Shen showed arrogance and laughed in his heart.

Chai Qian, who became a housewife after resigning, was like falling into a deserted grassland and losing her direction. Chai Qian was having nightmares in a daze. Her husband woke her up and said she wanted to drink milk, so Chai Qian got up to warm up. On the day of the fan appreciation meeting, Lin Shen acted as Xiao Xiao’s human crutch.

Although Chai Qian did not cooperate, she still came to the party. When Xiao Xiao saw her coming, he hurried Lin Shen aside to chat with Chai Qian, but Lin Shen’s excellent appearance quickly attracted girls to chat up, Xiao Xiao noticed it and hurriedly called Sun Kele over to solve it. Chai Qian used to be a shrewd and capable strong woman, but when Xiao Xiao saw her this time, she felt very happy and felt like a little woman at home. Chai Qian smiled, but she couldn’t hear what she was saying.

At the beginning of the thank-you meeting, Sun Kele proposed to play a game of drumming and passing flowers, telling the story with Xiao Beibei. After reaching Chai Qian’s hands, Chai Qian talked about their origins. At that time, Chai Qian was still working in an advertising company, and because she liked Xiao Xiao’s articles, she asked her to help with advertising.

Later, he resigned because of his boyfriend. Some people felt that it was a pity to give up their career for a man. Chai Qian embarrassedly said that it wasn’t all for men. At that time, her work pressure was also very high, but she was quickly denied. Xiao Xiao hurriedly stood up to smooth things out, everyone has the right to choose. Chai Qian held back her emotions at first, but in the end she couldn’t bear it anymore and poured the girl a bottle of water. Chai Qian thought that everyone looked down on her, so she collapsed and left here.

Xiao Xiao still remembers the first time she met Chai Qian, she was simply a perfect professional woman, smart and capable, she didn’t know what happened to Chai Qian to become like this. Fan Qi wanted to complete the advertising contract, but Xiao Xiao still preferred freedom and politely refused. Fan Qi’s face was pleasant on the surface, but there was a lot of displeasure in his heart. When Shao Lin was in the supermarket, he happened to see Yan Luo and his mother shopping in the supermarket.

Yan’s mother refused to buy Yan Luo what she wanted, but she was willing to buy anything expensive and good for Xiaofeng. Yan Luo could only grit her teeth and give up. , but she was the one who paid the bill in the end. Before leaving, Yan Luo was very reluctant to part with the lamp he liked. When he turned around, he found that the lamp was already in his shopping cart, and there was still a receipt with a smiling face painted on it after Shao Lin paid.

Xiao Xiao often remembered that Chai Qian would get out of control when thanking him, so he read a book on emotional psychology. Chai Qian was usually very gentle, but it was like a different person that day, so Xiao Xiao felt something was wrong. At this time, Chai Qian came, and Xiao Xiao used what she had learned so far to provide her with psychological counseling. The hospital received a batch of machines, donated by Fan Qi, and Lin Shen’s mother also used these machines. The two nodded friendly when they met. Fan Qi made an excuse to invite Lin Shen to dinner, and after being rejected, he investigated his information.

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